She-cats I think would be feminists by Ivykit

Ivykit lists she-cats from the series that they think would be feminists.

Art by maracat0901

So . . . hai! I just want to see what people think about this, and it’s kinda a weird subject, but . . .
I think these cats would be feminists! (For some reason . . .)
(Just . . . SPOILERS!)

1. Rosepetal
I have no idea why I think this. I guess I just think that Rosepetal is a strong she-cat who is a great minor character. Even though I hate her for having a crush on her uncle, I still think she would stand up for she-cat rights 😛

2. Sandstorm
You probably know what I’m gonna say about her already. She’s so strong and independent! She wanted her own way, not Firestar’s! Remember when Fireheart help little Sandpaw when she was about to fall off of the cliff in Fire and Ice? (I think 😛 ) She got angry at him for that! She is really a cat I think would be a feminist.

3. Squirrelflight
Sandstorm’s daughter, and for all of the same reasons! I even thing she was more fiery that Sandstorm!

4. Sparkpelt
You’re probably wondering why I have Sandstorm, then Squirrelflight, then Sparkpelt. But they’re so alike! I’m sitting here just waiting for Sparkpelt to get a mate and kits, then her daughter to be the same . . . XD

5. Needletail
Needletail, Needletail, Needletail. My fave she-cat tied with Ivypool. Sassy. Smart. Strong. (All ‘S’ words XD ) There’s no way I could have done this article without Needletail on here. 🙂

6. Spottedleaf
As much as I dislike this she-cat, I can’t not have her on here! She was strong too! This cat was a meddie, but who cares! Meddies are just as strong as warriors and that’s that! (My OC Branchdapple was a strong cat! XD )

7. Yellowfang
Well, you know what I’m going to say . . . So, there’s no point in saying it! I mean, this is Yellowfang, why not put her on this list?

8. Bright Stream
Bright Stream was so pretty and gentle, why would she be here? No! This cat was strong! I think that we all know she must be in here! Her death taught us a lesson! COME ON BRIGHT STREAM!

9. Mistystar
Mistystar! My brother’s fave warrior! The RiverClan (RiverClaM) leader! Bluestar’s daughter! Woohoo!
I think I’ve said it all already XD

10. Cinderpelt
This. Med. Cat. Is. EPIC! I love her and she is one of my fave medicine cats ever! She is an inspiration to us all and is strong, even with her disfigurement.

11. Ivypool
I don’t even have to say it. My all time fave cat ever! She’s too cool! Too strong! Too epic!

12. Hollyleaf
About 88% of BlogClan are Hollyleaf fans. She was so cool and gave her life for Ivypool! This proves she’s worthy. XD 😛

13. Brightheart
Ahhh, another cat with a sad disfigurement. I think she was a strong cat (though I do NOT ship her and Swiftpaw and I’m very sure about it -_- XD )

14. Briarlight
I didn’t like this cat. Then one day, I was looking on Ivypool’s Wiki page. I had no idea she had kits! I was like ‘Ooooooh, kitties!’ So I read on, and saw: ‘Jayfeather blames himself for Briarlight’s death’. I litterally froze. I wearily clicked on Briarlight’s name, to see she had died. I couldn’t believe it, and before I knew it, I was crying my eyes out, and I couldn’t stop myself. Then I cleaned myself and went out of my room. After a short while, my dad gave me a HUGE row for something. I didn’t even care, because I went up to my room and cried, because of Briarlight. Then I went down and had my dinner. We play songs at the table, so I did ‘I’ll Be Complete’ by Blixemi and I started to get teary. I said I needed the toilet, and went up stairs. I stayed and cried, again about Briarlight. I had to dry myself and went downstairs again. I said I poked myself in the eye, to avoid any questions. My parents and brother believed me, but I was still so sad.
And that’s why the first lines of I’ll Be Complete makes me teary:
‘Do you think that the stars know
That they’re seen from so far down below?’
You go girl . . .
(Totaly not got tears in my eyes, no. It’s just because there’s a pile of unions beside my bed.)

There! My feminist she-cats! Have fun and bye bye!

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