Undermined leaders and deputies by Littlefang

Littlefang shares several leaders and deputies who didn’t do much to help their clan. Spoilers in the beginning for AVOS!

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Hello everyone, Littlefang here and I have a plan today. I have read River of Fire a lot anticipating the next book. I have wondered about the plot of the final book with the return of some of Darktail’s Kin. Also with the death of the former ShadowClan leader, Rowanclaw, I learned that he was there to be a problem with the series to give Darktail power. Annnnnnnd he’s dead. As they struggled to rebuild their way of life, Rowanstar thinks that he better sell his clan and face shame for a new leader. It made me realize some characters are not for a big plot (And I mean the leaders and big guys, not Redclaw or Shrewtooth (Shrewtooth was amazing!). So I thought to make a list of 7 top undermined and useless leaders of the genre. Spoilers are forecast for all arcs as always. I will measure this on three standards, plot, appearance, and leadership. Like Firestar here. He has a huge plot and appearance. But he makes some mistakes too.

#7… Shadowstar!
“Shadowstar is one of the first leaders of the clans! Why is she on the list?”
Yes I know Mr. Iknoweverything. Shadowstar was the leader of the group that left after Moss Something died. She led the cats to the moor and led them until they split. She made choices that others didn’t like mostly. It was up to Gray Wing to led for her too. When they split, She barley had any focus after. She hated making the warrior code. The thing that got her on the list is that she made all the wrong choices at convincing. She was also the first to die. I love Shadowstar, but she was undermined. against the other leaders.

#6 Sharpclaw
Let me get this straight. I like almost all big characters, but I hate Sharpclaw. He tries to Undermine Leafstar and act like leader himself. But has failed each time and Leafstar just shrugs it off. hes annoying at the least. And his leadership as deputy is awful, and he acted like he hated Shrewtooth. No! Shut up and let Rain kill you again to silence you. Hawkwing is awesome, Sharpclaw is trash. The reason he’s above is that this mouse-brain tries to help his clan for the greater good
#5 Stoneteller
I give up, just lets destroy my tribe! That screams Stoneteller for me. He is a arrogant useless cat that always give up. He sends four cats to kill Sharptooth, fail? I give up! Cats start invading, kick Stormfur and Brook out for failing and give up! Clans come to help, I don’t care! get invaded again? Give up. I’m glad this Stoneteller is dead. He was there just to give a problem and was terrible. He would be lower if he was not seen as much. And I know why the Tribe of Rushing Water is not seen again yet.

#4 Leopardstar
Leopardstar is a leader that just cares for her clan and love. She wanted Sunningrocks just for it. She had everyone owe her clan more than anything else. In her past, she joined Tigerstar to be his love. Awwww, how stupid of you Leopardstar! She realized what was wrong after Stonefur’s death. But did nothing. If she had learned sooner, that would not have happened. at least she got better later on.

#3 Rowanstar
There IS a reason I had an example of him before. He was fine as a deputy with Blackstar, but when Blackstar died, Rowanstar became terrible. Nobody believed in him, and suffering from Yellowcough will not help trust. Losing his deputy and his reputation. Then Darktail OR LORD DARKTAIL!… appears, destroying everything Rowanstar wanted. After two books later, after Darktail is defeated, nobody wants him. Rowanstar then gives a good Stoneteller moment that even rivals Stoneteller. He gave up, then was cheated and which cost his life.

#2 Crowfost
Who’s Crowfrost? Someone nobody likes if you know him, if you don’t, I didn’t until he became Rowanstar’s deputy. Then he died of Yellowcough. Lets then get Tigerheart as a deputy and forget Crowfrost.

#1 Nightstar
If you didn’t see this coming, I don’t think you’ve read the books. He is useless at all levels. A mere distraction to the ShadowClan. Well, Brokenstar had to be replaced. The thing that makes Nightstar the worst is that his leadership and plot was terrible. He wanted peace, so he insulted everyone. He faked leadership and died of a disease from rats. He was an elder before a leader. his deputy, Cinderfur, is not seen once! He was a distraction so we could focus on Tigerclaw, then Tigerstar is then leader. That’s his only purpose.

Tell me your opinion.

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  • I agree with all except Crowfrost and Leopardstar. Tho I dislike Leopardstar, she had a big role to play in her clan and admitted she was wrong for making that choice. She wanted to do what was best for Riverclan. And Crowfrost was a good deputy for as long as he was alive.

  • I agree with one character: Rowanstar. I hate him. But other than that…I like these cats. My fav is Crowfrost. He is a nice character.

  • well… the hate warrior code thing is from secret of the clans(an outdated book). Shadowstar is NOT mean and cruel

    Also, there is no warrior code at shadowstars time.

    Also, he risked his own life(he is on last life) to started a battle against a murderer. All he wanted is a safe clan.

    Everyone SotC is outdated DO NOT trust it

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