The first battle of The Dark Forrest? Part 1, Plots and Stars by Littlepaw

Littlepaw shares a theory about the Dark Forest.

Artwork by MossclawArt

Hey fellow warriors, apprentices, kits, queens, elders, and kittypets, It’s Littlepaw, the research loving senior apprentice and his father, Shrewstar. Today I’ve have reread Yellowfang’s secret, Bluestar’s ThunderClan blasted do good always and give kits away (ThunderClan is a bit… well, overused. [I hope Broken Code will have main characters in WindClan or something]), and Crookedstar’s promise. And I, with Shrewstar, have found some shocking evidence that the Dark Forrest had planned an attack before Firestar was born!!! Of course, I have stated that this is in two parts, this one of evidence and characters with the big plot, the second on the missing clan and the what the plot could end out.

The Plot: So to begin, The Dark Forrest was the antagonist on Omen of the Stars, in which the Dark Forrest attacked the clans with trickery. They almost succeeded, but were driven out when the clans joined together with StarClan and the Ancients. But the Dark Forrest took a lot of lives, Some of which are Starlingwing, Ashfoot, Firestar, Blackstar’s unknown life, Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, Spottedleaf, Sorrltail, Redwillow, and many others I cannot name due to the many sad deaths and lack of information. The Dark Forrest wanted to control, they trained cats to kill and told them it was the good of the clans. But was that the first? Due to my research, yes. If the Dark Forrest wanted to control, they manipulated. And they have done that before, One good example was Thistleclaw. He was fiery, ambitious, and cunning. He was trained by Silverhawk in the Dark Forrest. He almost became leader! But Bluestar sacrificed her kits to foil his plans, Instead, Thistleclaw’s apprentice did his actions. Brokenstar did become leader, unlike Thistleclaw. He might of been trained by the Dark Forrest. He drove out WindClan (Part 2!!!)! But was foiled when his mother drove him out. That might of not happened if Thistleclaw was leader. And for my RiverClan suspect is Crookedstar. He was trained with manipulation, which is a key part in this theory. Mappleshade wanted revenge, and she tried to ruin Crookedstar’s life and make him evil, but it failed when Crookedstar realized what was going on. If Crookedstar was subjected to destroy, that would leave WindClan out without a pure evil cat. But if the Dark Forrest had leaders in their will to destroy, they could replace StarClan under their nose. The leaders could then do as they pleased without the warrior code. But one force could stop them. Medicine cats! How would the leaders get rid of traditions and have support? My wonder is Bramblebery. She saw Crookedstar with Mappleshade. And Mudfur did want peace. I think Crookedstar would have ether killed or banished Bramblebery, and left Mudfur to grief. Thistleclaw would have young Featherwhisker and nobody believed Goosefeather anymore. Brokenstar did banish Yellowfang, who might of been killed or joined up with Bramblebery. And Brokenstar would also have a young medicine cat by the name of Runningnose. And WindClan had angry Hawkheart and young Barkface. And for the final problem, Support with deputes. I think that Crookedstar would have chosen Bettlenose and gained support by taking over Sunningrocks and attacking twolegs. Thistleclaw’s deputy would have been Adderfang, who was ambitious, but loyal. But because he was loyal, he might of needed to be killed for Tigerclaw to come in to replace him. And Brokenstar chose Blackfoot and he did succeed. And WindClan will be in part 2, Maybe StarClan would have to fight back, but the fate would be unknown.

How is the theory? Vexing, right. How could a major dark plot fail, more on part 2

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