What May have Been by Bluefire

Bluefire wonders what would’ve happened if different cats got together.

Art by Hoverpelt

DISCLAIMER: This entire article is about non-canon ships that I, personally, would’ve like to see built on more or am interested in seeing where it may have gone. You do not have to agree with my opinions. I would appreciate comments staying positive and non-judgmental. Thank you.

NCS (non-canon ship) #1: ThistleXSpotted
I feel like if Thistleclaw had left Dark Forest when Spottedleaf (then Spottedpaw) asked him too, they could’ve been a great pair of warriors. Thistleclaw’s ambition and Spottedleaf’s gentle kindness may have worked out to Thistleclaw being actually a great leader for ThunderClan instead of the power-hungry evil leader Bluefur/star envisioned him becoming.

NCS #2: CrookedXBlue
This was hinted at slightly during the first gathering where Bluefur met Crookedpaw. It would be interesting to see where that may have gone if Bluefur had snuck out to meed Crookedjaw instead of Oakheart. I also feel that even if they’d remained close friends instead of mates it would’ve worked out well for their respective clans when they became leaders.

NCS #3: LionXHeather
When Lionpaw and Heatherpaw played DarkClan in the tunnels, I was silently cheering for them to fall in love. However it wasn’t meant to be, as the differences of their clans drove them apart. However if they’d instead kept the tunnels secret from both clans and continued to meet into warriorhood, how would their relationship and lives inside their clans have changed? It seems like a really interesting path to follow, if only to see where we end up.

NCS #4: BlueXRed
Maybe it was just me, but from Bluestar’s reaction at Redtail’s death, the two were very close friends. I know he had other mates/kits in the clan but I think that would be an interesting relationship.
I feel a fanfic coming on.

NCS #5: JayXBriar
Jayfeather and Briarlight. Both handicapped but making the best of it. This relationship would be fun to follow, especially since Jayfeather is a medicine cat and not supposed to have a mate. I’ve always like the forbidden relationships. And Jayfeather needs to get over Half Moon. She existed decades ago. She probably doesn’t even live in the same afterlife. Sorry, but while it was cute, it was never going to work.

NCS #6: TigerXLeopard
Did no one else think of this ship when Tigerclaw/star and Leopardstar joined their clans into TigerClan? Or when they saw they way Leopardstar acted around her sort of co-leader? Honestly. If Tigerclaw wasn’t a psychopath this would be interesting.

NCS #7: DustXSand
When I was reading the first series, I honestly though Firepaw/heart was going to end up with Spottedleaf. Looking back on that, I think that Dustpelt and Sandstorm could’ve been mates as well. I mean, after they both matured from their bratty apprentice selves, of course. It definitely would be interesting to see how it turned out.

NCS #8: DarkXNeedle
I know, I know, Darktail’s an evil villain and all. But am I the only one who saw how Needletail acted around him? She even kind of named herself after him. And I doubt I’m the only one who thought it might be interesting to see a powerful team-up like Darktail and Needletail. Even if it would mean either Darktail isn’t evil or Needletail is. Honestly I’d be rooting for the latter. I do love a good villain power team.

NCS #9: HollyXFallen
A match made… in the tunnels. Granted, not the best meeting for a possible future mate, but if Hollyleaf had decided to stay in the tunnels, I think this ship could’ve gone so much farther. Although it would’ve meant she’d never see her family again… Why are there so many conflicts related to ships I love???

NCS #10: IvyXNo one
Okay this isn’t technically a ship, but I legit though that Ivypool would be the one she-cat in ThunderClan who STAYED SINGLE. And then the Erins go and pair her with Fernsong. Why??? She’s a perfectly good character on her own, without any tom! I feel that Ivypool would’ve been better used in the most recent series’ if she didn’t have a mate. Not every she-cat needs a mate!

Aaaand I think that’s all. Now before you start pelting me with fruit or whatever, please remember that these are my honest opinions. You don’t have to agree with them.

Bluefire, signing out.

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  • What Sky said is correct, Spotted x Thistle was very clearly a predator relationship. Spottedleaf was around the age of a teenager, and Thistleclaw was middle aged. He is probably one of the most evil cats in the franchise, ever since that book became canon.

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