Why I Think Stonefur Is One Of The Greatest Warriors by Goldenflame

Goldenflame shares why they think Stonefur is one of the greatest warriors in the series.

Art by toboe5tails

Three Words….


Don’t believe me? Don’t think he’s amazing?

Well then, let me tell you why he is so amazing,

First off, if you don’t know who Stonefur is, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this…..
Anyways, he was deputy of Riverclan before Mistystar, he was Leopardstar’s deputy. Oh and he is Bluestar and Oakheart’s son… XD….. His sister is Mistystar, and his brother’s name is Mosskit. As you can tell, great amazing warriorness runs in his family… LOL…. That’s all I am going to tell you about him. Now let’s get into why he is so amazing. (101)

First off, if you know the story then you probably know all about how he died to protect two half-clan apprentices. The story goes that Tigerstar had joined Shadowclan and Riverclan together and he created Tigerclan… We could’ve guessed he would call it that, selfish, I mean seriously… Anyways, Tigerstar told Stonefur to fight two apprentices, because they were half-clan cats and he hated them all… Stonefur said that he would only take an order from Leopardstar. Leopardstar was so pressured that she told him to do what Tigerstar says. Of course he refused and one thing led to another and Tigerstar killed him as an example of his power. (211)

This all is an example of why he is such an amazing warrior. Here I’ll lay it all out for you:
– Stonefur is brave (he stood up to Tigerstar, which hardly any cats have ever had the guts to do)
– He is loyal (Stonefur is loyal to Riverclan, so much he refused to do what Tigerstar said, unless Leopardstar told him to go along with it, Leopardstar is Riverclan, he is a Riverclan cat, you get it)78
-Stonefur stands up for what’s right, no matter the cost(Even though Leopardstar told Stonefur to do what Tigerstar said, and he honestly could have won easily. Instead he did what was right, and it cost him his life. Not to mention how he went against his leader’s command, but he knew he was doing the right thing)336

So yeah…………………… these are the reasons why Stonefur is one of the best warriors ever……………If you still don’t think he is amazing then I must not have done a good job writing this…
ONE MORE THING, I know warriorness isn’t a word… xp….LOL

Thx for reading, until next time, GOLDENFLAME

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