The Starry-Eyed Three by Rainfall

Rainfall shares a skit with the three siblings, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

“Greetings, fellow Clanmates. I’ve come to share tongues and talk about the very famous Three…Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze.”

The guest star is…drumroll please…Leafpool!

Leafpool: Er, hello!
Me: Are you up for this, Leaf? After all, they’re your kits. Would you be able to be honest?
Leafpool: Er-
Me: Stop saying “er!”
Leafpool: But-
Me: No.
Leafpool: FINE!
Me: N-oh okay. Heh. Let’s get started!

I know all you guys love Hollyleaf, but to me she has a low personality. She’s just a cat who worships the warrior code. I don’t dislike her, exactly, but I don’t…well…like her. She’s too uptight and boring for me, sorry Hollyleaf-lovers.

Leafpool: Hey! That’s my kit you’re talking about!
Me: Leafpool, you promised me you would be honest!
Leafpool: But-
Me: No.
Leafpool:But I-
Me: No.
Leafpool: But-
Me: No.
Leafpool: But-
Me: NO.
Leafpool: Okay, alright! I won’t do it!
Me: Great!

Now, Hollyleaf I feel like is a waste of time. She ends up dying, and last I remembered, she doesn’t have a special power. She’s just…there. And she never has a love interest, besides a dead cat. Same with Jayfeather. I feel like they both need to lighten up and spend time with a REAL, LIVING, er, THERE cat! Maybe not Jayfeather, since he is a medicine cat, but by now every medicine cat has broken the code in some way with a crush or a mate. So maybe Jayfeather will be the one to mend the code.
Hollyleaf is indeed a strange character, who dies a tragical death and kills the cat who wanted to hurt her “mother.”

Leafpool: Ashfur? But he didn’t try to kill me, he tried to-
Leafpool: Oh, right. Sorry. But really-
Me: I was talking about SQUIRRELFLIGHT, her “mother!” QUOTE UNQUOTE!
Leafpool: Oof.
Me: RIP. Alrighty, back to the discussion.

Jayfeather is quite the contrary. Having a blind dream-walker cat is quite entertaining, and I love that he’s prickly and snappish. He has quite a character. He’s got to be my personal favorite of the Three. The Erins did a great job making him blind, it adds a twist to the story and gives us a whole new perspective. Yet the Erins did not cease to leave out color or light to the story, even told in a blind cat’s POV. We can still imagine the surroundings, even though Jayfeather himself is blind. That must have been hard. Well done, Erin Hunter (s) !!

Me: Leafpool, got nothing to say?
Leafpool: I can’t add anything more except that Jayfeather’s path of life was hard. He never wanted to be a medicine cat, yet he found happiness even so. EVEN if he doesn’t show it very often.
Me: Yes, true. Jayfeather’s life WAS extremely hard. He wanted so badly to be a warrior and protect and defend his Clan, but StarClan had something else in mind for him. Something he didn’t quite like. But he got past it. Jayfeather is stronger than most cats (or us) see.

Now…Lionblaze. He’s strong and loyal, and has an air of humor. He’s my second favorite. He did wrong, meeting with Heathertail when they were apprentices, but he didn’t see harm in it. He WAS wrong. But he never looked back as he grew up. He’s a loving mate and an affectionate father. He’s a fierce opponent in battle, especially when he had his power. He’s still formidable, but he needs to learn that he CAN get hurt. He must be the one that was hurt the most when his power got taken away. (Other than poor Dovewing, who we will sadly not be discussing in this article.) Think about it. If you lived all your life never being able to get hurt, and then suddenly, a thorn in your paw feels like your world is being ripped apart? He had a hard path. Of course, he is VERY strong. He got over it. And I could not agree more with his mate choice! (I love Cinderheart!!) They fit together like the sun fits the sky.
Leafpool: I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said. (Or meowed.)
Me: Well, guys, that’ll be all! Farewell, my Clanmates! <3 <3

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  • I don’t really agree with Hollyleaf and how she was just “there”. She was so hurt by not being part of the Three…Anyways, on the rest though I agree! I love Jayfeather! And I TOTALLY SHIP CINDER X LION it’s one of my favorite warrior cat ships/marriages(mates?)!

  • Fun article! 😀 But coming from a personal Hollyleaf LOOOVVEERR here’s my opinion.

    Oh my gosh, how is Hollyleaf a waste of time? Do you need a special power to be a good member of the three? Is that necessary? Honestly, doesn’t the fact that Hollyleaf DOESN’T have a power and yet still manages to be a well-thoughtout, developed character make her even better? Does Hollyleaf need a power? Is being powerless considered useless in your book?

    Also, you make it sound like you believe that without a love interest a cat is boring…. that’s so not true! Cats – and people – don’t need crushes or romantic partners to be interesting! Like Ivypool… but that’s a different story. For another rant.

    In addition, I’ve never quite understood how Hollyleaf “worships” the Warrior Code.. I agree that she does like to stick to rules but fans of Warriors often blow up her rule-sticking trait, even Hollyleaf fans! I mean, the only thing I’VE seen is how she gets frustrated when cats break the rules without good reasons, plenty of people are like that too, does that make them shallow? Hollyleaf doesn’t WORSHIP the code, she’s not half as rule-sticking as Warriors fans make her out to be. EVERYWHERE I look, EVERYONE is saying “Hollyleaf thinks that warrior code is god!” but… where did you get that from? :/ Hollyleaf has broken rules many times before, yes she does regret it SOMETIMES but other times she honestly does it and doesn’t feel regret because she knows that it’s a good thing to do! I don’t even understand HOW she is considered the #1 fan of the warrior code.

    Also, Hollyleaf is very deep and interesting to think about, she’s a murderer who hates murder, she’s come and disappeared, fought many different villains, and met her sad demise saving the life of Ivypool. All of her actions make her a very interesting puzzle…. if Hollyleaf is under the category of shallow, cats like Fernsong, Sorrelstripe, Honeyfur, Leafshade, and many new characters must be on dry land! (if you get the semi-joke) Even Alderheart and Pebbleshine and Hawkwing would be with only the tips of their toes dangling in the water if HOLLYLEAF is “shallow!”

    Anyways, that’s it, great article, I don’t have much complaint other than that…. oh, yeah, there’s nothing wrong with loving someone who is currently deceased, especially not if you knew them while they were alive.

    • YES SKY YOU HAVE VOICED MY OPINION EXACTLY!!! Hollyleaf is soooo much more than that! In fact she is like the only cat who actually acknowledges the code’s existence, like honestly.

      • IKR, but others acknowledge it! I don’t think that Hollyleaf is the #1 worshipper of the warrior code. She’s the only MAIN character that even bothers with it, is that equal to worshipping?

  • “Now, Hollyleaf I feel like is a waste of time. She ends up dying, and last I remembered, she doesn’t have a special power. She’s just…there. And she never has a love interest, besides a dead cat.”

    I’m sorry, but I need to contradict this. She died a very brave death, saving a fellow Clanmate (Ivypool), who yes, I do admit, contributed more to the Dark Forest battle than Hollyleaf. Dying does not make a character useless. And characters don’t need love interests to be interesting. She is a single she-cat, which I like!

    Anyways, nice article!


    • You should put *SPOILER ALERT* before you say something like that. Rainfall loves Hollyleaf, they was just giving their honest opinion. You shouldn’t get mad until you learn all the facts, such as Rainfall loves Hollyleaf. I’m not mad, I’m just saying think before you flame, Hothead 😉

  • Good article, but Hollyleaf wasn’t a wasted of time.
    Without her Ivypool would have been killed by Hawkfrost in the great battle and Molepaw and Cherrypaw (now Molewhisker and Cherryfall) would have been killed by the fox.

    I really like the way it was written. 😀

    • Forgot to write but just because Hollyleaf died doesn’t mean she wasn’t important. Spottedleaf for example died in the beginning of Into the Wild but she still had pretty big roles in the other books.