Crowfeather, opinions and what-ifs on Feathertail and Leafpool by Shellsplash

Shellsplash shares their opinion on Crowfeather’s relationships.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

I’m a Crow x Feather shipper mainly because when Crowfeather saved Leaf(Overdramatic)pool all he saw was Feathertail, Crow and Feather spent meaningful time together on the quest, Crow was a sharp tongued grouchy cat but when Feathertail spent time with him he softened a little and the character development was slow and steady, like it should be with romances, and it wasn’t too dramatic other than her death, which was a good plot twist that you can accept as reasonable thanks to the tribe’s prophecy “The silver cat will come” Feathertail’s death was completely necessary, because if Feathertail had gone to the lake, she might have moved to WindClan or Crow move to RiverClan which would have meant the Breezepelt Fiasco wouldn’t have happened and the Dark Forest wouldn’t nearly have had as much power in OOTS. However, the whole super overdramatic Leafpool drama was completely unnecessary, Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf could have happened in three ways
1. CrowxFeather went to their seperate Clans and met at the island, so sorta like Bluestar and Oakheart, Because Squirrelflight went on the journey with them and Tawnypelt was expecting by then. They knew it would be too obvious if they stayed in RiverClan, or Windclan Thanks to the kit’s colouring. Leafpool does develop a Poppyfrost like crush on Crowfeather but eventually moves on.
Pros: Explains Jayfeather’s mystery colour gene.
Hollyleaf is even more disgraced at her not even having ThunderClan blood.
Their swimming abilities in Dark River.
Cons: the obvious Kin problem with Firestar no one knows where the prophecy came from, certainly before the Clans, So
Crowfeather is a direct descendant of Windstar, Jake had a love for the moors and open spaces, so could maybe one of the
missing generations between Windstar and Ashfoot could have done the same as Ashfoot’s brother Onestar giving us,
eventually Crystal and Jake and and Firestar. This would further contradict LeafxCrow as they would be distantly related to
each other. Another answer to that is that they never meant literal blood kin, each cat on the quest to Sun-Drown developed a
family like bond, and they were ALL heartbroken when Feathertail sacrificed her life to save Crowfeather.
The cons can be easily justified here. So point to theory 1

2: They were Squirrelflight’s kits and she DID have milk. I have to say I like this theory, because of how they could have emotionally crushed Hollyleaf (Poor thing) She would watch Dovewing get a power instead of her and realise she isn’t one of the three, she’d be devastated and it’d be a great plot twist possibly slipping it out to Ivypool who becomes more jealous, as for Ashfur, he has jealousy on Squirrelflight instead of the three being trapped by flames, it’s Leafpool, in a desperate attempt to save her, she says that she hates Leafpool becuase it’s her fault Cinderpelt died, not a badger’s (Part of an alternate ending)
Pros: Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze are all direct kin of Firestar.
Cons: No reason for Hollyleaf to be out of the picture, to make way for Dovewing, as well as the obvious lack of Half-Clan
drama, the Leaf-Crow tragedy stops at TNP
the three have no reason to hate Squirrelflight but I GUESS Firestar just might, because he was really close to her.

Now let’s get to LeafxCrow, an absolute train wreck of a ship, Crowfeather only saves Leafpool because all he can see is Feathertail, after that they meet only five times and all of a sudden they’re in deep love, it feels really rushed compared to CrowxFeather which spanned slowly over 2 books while LeafxCrow started and ended halfway through Twilight, way too rushed for my taste, the problem is that the whole next two arcs is about this rushed romance, which was more of a first love for Leafpool and a Rebound for Crowfeather unlike the true love he had for Feathertail ended up producing two prophecy cats and a cat obsessed with the warrior code.
Quick summary of their relationship
Leafpool: Save me I’m falling!
Crowfeather: Feathertail I’ll help you!
Leafpool: I love you!
Crowfeather: I dream of you my love!
Leafpool: Let’s break two codes, become mates and run away together!”
Crowfeather: I just met you but I love you with all my heart!
Leafpool: Oh no my Clan in danger! We have to break up!
Crowfeather: What. I hate you.
And then she has magical kits… Of course.
I’m sorry but this is just my opinion, I feel that it wasn’t true love between them and just never really liked them together you know?


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  • Where exactly did Crowfeather show that he was only thinking of Feathertail when becoming Leafpool’s mate? Also, don’t judge a couple just because you don’t like the kits they had. What Crowfeather and Leafpool felt for each other was very real. They literally ran away together for each other, in Leafpool’s Wish it’s also very apparent that the two love each other. Yes, Leafpool returned, but that’s because of loyalty to family – any sane cat would put their family first.

    • I entirely, and whole-heartedly agree! Crowpaw and Feathertail ARE cute, don’t get me wrong, but (secretly I ship Feathertail and Jag, for no reason) I LOVE Crowfeather and Leafpool, and their kits!
      The real summary is more like
      Leafpaw: I think I don’t like him, but he is kinda cute.
      Crowfeather: I will be okay, Leafpool is not my love!
      Leafpool: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, but I am a med cat so I will say nothing.
      Crowfeather: let’s meet ok?
      Crowfeather: leave with me, or we will never be together!
      Leafpool: maaaaybe.
      -a little bit later-
      Cinderpelt: No
      Leafpool: Yes
      -they run away, but they both realize, after Midnight tells them something dreadful, that they never could have stayed away from Thunder/WindClan, so they return-
      -Leafpool has kits, Lionkit, Hollykit, and Baefeather(Jayfeather)-

      • Yes, I’m not going to deny that CrowXFeather was cute because they definitely were. However, I think of CrowXFeather as a cute little high school couple. CrowXLeaf is more of a real mateship.

        Yeah, your summary was a lot more accurate. 😛

  • I really liked Feathertail x Crowfeather. I think after they reach the lake Feathertail would have realized that half-clan relationships don’t work well so they might have split and the same thing would happen with Leafpool and then Nightcloud. Or Feathertail could’ve joined Windclan and they could be mates and have kits together.

    • Nah it was more of a high school crush for Crowfeather, Vicky even stated “they’re relationship wouldn’t have worked out as Feathertail was to old for him, and Crowfeather wouldn’t have gotten a chance to develop his own personality, and Feathertail was too loyal to Riverclan and would let her head rule her heart”.

  • Great Article, but I think Crowfeather got over Feathertail. He will always love Leafpool more then any other mate he will have. His relationship with Feathertail was far too short and Feathertail visited Crowfeather in a dream saying to open up your eyes to the real world and stop thinking about her. He will never forget Feathertail, but Leafpool is his one and only.

    • Yeah but leafpool and crowfeather’s relationship only lasted ONE book compared to TWO. And leafpool didn’t even die!

  • This quote explains LeafxCrowxFeather:

    “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

    Very true. Although Feathertail did die, and Crowfeather did feel bad for loving someone else so quickly afterwards, he will most likely choose Leafpool in StarClan. In plus they had kits and ran away together (this is similar to why Berrynose loves Poppyfrost more cause they raised a family together). Also I think it was confirmed by one of the Erins that d Feathertail hadn’t died they would have realized being together was wrong and they “broke up.” But idk how LeafxCrow would play out from there if she had lived.

    I ship FeatherxCrow and have mixed feelings on LeafxCrow (I hate this ship yet love it lol).

  • Nice article! I think that Leafpool loved Crowfeather, but Crowfeather just saw her as another Feathertail.

  • Personally I don’t ship either but LeafxCrow actually made no sense. I mean they barely interacted and then he saves her and then they’re convinced that they’re in love? I mean that’s ridiculous. They had no development at all and were extremely forced. The only good thing about their relationship was their kits. I like both cats individually but LeafxCrow has got to be one of my least favorite pairings simply because it doesn’t make any sense. I prefer CrowxFeather but I don’t ship them because his love for her was more like a high school relationship

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