Caption Contest Results + October Fanfiction Contest!

We held a caption contest back in July with this picture:

and now, after all this time, the winner is finally being announced! (Sorry for the delay, I’ll clean the elders’ den for a month to make up for it 😛 )

So get ready ………..

to congratulate ………………..

*drum roll please* …………………………

Craterpaw!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Her caption was: ““eh whatever those chickens are looking at me-ahh what are you looking at you filthy human!?!?””

(Crater, you prize is an emoji on live chat! Just shout at me what you want it to be in the comments below.)

Now it’s time for our October fanfiction contest!!!!!!!!!! 😀

In honor of Halloween, we have two spooooooooooky prompts (you get to choose which one you want to write about!)

⭐ Prompt 1: A monster is on the loose, and your main character has the strange ability to communicate with it! 

(Your monster can be any sort of creature, real or make-believe, but it cannot be an ordinary cat who love murder. 😛 Think more along the lines of vampires, mummies, evil anthropomorphic trees, giant spiders …)

⭐ Prompt 2: A catastrophic zombie apocalypse has begun!!! Show your character trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic setting …


• No excessive gore, inappropriate scenes, cursing, or anything else you wouldn’t find on BlogClan. Entries of this nature will be deleted.
• Your story can feature BlogClanners, canon Warriors characters, or your own original characters
• Only one entry per person!
• Be respectful of all participants! Let’s make this fun for everyone!
• Your entry must relate to the Warriors world.
• The deadline is October 31st, 11:59 PM EST.


🥉 Third place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character)

🥈 Second place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) OR the ability to choose live chat’s colors

🥇 First place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) AND the ability to choose live chat’s colors




We need volunteers to draw prizes for the winners, so if you’d like to offer up your services (they’d be endlessly appreciated 😀 ), please fill out this form!


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  1. Aprilblossom
    November 1, 2018 at 4:32 am

    Few things to note: I got Silverpaw’s permission (we know each other irl) to write a somewhat sequel to her story using prompt 2. And, I’ll be using prompt 2. (Some information may be a little inaccurate… sorry Silverpaw!)

    The Apocalypse by Aprilblossom

    A growl arose from my throat. I glared at the threat menacingly, my fur bristling along my spine and down my tail. Slowly, my claws unsheathed from my paws, sharpened and ready to fight.

    There were undead cats approaching the camp, and I had to defend it, along with the rest of my Clanmates. We were all lined up in formation, ready to fight back against the zombie-cats.

    “Aprilblossom! Get ready to defend!” the cat nearby yowled, poised to strike.

    I nodded. When the undead were close enough, I launched myself at the nearest cat, dodging its sharp, probably poisoned teeth.Their way of recruiting is hooking their fangs into another cat’s flesh… better be careful. I yowled in alarm as a zombie cat lunged for my tail, jaws wide open, revealing broken, blackened teeth. It chomped down hard onto my tail. I frantically tried to kick it off, but its teeth remained fastened. Everything around me swirled, changing completely, until my mind went blank, and my body was being moved for me…

    Sunlight streamed through the brambles and into her eyes. I blinked. It was just a dream. Steadily, I got to her paws and let out an enormous yawn. My paws led me to the fresh-kill pile, and my stomach gurgled. Last night, I hadn’t eaten, and I still had no idea why. In the cold of leaf-bare, I guess it was natural to feel as if I should fast to feed others.

    Suddenly, a silver shape collided into me, and I staggered, quickly regaining my footing. “Silverpaw!” I meowed. “Be more careful! What’s the hurry?”

    Silverpaw looked up to me with her beautiful leaf green eyes. “Sorry! Just waiting for training!” I was so glad that she had recovered ever since the traumatic events that had occurred a few nights before. Losing all your littermates must have been terrible. A pang of loneliness hit me as I realized that I was born an only kit, or so my parents say.

    “Are you going to eat something or what?”

    I snapped out of my thoughts. “Ah, sorry, Silverpaw. I was lost in the clouds,” I mewed, knowing that my apprentice knew what I meant. We’ll go hunting later today,” I promised with a hopeful smile.

    Silverpaw nodded. “See you then!” The silver apprentice turned around and darted away towards the apprentice’s den, where Spottedpaw was lazing around under the sun. Sunlight is unusual in this season, I thought before shivering. It’s still kind of cold and frosty, however.

    I bent down and picked up a skinny hare with my jaws before taking a few paces back to enjoy it without having her Clanmates trip over her, trying to feed themselves. After taking a few ravenous bites, I was already finished, quicker than expected.. One scrawny hare wouldn’t fill me up anyways. My whiskers twitched, and I looked up to the sky. Clouds were settling in quite quickly. Snow could be coming soon, I thought.

    “Aprilblossom! You done?” Silverpaw was scrambling back to me, seeing that I had finished devouring my hare. “Let’s go hunt! Since it’s leafbare, we’ll need plenty of prey, I hear, but I’m up for it!” Her smile of confidence warmed my heart. With her determination and her hunting skills, she could probably feed the whole Clan!

    The sun slowly sank below the horizon, much earlier than usual. Silverpaw had caught a fair amount of prey, though most of them were scrawny, weak, or hiding in their burrows.

    “Great catch, Silverpaw!” Lakepaw, a young brown tabby apprentice commented. “Wanna share?” He offered a juicy mouse he had caught earlier, suspiciously fatter than most prey. Silverpaw accepted, however, without hesitation. I could obviously see that their relationship was growing better and better, and I had a feeling that their relationship would go far. Back to thinking about that somewhat fatter mouse. Even if a mouse found a better place to eat, surely it wouldn’t be that plump?

    There was a loud gasp from behind me, and a horrified squeal. I whipped around to find Softfeather reeling back. My eyes widened in horror as I realized that one of the prey from the fresh-kill pile had gotten to its feet. Its beady eyes were berry-red, reminding me of the infamous deathberries, the most poisonous berries in the forest. The mouse looked dead, though it was clearly moving.

    “Zombie mouse!” Softfeather shrieked. “Get that vile thing away from me!!” My eyes widened as the mouse scrambled towards the nursery.

    Instantly, I chased after it, my heart pounding with fear. I unsheathed my claws and raked them against the mouse’s back. It let out a squeal of terror before falling limply to the ground. Quickly, I dug out a hole and carefully pushed the dead creature inside. Afterwards, I poked my head in the nursery to make sure everything was all right. Nightbloom was huddled inside, holding her kits close to her. Her eyes were widened with fear and alarm, and the den smelled of the fear-scent from all the cats inside. “Thank you for—” She was cut off as they heard something stampeding towards the nursery.

    A pale tabby tom burst into the den, straight towards Nightbloom. “Nightbloom! Thank StarClan you and the kits are all right! I thought that undead mouse had gotten you…” He trailed off as he looked lovingly at the small bundles of joy wriggling in front of them.

    “Mistfall, it’s all right. We’re safe, thanks to Aprilblossom.” She turned towards me. “Thank you so much. I was trying to thank you earlier before you came in and interrupted me,” she teased, amusement flickering her gaze.

    I smiled at them. “I was only doing what I had to.” I turned around and walked out of the den. Surprisingly, the sun was already beginning to dip below the horizon. Soon, the full moon would be up, and we would be having the Gathering.

    Morningstar was padding towards me. Her beautiful, soft tortoiseshell fur shimmered as the dusk rays shone down on it. “Can you explain what happened?” she asked.

    “Sure.” I went on to explain the events that had happened, how I discovered it, what I saw, and how it was dealt with.

    All this time, Morningstar was listening with a thoughtful look on her face. “All right,” she murmured finally. “It seems there may be a disease or something associated with this, though it is phenomenal. I’ll consult Birdsong about it. Care to come?”

    I nodded and shrugged. “Why not?” I followed her to the medicine den, where the scent of herbs were wafting from it, making me wrinkle my nose. Inside the den, a pure black cat was sorting out some marigold.

    “Birdsong, have you received any prophecies or anything out of the ordinary?” Morningstar questioned. Birdsong was silent for a few moments. I could have sworn I heard crickets chirping.

    Finally, she spoke. “The mouse.” The mouse—? Oh! The zombified undead creepy mouse! The one that could have killed us all! “This is just the start of what is about to happen. It will spread until it engulfs us in its flames.” I felt shivers run down my spine when she explained that. What could she possibly mean? Would it… would it spread to us cats?

    “Thank you for your time, Birdsong. I recommend you give me updates on the situation,” Morningstar informed the medicine cat before exiting the den, leaving just myself and Birdsong.

    “Well… I’ll just get going now, so see you later…” The aura radiating from her gave me chills. I padded out of the den before giving my pelt a quick shake. When I saw the present situation inside the camp, I was wondering how I hadn’t noticed. Cats were gawking at something in the sky, but not just some bird. The moon was blood red.

    “Help! This is an omen! We’re all going to die!” some cat yowled, who was clearly not a medicine cat.

    The camp erupted into chaos. Cats were running around, grabbing what little
    prey they had and dived into the nearest den. Many were yowling the most random things, like “We’re doomed!” “StarClan wants us dead!” What has this world come to?

    “Everyone! Calm down!” The entire motion of cats immediately stopped at the command of their leader. “Is this how we act in emergencies? No! We don’t know that this is an omen, we don’t know whether the world is doomed! We—” Morningstar stopped as Birdsong stepped up onto the Great Rock.

    She had a solemn look on her face as she spoke. For some, this would probably be their first time hearing her voice, as she was a mysterious individual, almost always silent. Her mentor probably didn’t have much of a relationship with her, as she was dead silent mostly. “The blood moon is a bad omen,” she yowled loudly, yet somewhat quietly, as if she wasn’t used to yelling. “The moon will be tainted with blood, and the dead shall be raised.

    There was a long pause as everyone let that sink in. Just as things were about to get tense, I stepped forward. “I also had a dream,” I confessed. “I was standing in a forest, ready to fight an impending threat. Cats which I’ve known that have deceased were walking towards me menacingly, and the Clan was preparing to attack,” I yowled. “We were in a specific attack formation, ready to fight off any cat that came our way.”

    Birdsong nodded. “That was probably a vision of the future, sent by StarClan.” The black she-cat’s mysterious amber gaze flickered to the Clan below. Her head turned towards Aprilblossom, and she nodded.

    “All right, I’ll get some cats to defend the camp, and—” As I spoke, Morningstar interrupted me.

    “I will go prepare the attack formation, as I am the leader,” she told me.

    “Morningstar, wait.” I took a deep breath. “Firstly, as deputy, I choose the hunting and border patrols, so I should know which cats are capable of doing what. Secondly, I saw which cats were there in the vision.” Morningstar looked ready to kick me off the rock and yowl at me for seven moons, but she collected herself before doing so.

    “Alright,” she mewed coolly, “You can prepare them.”

    I went to work picking out cats that were capable of fighting off an army of zombie cats. I also made sure some cats were protecting the nursery and elder’s den, in case the zombie’s break through and into the camp. I also recruited a few rogues who have seen any undead creatures. From what I’ve been told, undead beings multiply easily. All it takes is one bite from their vicious fangs and you’re pretty much done for.

    “DawnClan, listen up!” I yowled in my commanding voice. Morningstar hung back, afraid to lose her very last life. I left her in charge of camp so she’d be safer. “Do not be afraid to kill these undead cats. They may have been cats you’ve known, but their spirits are safe in StarClan, and this is simply their bodies emerging from the ground. Do not lose confidence, as even if you are bitten, your soul will most likely end up in StarClan. If not, you’ll be killed anyways and sent off to StarClan—“ I stopped and slapped my furry tail over my mouth.

    “My point is, cats will die no matter how much we prevent it. It just cannot be helped. But this doesn’t mean we should hold back, for if we do, then it will be the end of the Clans. Do your best and fight with all of your strength, and we will obtain victory!” All the cat’s in the clearing cheered, Silverpaw bouncing on her paws, yowling the loudest.

    “All right! You guys ready?” I yowled. Everyone yowled their agreement. “Then let’s move out!” Before I could get out of camp, Morningstar stopped me for a moment.

    “I think I’d rather come than stay back and watch my Clanmates fall, feeling helpless,” she told me. “If I lose my last life here, then it will be an honourable death.”

    “You can come,” I mewed. “The more the merrier! Not really…”

    We were ready to battle, hearing the groans of the undead as they steadily approached the DawnClan camp. Every cat had their claws unsheathed, teeth bared. A growl rose from my throat. My claws unsheathed themselves, ready to tear through the flesh of these zombie warriors. When they came close enough, I let out a battle cry before plunging into battle. My claws raked against the nearest cat’s body. The cat shrieked and attempted to sink its fangs into my tail. My back leg plummeted into its chin, knocking it back.

    I turned and sank my teeth into another zombie’s body. It let out a hoarse screech before baring its fangs at me, ready to bite. Instantly, I recognized this cat. “Blossomcloud!” Blossomcloud stopped. She cocked her head to the side, blinking. Suddenly, her limbs jerked, and her eyes widened as life was brought back into her.

    “How… how am I back?” She seemed to be listening to something. “Ah, I see… I xan only stay for a little while.” Her gaze rested on me. “Aprilblossom,” she breathed. “It’s you… I’m so happy for you, you’ve become such a great warrior.”

    A smile formed on my face as I kicked another zombie cat in the face with my powerful hind legs. “Thank you, Blossomcloud. I’ll miss you.” I watched as her body slowly turned into sparkling mist, swirling away in the wind. Determinedly, I spun around and began shouting many cat’s names. “Redstripe! Blackspots! Tabbystreak!” Warriors turned to me with confused looks. They looked shocked as they saw some of the undead slowly turn back into their usual forms for mere moments before fading away into the shimmering mist.

    “Is that the cure?” asked Morningstar. Her body bore many scars that would take many moons to heal.

    “I guess so…” I trailed off as I realized what I had done. Rather than helping the situation, now the mist was forming into a huge zombie cat. “Everyone! Target that big one!” Immediately, cats were courageously charging towards the giant creature. I leaped onto the monster’s body and flung my limbs wildly, claws unsheathed, tearing through the monster’s body.

    Many cats fell to the ground, and I felt like crying aloud in defeat, but I did not lose hope. I heard many shrieks and gasps surround me as I saw Morningstar hanging helplessly from the monster’s jaw. “Let go!!” I vaulted up to the monster’s face and slashed its eyes as hard as I could, drawing out blood. Its jaws opened with the sudden pain, and Morningstar fell limply to the grassy clearing below.

    “Morningstar!” I skillfully made my way back down the monster’s body as it tumbled to the ground, its paws covering the eye I had wounded. “Morningstar…” Her body was stretched out limply, the lifeless body turning my blood to ice. “I’m not ready to lead…” Slowly, she turned towards me, trembling with the effort.

    “I believe… you are ready. You’ve proven yourself today…” Morningstar looked up to Silverpelt, and slowly, her breathing faded. Her body jerked once before going completely still. I dipped my head in respect as the sun’s beautiful rays slowly peaked over the hills.

    “Morning is coming, but Morningstar is going…” I sobbed. I lay there for a few long moments before collecting myself. I grabbed her by the scruff and dragged her back to camp, where we would have the vigil. The remaining zombie cats faded in the sunlight, almost like a bad dream. This is real… this is very real.

    My paws ached from digging the hole to bury Morningstar. It was now my time to lead the Clan as Aprilstar. I leaped up onto the Great Rock to announce the deputy. Just as the Shadow would never be forgotten, the apocalypse would never be forgotten by this generation, and possibly generations to come.

    THE END.

    • November 10, 2018 at 12:27 am

      Okay, first of all, I never made you deputy when I was still an apprentice (or did I?) Secondly, Morningstar died from something else, not some zombie terrorizing the forest.

      Just pointing it out. Otherwise, great job on the sequel! 👍

      ♡ 🐱 ♡

  2. Sky
    November 3, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Hi mods! Could I please have an extension for the fanfiction contest?

    • Sundance
      November 5, 2018 at 4:00 am

      About how long are you thinking? 😀

  3. November 4, 2018 at 12:09 am

    When is this being judged? 🙂

    love lasts forever

    • Sundance
      November 4, 2018 at 5:23 am

      Great question! 😀 I need to get on that ASAP … in all honesty I keep forgetting about it. 😛

  4. Bright Pool of Cranberry Sauce (Brightpaw/pool)
    November 5, 2018 at 1:03 am

    If by some miracle I finish my fanfiction, can it still be judged if I turn it in late?

    • Embers on a Fall Dawn (Emberdawn)
      November 5, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      I think so, yes 🙂

      Moderator, BlogClan's Deputy

  5. Bright Pool of Cranberry Sauce (Brightpaw/pool)
    November 5, 2018 at 2:37 am

    Breath of Life


    The whispers wake me. The whispers that I hear before dawn, every day. A voice without a body.

    The whispers compel me to do terrible things. They’ve been in my head since I was a kit. Once, long ago, I obeyed the voice. I was driven mad with grief over the death of my sister. The voice told me to get revenge on the one who killed her. I listened to it. I will never forget the crime I committed. I can still see the cat’s once-blazing amber eyes, glossed over and staring at something I could not see. I can still feel the sickeningly warm blood on my claws, trickling onto the hard gray floor… at that moment I realized that I was about as good as the murderer I killed.

    The whispers drive me crazy. I haven’t slept in sunrises. I’ve given up trying to block them out, trying to be sane—I’ve stopped trying to hold back the hysteric screeches that tear my throat in two every day.

    This morning is different, though.

    The voice is telling me to go somewhere. I listen with the first spark of interest, maybe even hope, that I’ve had in moons.

    “There is a forest.” it says. “Follow the setting sun and you will find it. The forest is a place in which many cats dwell. This is the place that you belong.”

    “Which forest? I’m sure there are many I will find if I follow the setting sun alone,” I protest.

    The whispers don’t reply right away. Instead, a loud sound like the howling of the wind fills my ears. I wince at the painful noise. Then, almost as quickly as it had come, the howling fades. The figure of a cat whirls in front of me. It’s not really a cat; more like a dark silhouette of one, with scarlet eyes that burn into me like two little flames. I begin to tremble, and fear pounds on my heart. I take a step back.

    “You shall travel for one night,” the shadow cat says, its voice like claws being dragged down the brick walls of my alleyway. “If you become lost, I shall guide you back to the path you are meant to follow. Now, the sun will set soon. You must go.”

    I nod shakily, and begin to run out of the alleyway. I look back at my home that I will never see again. The shadow cat is gone, and without a single thing to whisper in my ear.


    I pad in lush grass, dew beginning to cling onto my tangled night-black fur. I savor the sweet silence of the evening, inhaling deeply to capture the crisp twilight air.

    I suddenly hear the howling-wind noise that tells me the shadow cat is coming. I am no longer afraid of it; instead, it has almost become a friend.

    “I have never asked you who you are, or who you might have been.” I say.

    The shadow cat walks beside me, its paws making no sound.

    “I am not really an individual. But I know every wisp of your fur, every thought that has entered your mind. In a way, I am you. I am your fury and your pain. I am the impulses and negativity that make you mortal. But I am also the dreams that motivate you to live. I am also… your hope.” The shadow cat dissipates and blows away like a pile of ashes. I let out a long, deep sigh.

    Every cat has pain and negativity. But they don’t hear their emotions whispering to them. They don’t see their emotions as a… creature. So why do I?

    Why me?


    “Is this it?” I mutter. In front of me is a forest, miles of towering pine trees disappearing into darkness. “Is this where I’m meant to be?”

    “Yes. Venture into it. See who you find.” the shadow cat whispers to me.

    Taking a deep breath, I set paw into the forest, determinedly looking ahead. I continue on, my world spiraling in front of me, all the memories that make me who I am draining down, down, down.

    My new life.

    My new hope.

    It’s here.

    I can feel it.

    I break into a run, happiness glowing in my chest and flowing into my limbs, strengthening my tired bones.

    I feel my shadow cat blow away, like a pile of ashes. All the whispers cease with one breath, a breath of life.

    It’s beautiful.



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