Discussing 3 Misunderstood Warrior Cats Ft. Jayfeather by Rainpaw

Rainpaw shares three misunderstood characters from the series in a skit with ThunderClan’s impressionable medicine cat, Jayfeather.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Rainpaw: Greetings, Clanmates! I’d like to welcome Jayfeather (My secret senpai xP)

Jayfeather: *Grumbles* Whatever.

Rainpaw: Jayfeather, don’t be grumpy.

Jayfeather: Whatever.

Rainpaw: *Rolls eyes*

ANYWAY! Let’s begin!

3. Breezepelt
I’m a bit rusty on Breeze, because I haven’t read Power of Three in a while. I’m currently rereading the third book, which I’ve barely started…but anyway, from what I remember, Breezepelt trains in the Dark Forest, and in the Great Battle, he attacks…Lionblaze? The reason for that is because Crowfeather did not love him as a father should. Crowfeather, in my opinion, isn’t a very good father. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Crowfeather, but he doesn’t fit the father mold. And Breeze’s mother was not a very…hmm…how should I say this…not a very easy-going cat. I think she’s a bit prickly and high-maintenance, from what I think off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure Breezepelt wasn’t all too fond of his mother. Sure, she sided with him and defended him, but in a kind of annoying way. Breezepelt was probably uncomfortable with his mother’s and father’s relationships, both with each other and with him.

Jayfeather: Breezepelt is a no-good, nasty, mouse-brained, arrogant, snobby, stuck-up, battle-hungry, prickly, foolish, stupid-

Rainpaw: JAYFEATHER! We get it!

Jayfeather: Great StarClan, ALRIGHT! *Grumbles more*

2. Millie
I love Millie. She’s VERY misunderstood. Let’s start from when she first came to the Clan…
When Millie first came with Graystripe, she was daring and fierce, brave and courageous, a good hunter, kind, understanding, affectionate, loyal, strong, and basically every positive thing. And she STILL is. Then, she had kits, her kits grew up…then Briarlight got injured very badly. Millie was so overprotective BECAUSE Millie herself suffered. Since she was a kittypet, the Clans scorned and shamed her, even her own Clanmates sometimes. And because of Briarlight’s inability to fight and useless hind legs, she’s afraid that Briarlight will have the same fate. She wants desperately for her daughter to fit in, as Millie does not.
She doesn’t pay as much attention to Bumblestripe and Blossomfall because they fit in perfectly. They’ve got mates and kits, and are, well, perfect! Briarlight is not. Millie’s just a caring mother. That’s all. She’s very misunderstood and underestimated, but she is one of the strongest female figures. For her to leave everything behind for a tom she just met? (Graystripe) She is one of the bravest she-cats I have ever seen.

Jayfeather: I agree.

Rainpaw: *Thinks* Wow, Jayfeather agreed with me!

Jayfeather: *Grunts* Just because I lost my powers doesn’t mean I can’t guess what you’re thinking sometimes…

Rainpaw: *Gulp…*

1. Ashfur
He is the poster cat for MISUNDERSTOOD.
I like Ashfur. I truly do. Let’s get to his story.
Ashfur loved Squirrelflight. He was a caring, loyal, and kind mate while it lasted, and an amazing brother to Ferncloud. He cared for Squirrelflight deeply. But then, Squirrelflight up and left him when Brambleclaw and her stopped arguing. They got back together, and Squirrelflight just…ditched him. When it started to get real, she just LEFT HIM! And the jealousy and heartbreak continued to grow bigger and bigger until Ashfur grew bitter. He lost sense. He, as Yellowfang said, “loved too much.” The bitterness grew stronger until it intensified into pure rage. Ashfur hated Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw because they had something he could never have. A part of life that he got a taste of with Squirrelflight, and she left him wanting more. Who can blame him for that? I understand. He wanted to hurt her for having a happy life, while he was left in the ashes of the fire. I truly understand this poor cat who should have had a full, happy life.

Jayfeather: Wow. This just got deep…

Rainpaw: OoOOooOoo!

Jayfeather: Well, I see a pile of tansy over there. I need to go collect it.

Rainpaw: Oh. I’ll help you. BYE, GUYS!!

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  • I think you misunderstand what happened with Squirrelflight and Ashfur 😛 She tried to let him down easy, and wanted to still be friends, but he wanted more and thought she dumped him and hated him. But Squirrelflight has a right to follow her heart.

    There’s a good chance Ashfur was misled, I believe since he seems to have changed while in StarClan, it was the best option for him, but he isn’t completely innocent, and I think he will make up for it.

    And every single hate Millie article goes back to that one scene where she yells at Blossomsomething or another or something and I’m tired of it because it was one timeeeeeeee. More things might have happened but it’s the only thing people ever dwell on is that one scene that made her the most horrible mother in warriors.

    Bye 😛

  • Jayfeather=lol
    Ashfur=I hate him so much!!!(I did like him, though, in TBP)
    Millie=Not one of my favs again, but a little for the like
    Breezepelt=I hate him so much!!!
    *Sighs* Little, innocent Ashkit\paw in TPB. Why’d he have to leave to be replaced by this horrible cat named Ashfur?