Would Graystripe Be a Better Leader? by Libbypaw

Libbypaw wonders how Graystripe would’ve fared as a leader.

Artwork by Forever_Ebonycloud

Hey, everyone! 😀 Libbypaw here, ready to talk about Graystripe. Now, I know he’s an elder, but would he have been a better leader than Bramblestar? It’s time to find out!

If you have been reading Warriors since Into The Wild came out, you should know that Graystripe has been alive through all the Warriors series, but excluding the novellas. He was a funny apprentice when he met Firepaw, but now is an elder who survived his warriorhood, now relaxing with Millie.

One reason why Graystripe should be leader, is that he was such a brave cat, and had his friend’s back. I can say this because he saved Fireheart, when Leopardstar wanted Graystripe to kill the flame-colored warrior, or leave her Clan. Sure, he kind of quarreled with Fireheart in Fire and Ice, but they made up, and became close once again. I can say they were good friends throughout both of their lives. In The New Prophecy arc, Firestar really made up his mind to change his deputy to Brambleclaw, and didn’t fully believe Graystripe was dead, not ready to let go for a while. Now, our wonderful gray warrior did betray his Clan by going with Silverstream, and having foreign love, along with having Featherkit and Stormkit. After the death of his first mate, he did stay in RiverClan for a little bit, but eventually joined ThunderClan, where some of his Clanmates didn’t trust him anymore, for having half-Clan kits.

Next reason, Graystripe caught Darkstripe feeding Sorrelkit deathberries, regaining his Clanmates’ trust again. Feeling bad for Sorrelkit, I was so happy when she survived, and was so happy Darkstripe got what he deserved, all thanks to Graystripe. When Fireheart became Firestar, he made Whitestorm his deputy, and I did support his choice, but when Bone crushed him under his claws, Whitestorm claims that Graystripe should be Firestar’s new deputy, therefore giving Graystripe the role of deputy.

To the next series arc, everyone! In Dawn, Brightheart, Cloudtail, Leafpaw, Mistyfoot, Gorsetail, Cody, Sasha, and other rogues get rescued by Graystripe heroically, but at the cost of Graystripe being taken by the Twolegs. This is another reason why he is a selfless cat. Now, Firestar thinks that Graystripe is alive, because there was no proof of his death, but his Clanmates refuse to support that, and complain about choosing a new deputy. In Sunset, Firestar finally comes to his conclusions and holds a vigil for his “departed friend”, choosing Brambleclaw as his new deputy.

In Power of Three, Graystripe returns with a new mate, Millie, but Firestar still keeps Brambleclaw as his deputy. Graystripe later is the father of three new kits- Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and Briarkit.

And in Omen of the Stars, particularly in The Last Hope, Graystripe states that the safest place for Brightheart’s new kits is in the heart of the Clan. Firestar, says the battle is near, but Graystripe doesn’t believe him. And in the final battle, Tigerstar claims that he will rule and destroy the Clans, when he kills Firestar. Firestar fights Tigerstar, takes his life, but only for his to be taken as well, pushing Tigerstar out of existance, and Firestar going to StarClan. Brambleclaw becomes leader, turning into Bramblestar, and making Squirrelflight his deputy.

Now, in conclusion, Graystripe is a sweet, kit-loving cat, who never became leader, but still is living a good life, and I bet the remainder of his life will be peaceful, too. I personally think Graystripe should have become leader when he was a little younger, due to him tripping over brambles a lot before he was made an elder. I hope you enjoyed my third Warriors article, because I needed to do something with my free summer.


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