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Does Ashfur Deserve To Be In StarClan? by Rainpaw

Rainpaw discusses her opinion on if Ashfur should be in StarClan.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Note: Contains spoilers for The New Prophecy and Power of Three and a bit in Bluestar’s Prophecy.

Hello everyone! Rainpaw here with another article! Today I will be sharing my opinion on something that is pretty debated in the Warriors community, which is where does Ashfur belong? StarClan? or the Dark Forest?
Here’s my opinion: Ashfur doesn’t deserve to go to StarClan.
Before all you Ashfur belongs in StarClan supporters start screaming at me in the comments, let me say something: I do not believe that Ashfur should go to the Dark Forest; I am only saying why I think Ashfur shouldn’t have gone to StarClan.

Here is my argument:
Many people say that Ashfur loved too much, but I disagree. If Ashfur really loved Squirrelflight, he wouldn’t have felt too bad if Squirrelflight rejected him and went of with Brambleclaw. One who really loves another should wish the best for that person. Take Bluestar and Thrushpelt for example. When Bluestar told Thrushpelt that she mated with another cat, Thrushpelt was sad, but he accepted it and actually helped Bluestar conceal her secret of who was her actual mate. Ashfur took it much more personally than Thrushpelt. I understand that Ashfur might have been feeling a lot, but here comes my next point. He actually decided to kill four cats: Firestar, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. No, just no. If Ashfur had been feeling really sad, its understandable. But trying to kill cats? That has gone too far and to me, it makes him a murderer. You’d then say that Ashfur didn’t really succeed in killing any cats, so he isn’t really a murderer. But here’s the point: he already had the intention of killing, so he already has an evil heart, and that to me means that he doesn’t deserve to go to StarClan. Isn’t StarClan a place for cats who are truly good in the heart? Ashfur doesn’t have a good heart. Plus, after he failed to do the whole I’m going to keep Squirrelflight’s kits in the fire so that Squirrelflight can feel my pain thing, he threatened to reveal that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze aren’t Squirrelflight’s kits but Leafpool’s. This could shatter ThunderClan’s reputation, but Ashfur still cares about his pain more than his Clan.
Alright, so I’ve made my point about why I think Ashfur shouldn’t be in StarClan, but like I said earlier, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he should go to the Dark Forest either. Since he didn’t actually kill any cats and could be driven to do his actions partly because of love and the pain that rejection brings, it is still understandable and therefore doesn’t make him too evil to belong in the Dark Forest. All in all, I feel that when he died, his soul should have just not went to StarClan or the Dark Forest.

And that’s it for today! I hope that you could understand my points and have a great day!
-Rainpaw-, signing off.

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    • He got in only through a free “pity” card from Vicky. Which is honestly a load of foxdung imo.

      If it wasn’t for that he would probably easily gone to the DF given all he’s tried to do.

  • But Ashfur didn’t murder the cats and I agree but to make it fair Squirrleflight would HAVE to not go to StarClan either because EVERY SINGLE thing Ashfur did was because of Squirrleflight and how she was a player and wanted Bramblestar to be jealous so she should BURN IN HECK too!

    • Um, excuse me, but how was Squirrelflight a “player?” She considered Ashfur a friend and didn’t really notice that he liked her as more than just a friend. She thought that maybe Ashfur could offer comfort during a difficult time period for Squirrelflight. She wasn’t stringing him along or trying to make Brambleclaw jealous! :/

    • There’s so much you said that’s so wrong I don’t even know where to begin. For once I agree with Sky. Squirrelflight NEVER led anyone on, she’s literally too straightforward to even do that in the first place, she never did anything to make Brambleclaw jealous, and she is not a “Player” as it’s not like she and Ashfur were mates anyways, she went to him for a shoulder to lean on, given she was having relationship issues with Bramble. She went to Ashfur for SUPPORT, because duh, that’s what good friends give to eachother.
      Ashfur is just an obsessive jerk that felt entitled to Squirrelflight and deserves absolutely NO sympathy for what he did.

      Also Ashfur technically DID play a role in murdering a cat. May I remind you his antics caused Firestar to lose a life from the foxtrap since he was the one that lured him into it, so yeah, he DID help kill a cat in a way, it was a leader yeah, but a loss life still counts as a death.

  • Actually I think there are more “Ashfur should go to the Dark Forest” supporters than “Ashfur should go to StarClan” ones. Just saying 😛 But good article. I personally don’t really care cause I don’t hold a grudge against him as others do but I also don’t love him. However I will always turn against him if someone argues that Squirrelflight broke up with him when really they never were mates. So yes if the argument involves Squirrelflight I will automatically side with her.

  • Great article 😆! I agree with you 😸! Ashfur shouldn’t be in Starclan as he was really overreacting 😠. Squirrelflight just wanted to be friends with him and didn’t mean to “dump” him as some of the Ashfur lovers say. And what? He tried to kill cats because his crush didn’t love him back? It’s completely unreasonable 😾!!! He’d been living in Thunderclan– a clan that full of love and caring for his whole life and was treated equally as any other cat, but still never learn how to love properly? Oh my Starclan, I really find it hard to understand 😨! If he really love Squirrelflight, he would support her to be with Bramblestar/claw to let her live happily, just like what you’ve said. If I had the power of deciding where clan cats go in their afterlife, I’d definitely put Ashfur in the Dark Forest!

  • I agree! Ashfur didn’t deserve to go to Starclan. He helped to kill his leader, and had the intention of killing The Three, and if he did, then pretty much the clans would be doomed. Even though he didn’t, he still had the intentions of killing them. So I think he should live on the border to the DF.

  • I’m thinking about starting a fanfiction about the place in between Starclan and the DF. But I’m having some writers block, any ideas on what it should be called and how to get in there?

  • I really agree with you. I mean Ashfur tried to do the same thing as Mapleshade, but these are the differences:
    Why Mapleshade killed three cats:
    -Her mate, her actual mate left her for another she-cat
    – A cat just stood by while her kits died in the river
    -And the leader kicked her out with three few days old kits.
    Why Ashfur tried to kill four cats:
    -A cat who never actually was his mate became mates with another cat.
    But Mapleshade seemed happy that she was in Dark Forest while Ashfur probably would not have been happy that he was judged evil, I think he should have gone to another place, one between Starclan and the DF, but this is only my opinion

  • Very good article! I totally agree on everything.
    (Warning: Spoilers for AVoS)

    I do think Ashfur should have at least become a “ghost” like Needletail and those other ShadowClan cats did, and he could have redeemed himself somehow, then he could go to StarClan.

  • I agree. I dislike Ashfur with a burning passion, I’m going to have to make an article on him one day. And I don’t get how people label him as ‘misunderstood’ or ‘good cat’ at all. If he was misunderstood, that was in the first arc. The arcs we’re talking about are The New Prophecy and Power of Three, and he’s not misunderstood in those arcs. And if he was a good cat, there are several things that he could’ve done to redeem himself. For one, he could’ve accepted that Squirrelflight viewed him as a friend and stayed friends with her. He didn’t have to throw a fit about it. And in PoT, that battle between Ashfur and Lionpaw was unnecessary and uncalled for. Sure, it was partially Lionpaw’s fault but Ashfur should’ve known better as well. And I faintly remember a scene where Ashfur and Lionblaze actually fight after that part of the book. (Like, after Lionblaze was a warrior.) Firestar had to break it up as well. I could go into detail, but I don’t want this to turn into a mini article/rant. Either way, I agree with you and good article.

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