Cats I’d Like to See Have a Super Edition

Silverstar lists cats they’d like to see have a super edition about them.

Art by Hawk’s Warriors Designs (tumblr)

Okay, so this is my first post, and I thought it be fun to write about cats that I would like a Super Edition on!

1. Redtail
I know there’s a novella about Redtail coming out soon, but it’d still be fun to see a Redtail Super Edition! We barely know anything about him, other than he was wise and kind. Plus, his death basically set up the plot of the whole first series!

2. Stonefur (and/or Mistyfoot)
It’d be pretty cool to see a Stonefur Super Edition because he’s such an intriguing character! It’d be another chance to see more of RiverClan under the leadership of Crookedstar and Leopardstar. Plus Stonefur was Leopardstar’s first deputy. I also would like to see how he and Mistyfoot first had to deal with the revelation that Bluestar was their mother, and the clan responded to that news. You would even get to see the fall of RiverClan after Tigerstar took them over in greater detail! In the case of Mistyfoot, it would be interesting to see the aftermath and tension in RiverClan after Hawkfrost challenges her as being a worthy deputy!

3. Oakheart
Oakheart is one of my favorite characters of all time and it’d be super awesome if he had his own Super Edition! He’s brave, strong and smart. You get to see much of his life through others (Crookedstar and Bluestar), but we don’t get to see anything through his eyes! For example we could go into be detail about how he felt about Rainflower’s treatment of Crookedstar, and his feelings for Bluestar. Plus it’d be great to see the days of RiverClan under his deputyship!

4. Redstar
There should totally be a Super Edition that takes place while SkyClan still roamed the first! It would give us the chance to see ThunderClan under the leadership of Redstar, and see how he and the other leaders feel that SkyClan must leave the forest. Plus there would be the whole aftermath of SkyClan leaving, and how all the leaders felt guilty about it. In the case of Redstar, he also had to deal with the Twolegs approaching his borders after SkyClan left. It would also be a good opportunity to learn more about Birdflight (Cloudstar’s mate) and her kits, Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt, while also seeing Redstar’s future successor, Oakstar (Pinestar’s father), as his deputy.

Some honorable mentions:
1. Brackenfur because he’s awesome and one of my favorite characters.
2. Heatherstar before she became leader of WindClan.
3. Blackstar as the new leader of ShadowClan and trying to escape the shadows of his predecessors.

Thanks for reading!!

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  • All if these sound like great ideas! To add on, a Super Edition on Oakstar would be awesome! I’d like to see his view on Birchface’s death, exiling Mapleshade and her kits, realizing how wrong he was, falling in love with Sweetbriar and becoming a father again, fathering Pinestar, and later finding out that Squirrelwhisker was pregnant with a WindClan tom’s kits.

    • I think that would be a good one too! It would interesting to see things from his point of view, plus it’d give us a chance to see what the forest was like during that era!

  • Great article!! 😀

    However, I don’t think that Oakstar was Redstar’s deputy. In Cloudstar’s Journey, Redstar’s deputy is said to be a she-cat named Seedpelt. I’d like to believe that there’s more of a time gap between Redstar and Oakstar. It would have been too short of a time period between Cloudstar’s Journey and Mapleshade’s Vengeance for every cat in all the Clans (including the elders) to forget that Skyclan ever existed.

  • Interesting ideas…I like the Redstar one most!

    I really think these cats would have GREAT Super Editions:

    – Half Moon
    – Riverstar
    – Sun Shadow
    – Lightning Stripe
    – Lark that Sings at Dawn

    • #Half Moon!! Her life is sad when Jayfeather leaves, but she was such an inspiring leader! She started the tribe AND the clans 😀

    • Halfmoon would be a good one
      Sun shadow would be a good novella, see how he took his fathers death

  • A super edition for Goldenflower would be good. How she fell in love with Tigerstar, her kits, watching Tawnypelt leave, and watching Tigerstar being exiled, etc.
    I think it could be interesting.

    Another character we don’t know a lot about, Dustpelt. I mean we know he became mates with Ferncloud and such, but what about his (sorta) jealousy towards Firestar. His friendship with Sandstorm, how he came to love Ferncloud, and maybe even his times as a kit. Lots of opportunities there.