Rainflower’s Relationship with Crookedstar: Why it’s worse than you think by Ghostwhisper

Ghostwhisper talks about Rainflower’s relationship with her son, Crookedstar.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Everyone who’s read Crookedstar’s Promise knows about how much Rainflower’s neglect and hurtful words towards him shaped his path into training with a Dark Forest cat-even though he did so unknowingly. For those who are unfamiliar with his story, I will sum it up.
Stormkit was born along with his brother, Oakkit, in the middle of a thunderstorm in a hollow oak tree. One day, they are both playing at Sunningrocks when Goosefeather comes up to them and gives Stormkit a scare. He slips, hits his jaw on a rock, and Mudfur carries him back to the camp. A moon later, he notices Rainflower doesn’t even look at him anymore when she comes to visit. Stormkit is allowed to go back to the nursery, but he has his own nest where Oakkit shares with Rainflower. This causes an argument between Shellheart, his father, and Rainflower. Later, Stormkit is renamed to Crookedkit, and Crookedkit looks in a puddle and sees his deformed jaw. Crookedkit runs away a little while later in search of the Moonstone, but returns when Mapleshade, a Dark Forest cat who Crookedkit believes is a StarClan warrior, tells him that he can’t stay away from his Clan for any longer. A little while after that, Crookedkit is made into Crookedpaw. His mentor is Cederpelt. While an apprentice, he saves Willopaw’s life, he is made into a warrior a day later. His new name is Crookedjaw. When his father, the deputy, retires, Mapleshade sends a sign that Crookedjaw should be deputy through a squirrel with a crooked jaw. When Hailstar, the leader, dies, he recieves his nine lives and breaks contact with Mapleshade.
So now, we get to the point of this article, Rainflower. In the beginning of the story, she was a perfect mother. She cared about her kits, calling them things like “little warrior”. There didn’t seem to be any competition over the brothers about who would be the favorite before Stormkit’s accident. But, when Stormkit broke his jaw, that all changed. Rainflower now had the ugliest kit in the whole Clan-possibly the world. What had happened to her handsome little warrior? Many people try to defend Rainflower as just being in grieving because one of her kits is now deformed. Being in grieving is, in my opinion, no excuse for her behavior towards her son. Take Millie, for example. Millie is the direct opposite of Rainflower. When her daughter, Briarlight, was crushed by a falling tree and her hind legs rendered useless, she gave all her love to her injured kit, pushing away her healthy ones. It is almost impossible for Millie to have not been in grieving, since in a cat world, being paralyzed is probably a death sentence. Briarlight’s injury was much worse than Stormkit’s. Rainflower became borderline verbally abusive to her son, and heavily favored Oakkit from the accident onwards. Take this quote from the book for example.
“Rainflower pressed against her warrior kit. ‘I’m so proud of you.’
Oakheart caught Crookedpaw’s eye. ‘It’s your turn next.’ he purred.
Rainflower flicked her ears. ‘Does that matter right now?’ she murmured. ‘He’ll never be as good as you.’
From this excerpt only, I think it’s safe to say Rainflower preferred her non-injured kit better. I have more, though. Crookedkit always felt guilty he couldn’t please his mother. He would do anything to make her proud. Right after a Sunningrocks battle, Rainflower says, “Well done, Crookedpaw.” He was thrilled when his mother said that. Crookedkit trained in the Dark Forest because he thought it was StarClan. He wanted to fight, be the best warrior ever, and make his family proud of him. We know as readers that Mapleshade is a Dark Forest cat and Crookedkit made the wrong decision to train with her. I want to ask you something. Would Crookedkit have trained in the Dark Forest if it weren’t for Rainflower? What if she had been loving and accepting of the accident and treated her poor son with kindness? Maybe instead of Crookedstar, we would have had a Stormstar. A stable leader who wouldn’t dream of training with wicked cats. Thanks for reading my Crookedstar and Rainflower article. What do you think of Rainflower? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Good article!
    And I’m pretty sure Rainflower may have actually shown signs of not being a very good mother even before Stormkit’s injury. If I’m remembering right, she actually called Stormkit her “handsome warrior” and showed more love to him than to Oakkit because of his looks. And when Stormkit did things dangerous for kits to do (including sneaking out of camp), she didn’t even scold him. She didn’t scold Oakkit either, but mostly she was just like “You always get your brother into trouble” to Stormkit but kind of in a way that made her sound like she admired Stormkit more than Oakkit, and also because of her not ever scolding him, it ENCOURAGED Stormkit to keep doing that. If Rainflower had actually told Stormkit that it wasn’t okay to leave camp, it’s possible he wouldn’t even have the injury in the first place!

  • This is some great stuff. I always knew Rainflower was an absolutely TRASH mother. Good Job.

  • I honestly think Crookedstar was too reckless and adventurous for his own good as a kit. I don’t get how Rainflower would like that about him. Oakheart was much more obedient. I think his broken jaw taught him a lesson. And even after he broke his jaw, he still went off and climbed trees and stuff. I wouldn’t do that if I were him but it’s his choice.

    But anyway I actually feel sympathy for Rainflower. I didn’t really like Crookedstar in his SE for some reason. He just really annoyed me. Anyway this is just my opinion though. I won’t go any further cause I know I’ll be yelled at so 😛

    • Rainflower was a terrible mother. 😛

      If she had actually scolded/punished Crookedstar whenever he left camp without permission/did something he wasn’t supposed to, he may have never broken his jaw in the first place. If she had just kept a better eye on her kits, they would never had been able to leave camp, and Crookedstar would never had broken his jaw.

      Also, there’s really no justification for how Rainflower blatantly shows favoritism toward Stormkit, and then Oakkit after the accident.

      (P.S. I promise that I’m not yelling at you or anything. I’m just expressing how I feel. 😀 )

      • Ok so let’s agree that Rainflower was not a strict mother (since she didn’t scold her kits very much for being reckless), but was more of a careless one 🙂

  • Rainflower was a horrible mother/queen, as well as a warrior. She didn’t have a successful life because she lacked any judgement, both in allowing her kits to leave camp without scolding them AND deciding Stormkit was worthless because of his injury. She completely ignored his strength through the harsh times, which is what all mothers should see inside their children. She even TRIED to make him give up at some points (Changing name to Crookedkit, etc.), and destroyed her relationship with her son, as well as Shellheart, her mate.

    She serves as a good lesson though. Very bad things happen sometimes, and you need to offer support (as well as take some precautions) before it’s too late.

    I hope Rainflower and Crookedstar make amends in Starclan.

  • I also agree because most people say stormkit is to adventurous and learned his lesson, but he’s just a kit it’s not like any cats are born SUPER SONIC SMART, stormkit was just being a normal cat just trying to have fun it’s not like you could be mad at him for having freedom

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