What Ancestry do the Warrior Cats have?

Asterstorm looks at the breeds of some characters from the series.

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Hey, this is Asterstorm. Today, I’m going to talk about the ancestries of some of the warrior cats!

First ,let’s talk about Bluestar! As we know, from the Warriors Wiki, Bluestar has the ancestry of Russian Blues. But besides this, is there anything more? I think Bluestar also have Ojos Azules ancestry! Usually, a solid blue cat can’t have blue eyes ,because of the genetic problem (sorry I’m not good at science, so I’m not going to talk about it in detail). The only reason left that can make Bluestar having her blue eyes reasonably is to “let her” have Ojos Azules ancestry.

Next, it is Firestar’s turn! In Warriors, he has flame-coloured tabby pelt and emerald-green eyes, which fits the description of an Abyssinian. In the book Cats the Ultimate Cat Lover’s Guide, the statement “This is a freedom-loving and particularly handsome cat with a nature as warm as its ruddy-colored coat.” is used to describe the Abyssinians, which can also purr-fectly describe the amazing Firestar.

Third, Yellowfang! She has a noticeable flat face, which we can easily guess she has Persian ancestry. I know her personality doesn’t really match the Persians’ (or Exotic Shorthairs’) personality very much, but are there any other reasons that can make Yellowfang have a flat face?

Fourth, let’s look at the Riverclan cats. They are famous for their swimming skills and their pelts can dry easily after staying in the water. Therefore, it is possible that they have Turkish Van ancestry. The cats from this breed are good swimmers in the cat world. But surely, most Riveclan cats are not 100% Turkish Vans, as most of them didn’t have the “van” pattern on their fur! Then, another thought comes out: MAIN COONS AND NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS!!! These cats are well known for their love for water. If we add them into the Riverclan ancestry, Riverclan cats’ fur colour and pattern become more reasonable.

Last but not the least, it’s Windclan’s time! I think they may have Egyptian Mau ancestry. The Maus are swift (full speed:36 mph) and loyal—just like the Windclan cats! I can’t really tell which cat brought the Egyptian Mau ancestry to Windclan ( *spoiler for DOTC* maybe Gorsestar, or Spotted Fur, or some unknown rouges/loners which entered later in the early days), but the characteristic of both of them are so alike that makes me think the Windclanners do have Egyptian Mau ancestry.

This is the end of my first article on Blogclan. I hope you have enjoyed it, and bye for now!

(Information about cats mainly comes from the TV show Cats 101, the website of CFA, the book Cats the Ultimate Cat Lover’s Guide, and uncountable amount of cat books and cat websites I’ve read and visit in my whole life that I even forget their names 😛.)

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