Why I Think Mapleshade Killing Victims was Reasonable by Wrenkit

Wrenkit proposes why Mapleshade’s actions was reasonable.

Art by Mythic Flame

Hey BlogClan! It’s Wrenkit here with an another article! This time, it’s about a popular topic: Mapleshade. I think that she killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk had a lot of reasoning.

First, they and Oakstar were the whole beginning of her revenge. If Ravenwing hadn’t told the Clan about the kits’ half-RiverClan blood; Oakstar hadn’t driven Mapleshade and her kits out in a storm; Frecklewish had not let Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit drown; and Applebutt hadn’t taken another mate and made her leave RiverClan, all would be well. I mean, I understand Ravenwing and Appledusk didn’t really do much: Ravenwing didn’t know Oakstar would drive them out right away and as medicine cat,he had every right to tell his Clan; and Appledusk was just trying to prove his loyalty by turning Mapleshade away. But Appledusk can’t just abondon his mate like they never knew each other and take another one! The big problems are Oakstar and Frecklewish. They both broke a very important rule in the Warrior Code: they let kits die! Oakstar could have driven Mapleshade away, sure, she was mates with a RiverClan cat who ThunderClan thought had killed two cats, but the kits’ have nothing to do with it! Even worse, he exhiled them during a storm. Oakstar could’ve at least waited until it was over. And Frecklewish saw the kits drowning in the river. She could have tried to save them. But what did she do? Nothing!

Mapleshade heard Larchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit crying out for help. She knew her kits were trapped from getting to StarClan. The only way to free them was to get revenge. So she did that. With the the deaths of her victoms, Mapleshade’s kits for to StarClan. She was a mother, and she had every right to kill to make her kits happy and safe. If you were a parent, wouldn’t you do what you could for your kits, when you knew the solution? Wouldn’t you want them nest life for them?

All in all, I think Mapleshade had enough logic and reason to do what she did. Goodbye and may StarClan light your path, always!

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  • Appledusk was mates with Reedshine BEFORE he even knew that Mapleshadewas expecting kits, just want to point that out. Appledusk was just a fox-heart who didn’t care about his so called “mates,” I think he did even more than Oakstar and Frecklewish. In my opinion, but other then that, I love the article!

  • I absolutely agree! Usually I would say murder is not justifiable, but Mapleshade was literally driven into insanity due to her exile, then her kits death, then her mate rejecting her and Riverclan not even letting her rest for a while and bury her kits. She became so miserable that it caused both severe emotional and psychological damage, and caused her to turn to murder. Before all this, Mapleshade had been a loyal warrior to Thunderclan who did make a mistake in mating with Appledusk. Due to the time period of Mapleshade’s life, I can see why others treat supposed traitors to exile (though it wasn’t even actual treachery, simply poor judgement). I do think that, unlike most Dark Forest cats, Mapleshade should have gone to Starclan. I personally think Ravenwing and Frecklewish are innocent, but Oakstar should have traded places with Mapleshade as he threw three kits out to die, breaking one of the most sacred codes (and one of the only ones I say is truly justifiable by banishment to the Dark Forest) of the Warrior Code. She does make a good villain though to be honest.


    I’m sorry. I partly agree with the article, but Mapleshade, sorry, I’m going to have to agree with Moonkitti on this one. You are a BAD KITTY. She’s cruel, she kills people, and somehow everyone’s like, “OOP SHE’S SOOO RELATABLE AMIRIGHT!” But like, imagine this. Frecklewish actually had a reason to be TICKED! Mapleshade had lied about Frecklewish’s dead brother, and was all, “Oh, yes, even though he’s dead he’s the dad.” And then later is like, “Oops, I lied!!!!” Frecklewish is allowed to be angry that Mapleshade took advantage of her and her DEAD BROTHER so that Mapleshade could get away with breaking the law. I’m not going to argue that Frecklewish should’v’e saved the kits. Yeah. She should’ve. But as long as the Mapleshade fans are using the excuse, “OH she was blinded by rage and grief!” Well, guess what? So was Frecklewish. Rage that Mapleshade had lied about her brother and grief that the kits wouldn’t actually be her kin. Ravenwing was just doing his job, and while I do agree that Appledusk should’ve said, “Hey I can’t keep doing this.” To Mapleshade, he wasn’t cruel or unreasonable in taking Reedshine. Basically, this can all be summed up in…


  • I agree that what Mapleshade did was reasonable (After her kit’s deaths, not crossing the river in the most dangerous way possible. That was her fault entirely). I also think StarClan sent her to the Dark Forest because she didn’t actually need to free them, it was a creation of her mind as she was grieving and losing her sanity, and StarClan didn’t know it. So I do think that Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk’s deaths were justified, and in the human world she’d be ruled insane, but if no one could know she’d go to prison.

  • I don’t really like Mapleshade as a character, but I did really enjoy reading your article!! I don’t think it was right of Mapleshade to go on a mad killing spree, but I still really liked your article! 🙂

  • I feel like Oakstar was a bad leader for exiling Mapleshade. First of all, he exiled a queen and her kits because she broke the warrior code. There has been other half-clan relationships before. It was even more cruel to exile the kits. I mean, it’s not their fault that their parents broke the warrior code! Second, he only exiled Mapleshade because she was pretending her mate was Oakstar’s son. If it would have been any other cat, he wouldn’t have cared. It’s his favoritism and love for his son that leads to the death of three kits and releasing a murderer across the clans. I know he would feel extra for his son, but Oakstar just treated Birchface and Frecklewish like they were the only special cats in ThunderClan.