Why did Tigerstar kill Half-Clan cats in TigerClan by Sunpaw

Sunpaw questions why Tigerstar tried to kill all half-clan cats in TigerClan.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

It’s always bothered me that Tigerstar tried to kill half-clan cats in TigerClan despite TigerClan being an effort to combine all the Clans. The excuse used for it is “Half-Clan cats can’t be trusted”. My problem with that is they have no other Clan to go to if they do betray TigerClan. I have some theories;
1. I noticed that all the half-clan cats that Tigerstar tried to kill/killed are half ThunderClan. It’s been heavily implied(or stated(I just came up with this theory while watching Moonkitti’s I Spoil The Darkest Hour video, so I haven’t read The Prophecies Begin in a while)) that Tigerstar has a grudge against ThunderClan so this could be a way of getting revenge.

2. Tigerstar just doesn’t follow logic because this shouldn’t happen. All 9 of Tigerstar’s lives were given for compassion and other similar feelings. One would assume that¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ if that is true, Tigerstar wouldn’t be killing half-clan cats out of a grudge, or just Tigerstar’s grudge is too strong to follow StarClan’s wishes.

3. It could also be a grudge against Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar, In The Last Hope, Tigerstar said he hates Firestar so he trained the dark forest to wipe out all the clans, I’m going to say that Tigerstar has always tried to destroy Firestar by destroying the thing he loves the most, his clan.

4. Tigerstar might just hate all cats that aren’t followers of him, so he decides to kill the Half-Clan cats first, because they’re the easiest cats to kill and get away with it.

Why did Leopardstar agree with Tigerstar’s plans?
The real question here is, why did Leopardstar agree with Tigerstar to form TigerClan, I find it strange that she believed Tigerstar that they would be joint leaders of TigerClan, it looks like Firestar and Tallstar have more sense than a leader who’s been leader for longer( I think ).
Leopardstar is probably one of the oldest leaders, so that might be a problem as well, she forgot what make sense and what doesn’t.

Another reason could be that Tigerstar’s treachery to ThunderClan wasn’t revealed to all clans before he decided to form ShadowClan and RiverClan into TigerClan. If I’m correct, when Firestar tried to tell the other Clans about Tigerstar being evil and all that, a storm came and interrupted him right before the gathering ended.


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September 25, 2018 12:25 am

Before you ask, no, I did not write this article.

Light of Falling Star (Lightfall)
Light of Falling Star (Lightfall)
September 25, 2018 3:01 am
Reply to  Sunpaw

Wait – what?
Oh and Tallstar was leader for longer.

September 30, 2018 10:41 pm
Reply to  Sunpaw

I was the one who wrote it


Leafsong (Gold Leaves That Adorn New Years Cheer)
Leafsong (Gold Leaves That Adorn New Years Cheer)
September 25, 2018 1:32 am

Wow great article! Could I also add that maybe Tigerstar felt a resentment towards half-Clan cats because his father Pinestar went to live with Twolegs when Tigerstar was very young. I feel like that memory of his father leaving really hurt him (ohmygosh, what am I doing…I almost feel bad for Tigerstar). So in turn, that memory could turn into anger and it could lead to some sort of anger towards half-Clan cats 😛 I don’t know, it’s just a theory…

❃ Leaf

Embers Glowing Green For St. Patricks Day
Embers Glowing Green For St. Patricks Day
September 25, 2018 2:11 am

Nice article! I think another reason might have been that he was obsessed with having cats’ absolute loyalty, and he felt that half-clan cats would have split loyalties, and would turn on him? Probably wrong, but just an idea.

You can never laugh too much

Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
September 26, 2018 12:37 am

I assume that most half-clan cats have Thunderclan blood 😛? Anyway, I agree with you in most parts, especially the part where you mentioned Tigerstar killed half-clan cats to express his hatred towards Firestar 😉. Great article 😸.

!!Running for senior warrior!!

Foxtail (Foxie)
Foxtail (Foxie)
September 26, 2018 12:57 am

And now I finally understand why Tigerstar did all those terrible things 😛 Awesome article! (even if you didn’t write it, thanks for sharing! 😀)


Lilacpaw/frost - Li
Lilacpaw/frost - Li
September 28, 2018 10:02 pm

I think that Tigerstar wanted to kill the half-clan cats because that way, he could convince the RiverClan and ShadowClan cats that ThunderClan was bad because they were supporting half-clan cats. He could also appear as their savior that way.

Live. Laugh. Love. Blog.

September 29, 2018 4:20 pm

Great article! 😀

thats not very plus ultra of u

September 29, 2018 6:14 pm

Considering Tigerstar’s long-term plan was to have the Four Clans unit, he would eventually need to start allowing the former enemies to start inbreeding with each other, if Tigerclan were to last. So it’s strange he would kill off Half-clan cats, as it seems to apply Tigerstar doesn’t want cats mating with their planned soon-to-be Clanmates. The logical expectation for this, is the fact all the prisoners were specifically Riverclan and Thunderclan, one of the Clans that had yet to join Tigerclan, to were considered enemies.

- Mellowix

January 15, 2019 7:52 pm

Poor blue star for making him deputy after lionheart instaid of white storm.

August 24, 2020 11:02 pm

It’s strange, Tigerstar trying to combine the clans, then trying to kill half-clan cats who wouldn’t have been half-clan if he got all the clans combined.

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