Mothers Worse Than Millie by Sparktooth

Sparktooth lists cats that were worse mothers than Millie.

Art by Telleneflowers

I’m sure you can guess who’s back, bloggers! The one and only Sparktooth has written another spark-tacular article! (Okay I know that was a horrible pun, but whatever XD).
I can almost hear typing your comments already being like ‘I thought you said you weren’t gonna defend Millie anymore.’ And I meant it when I said it, but I still have more to say, soooo ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .

A lot of people always are ranting about Millie as though she’s the worst mother in the series. I’m just talking about the fandom in general, just in case you thought I was referring to you guys 😛 . Which I can see people’s reasons when explaining why, but I personally think that there are worse mothers than her. So here are my choices and why(this is not in a particular order, btw):

You all know why I chose Rainflower. And we know about the nickname given to Millie: Rainflower 2.0. These two characters are often compared when people are talking about Millie. All I can ask is: why? When you really stop to think about it, they are opposites. Millie was just watching out for Briarlight, who was injured and dying. At least we know she still did care about her other kits, even if it wasn’t obvious sometimes. Rainflower straight up neglected Stormkit after his injury, had his name changed from Stormkit to Crookedkit, and just openly admitted she didn’t care for him anymore because he wasn’t her “handsome little kit anymore.” Oakheart was all she thought about. At least Millie didn’t try to change Briarpaw’s name to Brokenpaw or something, or didn’t just neglect Briarlight after her injury because she didn’t look the same. I honestly don’t know how Millie became so known as “Rainflower 2.0,” because they are nothing alike. Plus I’m sure we can all agree Rainflower is worse.

A lot of people forget about Palebird, Tallstar’s mother, when discussing the worst mothers in Warriors. Ever since Tallstar was a kit, Palebird never even acknowledged the fact that he existed. She used her grief over the death of Tallkit’s brother, Finchkit, as a constant excuse to stay in the nursery do nothing. She didn’t even try to help her Clan! At least Millie hunts and fights for ThunderClan, despite her worries. Tallkit tried harder to get Palebird’s attention, and just wanted his parents to be proud of him. With his father Sandgorse’s anger at him all the time, Palebird should’ve really been there for Tallkit, especially when he was an apprentice. She always made it obvious she just wanted him to leave her alone. This also affected Talltail when he decided to go leave WindClan seek revenge, and when he returned she didn’t seem too thrilled to see him again.
If that wasn’t enough, when Sandgorse died she just moved on to another mate and started another family, with more kits who she obviously cared about more than Tallstar. Palebird just plain ignored him, at least Millie acknowledged her other kits. Idk about you guys, but I’d choose Mille over Palebird for a mother if it was between the two of them.

I’ll end on this one. It was Lizardstripe’s harsh treatment of Brokenkit that influenced when he would eventually become Brokenstar. She made it obvious that she never wanted him in the first place, constantly saying how her milk was being wasted on him and that she didn’t like him. Millie never said anything like that to any of her kits. Lizardstripe was well aware that she was neglecting Brokenkit, but didn’t care. Millie wasn’t really aware how much time and attention was taken away from Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, because her thoughts were focused on keeping Briarlight alive. Lizardstripe is definitely the worst between them.

Well, there’s my opinion on these mothers. What are your thoughts on all of this? Did I miss a mother who is worse than Millie? After reading this article, are you beginning to change your opinion on Millie’s parenting? It may not be the best, but it could’ve been worse when you look at those other mothers. Hope you enjoyed reading, and I can’t wait to see your thoughts! 😀

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