Interviewing My Little Sister by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares an interview with their sister about Warriors.

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What’s going on, bloggers? Sparktooth is back, this time with my little sister! I was inspired by Lionfire’s article to make my own about interviewing my sister, who never really got into the series either. The final product is pretty funny. 😛 Enjoy!

Sparktooth: Now, Skykit, whyyyyyyy do you not like Warriors?
Skykit: I just…like…idk I couldn’t really get into the books. I mean, I only read like two or three that you’ve forced me to read…
Sparktooth: Which books?
Skykit: I read, um, I can’t remember the titles but it was one of those comic thingys. *Points to my dozens of Warriors books my my shelf.*
Sparktooth: Ohhhhhhh, was it those ones! Um, who were the main characters?
Skykit: Graystripe and Millie.
Sparktooth: Oh you read those ones! *Gets excited* Did you like Millie? TELL EVERYONE YOU LIKE MILLIE!
Skykit: Ah, um, sure I like her.
Sparktooth: YEAH! YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE! *ahem* So yeah anyway why weren’t you interested in Warriors?
Skykit: Um……….idk I just feel like the plot wasn’t that interesting to me-
Sparktooth: How?
Skykit: I dunno, I mean, I just didn’t get into the series.
Sparktooth: Okay then *awkward pause.* So, out of all the books you read which character interested you the most? Even if the series wasn’t that interesting to you.
Skykit: Um, I really like Millie…but um, based on the articles I’ve read that you’ve written, I really like the, like, the one bad guy.
Sparktooth: Be more specific.
Skykit: MAPLESHADE! (I think he just named the first cat that came to her mind 😛 😛 ).
Sparktooth: Mapleshade is a girl
Skykit: Really?
Sparktooth: Did you just assume her gender?
Skykit: I was just using “bad guy.” Mapleshade is a good villain.
Sparktooth: Alright. What does she do that makes her such a good villain?
Skykit: I don’t know I forgot.
Sparktooth: Wooooooooow. Okay um, so what was your favorite book out of the ones you read?
Skykit: I think I might give the series another shot but probably Into the Wild.
Sparktooth: Okay, that’s nice. So I find it kinda funny ‘cause your the cat person and I’m the dog person, and I got into Warriors and you didn’t. Why is that?
Sparktooth: You said so yourself when our friends were over you were a cat person.
Skykit: I like cats, but I’d rather have a dog.
Sparktooth: Tell that to Footballkit(“Footballkit,” as I call him in the article, is her crush XD). You just said you were a cat person because he said he liked cats better than dogs!
Skykit: Don’t you dare say that! DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT! THAT’S NOT TRUE!
Sparktooth: Mm-hm.
Skykit: Don’t say this! Pause the recording! Ehhhhhhhh!
Sparktooth: Well too bad.
Skykit: Well, fine. So I love cats, I prefer to have a dog and a cat.
Sparktooth: What about Warriors made it dull and uninteresting to you?
Skykit: It was like, okay compared to other books I read it just wasn’t that interesting. It was just like, Millie saving Graystripe, and they were like the only characters.
Sparktooth: That’s ‘cause you’ve only read the mangas and none of the actual books!
Skykit: I started an actual book. Into the Wild.
Sparktooth: And???
Skykit: Well, I like how Firestar isn’t happy where’s living with his humans…
Sparktooth: You’ve only read the first few pages, haven’t you?
Skykit: No! I know more I swear! *Long pause* Firestar isn’t happy at the home he’s at so he leaves the house and leaves his owner and goes into the wild.
Sparktooth: Yeah. that only happens in the first few pages.
Skykit: Chapters.
Sparktooth: Have you gotten to the part where he meets Graypaw?
Skykit: Nooooooooo….
Sparktooth: That happens halfway through chapter one. You didn’t even finish the first chapter! And you call this your ‘favorite book.’
Skykit: Well…I’m still reading it, and I just started Wings of Fire too.
Sparktooth: You know the author of Wings of Fire is one of the Erins.
Skykit: Oh. Cool. (She says that so unenthusiastically lol).
Sparktooth: Do you have anything else to say?
Skykit: I have one thing *dramatic pause* Oh I forgot.
Sparktooth: C’mon you gotta say something funny! Roast one of the characters or something!
Skykit: Mapleshade…….burn.
Sparktooth: *Facepalm* That not what I meant…
Skykit: Can you just ask me one more question?
Sparktooth: Okay…who’s your least favorite character?
Skykit: You.
Skykit: Your Mom’s a little girl.
Sparktooth: My mom is your mom.
Skykit: *Gasp* No!
Sparktooth: Uhhh…okay I’m just gonna end the recording now.

XDXD So there you have it, the reasons why my little sister just didn’t get interested in Warriors, she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on! I laughed several times while rereading this, I hope you did too! 😀

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