Snowkit/Snowtuft Theory Analysis and Alternate by Mellowix

Mellowix shares and modifies a theory about Snowkit.

Art by climbdraws (tumblr)

So I’ve seen this theory being kicked around the fandom for quite some time, and I have to say, I like the idea of Snowkit being Snowtuft but the original theory’s idea on how he gets to that point, doesn’t make any sense. So I’m here to analyze the old theory and propose a new one I think could work.

Basic theory:

After Snowkit is sent to Starclan, he’s lured into the Dark Forest, which is where he becomes Snowtuft.

(There are serval alternatives details to this theory like: Mapleshade being the one to lure him in, he joined the Dark Forest becuase he felt Starclan/Thunderclan had betrayed him by letting him die etc. but those detils are irrelevant)


“Spirits can’t age any older then they were in life.” – As most of you know, Cats can change their age in Starclan to when they were happiest, for example: Bluestar going back into her prime as a young warrior and Yellowfang remaining older as during her time in Thunderclan was her happiest part of her life. But there’s this mentality in the fandom, that cats can only be an age, they reached in life. So cats like Snowkit and Mosskit can’t become adults in Starclan, even if they wanted to as they died as kits.

However, this isn’t directly true, as, in Code of the Clans, there are those three ancient Windclan kits: Smallkit, Wolfkit, and Runningkit, who drowned in the Gorge River after sneaking out of camp. But even though they died as kits, they still become adults in Starclan and given their names if they’d lived; Smallstar, Wolfheart, and Runningstorm. However, it was revealed by Vicky that this was ‘special case’ and most kits keep their kit age/names. Also, it was mentioned in the book that those kits’ deaths ‘weren’t suppose to happen’ which may explain why they were treated differently. As during Mosskit’s death, Snowfur’s spirit claims ‘it’s her time’, suggesting Starclan has a detailed and mainly accurate idea of when cats’ deaths are meant to take place. So if Snowkit’s died like he was ‘destined to’, he wouldn’t of become an adult. Which is very likely, considering cases like Smallstar, are extremely rare, only happening once in the Clan’s history to our knowledge.

So since Snowkit would have been a kit in Starclan if he was killed by the Hawk, it brings up the question: Why would the Dark Forest want a kit to join them? A kit would border-line useless, they wouldn’t be able to fight fully grown cats and they couldn’t even be used as a punching bag to demonstrate moves in a Training session, being too easily killed. The Dark Forest cats are already annoyed by Darkstripe enough becuase he acts like a kit, so just imagine if they had an actual kit, they’d be no more then whining pests. Snowtuft has been shown to fight fully grown cats during the Great Battle. And even if he somehow still was a kit, it would of been noted by Ivypool. And him being described as ‘small’ wouldn’t count, as a grown tom who’s just small is still hugely different to a kit.

“Snowkit is deaf, Snowtuft isn’t.” – There are three options here:

1) Snowkit was spent to Starclan first, which is where his deafness was healed. Then a hearing Snowkit went to the Dark Forest, where he becomes Snowtuft.

2) But if he was sent to the Dark Forest straight away for whatever strange reason, it’s possible that the Dark Forest has a weaker version of Starclan’s healing abilities. As Brokenstar died blind, however, there’s no mention of this when he was in the Dark Forest. This may make sense as the Dark Forest is intended to be a place of punishment, where cats are forced to walk aimlessly in isolation until they fade away. (Though they somehow managed to overcome this.) So the Dark Forest for a regular cat is bad enough, however for a cat which is blind/paralyzed/etc. especially when they weren’t born with it, would even worse. They’re being punished more than other residents, and Starclan may consider this unnecessarily cruel, especially if their crimes are lesser then other cats’. So heals the worst injuries or disabilities, so everyone is on equal footing.

Some may argue that Brokenstar was indeed blind but it ‘simply was never mentioned’ but I would find that highly unlucky. As a cat being blind is a
very noticeable detail. When Blind cats in the series are being described by others like Rock and Jayfeather, their blindness is brought up constantly. So I doubt Brokenstar would be any different. If Ivypool is observant enough to make note of Snowtuft’s horrible scar, then she would of mentioned Brokenstar’s scared blinded eyes are some point as well.

3) He just so well-adapted to his deafness, no one really notices it. Even people born deaf are still able to learn to lip-read and even talk, so it’s possible Snowtuft can do the same. Jayfeather is blind but is still able to swim and travel around a large territory on a daily basis unaided, so there’s no reason by Snowkit/tuft wouldn’t be able to adapt to his disability, especially since he was born with it. Even as a kit, Snowkit was still able to speak, saying “S’all right”. So with some patience, this would only get better. Also, Snowtuft rarely talks and when he does, it always in response to someone talking to him directly, this may be because he’s deaf and so only talks when he needs to. Doing things such as saying one-liners/muttering to himself, would be rather pointless if he can’t hear them.

“Snowkit has blue eyes, while Snowtuft has green eyes.” – Now, this mainly comes from the comment section of WarriorUnlimited’s video on the topic, in which, they use DrakynWyrm’s artwork of Snowtuft and Lithestep’s artwork of Snowkit. And yes, they indeed have different eye colours in those artworks. However I’d like to point out, they are simply fan artworks, who ain’t canon in any way. Snowtuft’s eye colour is never mentioned in the Books at all. This Snowtuft’s official design on the Wiki, gathered from the books themselves: “a small, skinny, white tom with a long scar snaking from his belly to the tip of his ear.”. And as you can see, no mention of eye colour. Just by searching up Snowtuft on google images, you’ll see he’s drawn with a wide range of eyes colours, all the way from: Blue, Yellow, Amber, and Green. If you don’t believe me; go to the Snowtuft’s Wiki page yourself, click on the numbers in the disruption and it’ll take you to a list of the references used, with some of them being Book titles and even their pages numbers. Find a book you have, go to that specific book page and you’ll see yourself if the references the Wiki uses are valid.

Eye colour alone isn’t even a valid way of identifying a character, considering for how inconsistent the Erins are with the colours of specific details like eye and collar colours. Prime examples being Dovewing’s eye colour and Scourge’s collar colour. (Do not get into a debate about this, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. There are multiple examples of either colour being used, so no side is right or wrong, it’s just personal choice on which one to headcanon.)

“Snowtuft is a Windclan cat.” -This is just a rumor. I’ve never seen a screenshot of any of the Erins confirming this. And if this quote existed, it would have appeared on the Warriors Wiki by now. Even if Snowtuft was from Windclan, it doesn’t stop him being Snowkit, as he could have simply joined Windclan later on if he survived the Hawk attack.

“He could of gotten his scar from the Hawk.” – People seem to think that it’s unknown how Snowtuft’s got his famous scar. But the thing is, we do know, we even got to read it as it happened: In Fading Echoes, ‘Spottedleaf and Jayfeather are sneaking around the Dark Forest, when they come across a training session, taught by Hawkfrost. Snowtuft is there but is watching with half-closed eyes, so Hawkfrost shouts at him if he’s ready to learn, which Snowtuft replies, that’s why he’s there. Hawkfrost then pinned Snowtuft down, ordering Shredtail to rip his belly open. Spottedleaf and Jayfeather leave before they can see what happens next, only hearing Snowtuft’s screams of pain.’

It’s possible that Snowkit/tuft did get a scar from the hawk when he was young, but it healed and become faded. Then during in the training season, when Hawkfrost orders Shrewtail to rip open Snowtuft’s belly, Shredtail sees the faded scar Snowtuft got as a kit and uses it as a “guild-line” because that area would be naturally weaker, re-opening the old wound. After that event, the scar isn’t able to heal properly and becomes much worse then before. Which why Snowtuft’s scar is given so much attention as a pose to all the other Dark Forest cats’ scars, as it’s much worse to than others due to being a reopened wound.

Alternate Theory:

So I’ve heard another Headcannon that Snowkit was dropped by the Hawk and become a kittypet, and I think this could be used for the Snowkit/tuft theory. So instead of Snowkit going to Starclan and being lured into the Dark Forest, he survives the Hawk attack, this can happen multiple ways: He’s saved by another cat(s) leaping onto the Hawk and dragging to the ground, the Hawk getting caught in a tree/wires, the Hawk being shot by a Twoleg hunter etc.

Then he’s found by a Twoleg and taken to a vet. This is where he becomes a kittypet and gets used to his deafness, learning to lip-read and talk properly. He then decides to leave and return to the Clans again. However, he doesn’t remember which Clan is his birth-Clan possibly because: he got mild-amnesia after being dropped, was too young when he was taken by the hawk to form proper memories of Thunderclan, could never learn Thunderclan’s name due to not being able to lip-read at the time etc.

Option 1:

So he ends up joining up one the Clans that’s not Thunderclan, (Which is where he could join Windclan) which is where he becomes Snowtuft.

Note: It can’t really be Thunderclan as it would of been noted at some point that Snowkit had survived the hawk attack and had returned, even if was very briefly.

Option 2:

He’s rejected by the Clans, so remains a rouge and names himself, Snowtuft.

After this, it’s impossible to say what he did to be sent to the Dark Forest. Though, we can make an educated guess. Looking at the way he acts in the Dark Forest, constantly being used as the punching bag and hiding away from the other Dark Forests, it clear that he’s not your typical Dark Forest cat, so it’s likely that his crimes aren’t anything similar to other villain’s crimes we’re read about. He doesn’t seem like the type of cat to do crimes independently, so I’d say he’s somewhat similar to Darkstripe, being a pawn in someone’s else schemes.

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  • When I heard the Snowtuft thing while reading I was like OMG DAT HAS TO BE SNOWKIT GROWN-UP, then I thought, but I thought kits couldn’t grow up in starclan/the dark forest…, then I was like whatever it has to be it HAS to be Snowkit! And I’m glad others share my point of view!

    • maybe, but the tribe of rushing water snowkit was taken by the hawk in the prophecies begin, which means it would be super far from the forest to the mountains, and by then he would have been killed.

      • true… Ravenpaw and Barly might have saved him then once he got older he could have gone to the mountains? then became evil?

  • Maybe the Dark Forest only partially heals wounds? Like, barely. Large cuts are still bleeding, just small drips of blood, not streams that could cause death by blood loss (Mapleshade), a blind cat would be able to see, but ther vision would be really foggy, dark, and blurry (Brokenstar) and Tigerstar is the only exception to this, his wound was too great for even StarClan to heal, he would be bleeding everywhere (but not enough to kill him) and if he’s standing upright, his insides kinda peek out. Maybe if you fight him, you can feel the cut, and maybe the guts if he’s holding you down. Maybe sometimes the more squeamish cats throw up around him or lose their appetite after seeing it.