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Which tom would have been the best mate for Squirrelflight by Springbreeze

Springbreeze lists cats who would’ve been a good mate for Squirrelflight.

Artwork by toboe5tails

Hello everybody, here is Springbreeze with her second article. Today I’ll find out who would have been the best pair for Squirrelflight. Of course, Bramblestar won this competition in books and even has Squirrelflight kits. Still, I will try to find out if there is another tom horse for it.

We will start by choosing all the toms closest to her age and who did not have a mate in the TNP.


After the first round we will only have 5 competitors. After that there will be 3, then 2 and finally the winner.

Round 1

Squirrelflight and Shrewpaw could not have reached a mate because he died while they were just apprentices. I think their relationship was just one of friendship. Still, she did not keep watch when he died but left Whitepaw alone, so we can not even call they best friends. Squirrelpaw preferred to spend her time in Brambleclaw’s company because they took the long trip to Midnight together.
I do not think she could have formed a couple with Shrewpaw’s brother, Spiderleg. While he was an apprentice, he seemed lonely and was not too close to anyone. He did not seem at all close to Squirrelflight. Of course, both seem so temperamental and sure of what they are doing. I think if he had kits with Squirrelflight, Spiderleg would not have dismissed her as he did with Daisy because she was born in the Clan.
Also, Ashfur would not have been her mate because she told her very clearly she did not love him. Still, I liked the relationship between them in Twilight. He would have done one for the other. Ashfur takes Squirrelflight’s defense and vice versa.

Round 2

Good! We remained with:


I do not think it could have been with Birchfall. He and Whitewing were close to being apprentices, so there would be no place for Squirrelflight anywhere.
Neither Thornclaw would have been a good mate for her. He was forever focused on the needs of the Clan. He always went to the patrols and never thought of his personal life. Only when he became an senior warrior he began to realize he needed time for him, and then Squirrelflight was already Brambleclaw’s mate.

Round 3

There are only three left:


I think Squirrelflight was closer to Sootfur than Rainwisker. She was always with Ashfur and one of them. Still, she seemed very affected by Sootfur’s death and wanted to remove the badgers that attacked they in the camp to avenge his death.

Round 4


The relationship between Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw was not a stable one. She lost confidence in him because he spends his time with Hawkfrost. He did so, saying she accuses him only because he is the son of Tigerstar.
Of course, they started to come back later and became a beautiful couple, but we will only limit ourselves to TNP.

So the big winner is Sootfur.

Just think. If they two were a mate, maybe Ashfur would have given up trying to get Squirrelflight’s love. Sootfur died very early, during the badgers attack, so SquirrelXBramble would still be possible. Later, Ashfur would have had no problem with the two, so he would not have tried to kill Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather. Who knows, maybe he still lived, maybe he had a mate and kits, and the three still thought they were Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw’s kits.

So a relationship between Squirrelflight and Sootfur would only bring benefits to both of her admirers. What do you think? Who would have been the best mate for Squirrelflight?

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  • Not all relationships are perfect though ^^ That’s why a SquirrelxBramble are so good together. Sure they fight and all but that’s what’s part of a relationship though. But nice article! I never really examined other cats who could have been close to Squirrelflight so this really opened my mind. Sootfur sounds like a good choice. Still, BramblexSquirrel forever!

    • Yes, but why Sootfur? Squirrelflight rarely even interacted with him, but i agree that Squirrelflight and Brambelestar are so good because of all the hardships.

      • Yeah I was wondering about that too. I just said that Sootfur sounds like a good cat and probably would have been a good mate but I still don’t remember them interacting much either 😛

  • Oh dear.. get ready for an angry rant from a Warriors fan who lives off of SquirrelXBramble basically.

    Okay, so yes, your article was nice. 🙂


    For me, it’s inevitably, forever been Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, the two that were even entwined by StarClan themselves,. I don’t believe that StarClan gets wrapped up in romance too much, and it only makes SquirrelXBramble so much more special.

    The two of them have been through it all, fire and tiger. How could Squirrelflight even be with anyone else? The pair have always been there. Together for the greatest journey of young cats of all Clans, together as supporters, friends, the only ones remaining in the same Clan who could possibly understand, ever understand that experience that being with cats of other Clans taught them. Together as apprentice and semi-mentor, even. Together as mates, eventually. Even after kits who weren’t actually their’s, even after Ashfur and all that turmoil, they stayed together…. how could it ever be anything else? How could anyone even consider anything else? You’re right, it wasn’t stable through much, but doesn’t the beautiful relationship they have built OFF of all that darkness and turmoil, doesn’t even staying and loving each other still, especially after those rocky moons only make them a better couple?

    Also, how would Sootfur even be a possibly contender for Squirrelflight? She had no interest in him.

    In the end, I don’t understand how any other tom could have been for Squirrelflight. It was always Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, the two lovers shown in the bright sky, the two lovers that joined together and created a wonderful family even after the doubts of their Clan, their family, another tom, and even fate itself. They have overcome obstacles together, any other pair would have broken up, but not them, never fully, at least. They have always been together, joined, and now always will be. They have only been strengthened by what they have come over.

    • I don’t think any other pair would break up…because remember when Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw broke up? That was because of Leafpool’s and Squirrelflight’s secret and Brambleclaw felt as if Squirrelflight didn’t trust him so they broke up temporarily until the gap between omen of the stars and A Vision of Shadows arc. Shrewpaw was shy…or really nice and probably would’ve forgiven her if he was her mate and also would…probably….Thornclaw and Sootfur and maybe Rainwhisker or Ashfur. (Ashfur really loved her)

  • Nice article! The reasoning is well done, but i think it could have been better if the last two had been bramble and ash. BRAMBLEXSQUIRREL FOREVER THEY ARE SO CUTE AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SO GENUINE AND WELL THOUGHT OUT

  • I’m gonna enrage like millions of people right now and say I hate SquirrelXBramble, and personally thought Jessy (from Bramblestar’ Story) would have been better for Brambleclaw/star. And I used to ship AshXSquirrel but hey, Sootfur would be decent too, anyone but Bramblestar!

  • Oh…I wish Shrewpaw had won! :3
    In my opinion Shrewpaw would’ve been good mates with Squirrelflight because they never argued…poor Shrewpaw 🙁

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