A place in the starlight: What happens in Starclan by Starstripe

Starstripe wonders what afterlife in StarClan is like.

Art by Espenfluss

What happens in Starclan?

It’s a simple question, I guess, one that we think we know all about…but we don’t. If one is left for eternity (if it is ETERNITY), what exactly do you do with your day-to-day life? That’s the question I’ll be discussing today!
Ok, so let’s outline the things we do know…

That Starclan sends omens and signs to medicine cats, leaders, key cats and sometime whole clans. This we have seen time and time again. And has proven to be quite useful throughout the series, however, the one thing that they acknowledge is that Starclan doesn’t know everything…they are simply ancient cats, but how do they ‘see’ what happens? And if they do, do they really spend all their time watching what happens in the clans?

We know that Starclan has a camp, this was seen when Leafpool explains to Jawpaw in Outcast: Power of Three that ‘Feathertail is taking her prey back to Starclan camp’. Now I need to address this, as it takes my mind a while to get around….


I have so many questions, firstly ‘where is this camp’? is it in the sky? Or is it simply a state of being? However, some have stated that they live in the Milky Way, and they were able to move, to join the living cats in their new territory during the great journey, so they must be present in a way.

And if it houses all Starclan cats it would have to be very big. However, there is evidence that after a cat has been forgotten by all living cats they will gradually fade away, going on to a new place. This brings up even more questions.

How long does this process last? It would have to be a very quick process in order for the Starclan camp to have room for everyone. And this new place, where is that? When one fades from Starclan do they just not exist at all? No, we have cats like Fallen Leaves and Rock who are still around after who knows how long, but they aren’t clan cats, so it might be different.

But let me just return to that quote about Feathertail, one thing that puzzles me, is that she is taking prey back to her camp. What prey?, if they are dead, why do they need to eat prey? Perhaps it’s just for enjoyment? And the prey…is this dead prey, like MouseClan prey or something? If so, it would be really sad to be eaten twice by a cat. But if not, is it simply created for the Starclan cat, and if so, who creates them?

Also…Is there such thing as Ghost Cats? And how much power does Starclan actually have?
In Firestar’s quest, we know that on two occasions Starclan has seen able to interfere with the waking world: Where Spottedleaf gives some burdock root to Sandstorm, similarly Firestar is given a fish by Silverstream. This really makes us question Starclan’s power, it’s as if they have control over nature itself; we see this when they cloud the moon, for example, lots of people and other cats would be able to see the clouded moon, surely if there are other groups of cats with ancestors they would have similar powers? And therefore Starclan might not always be sending these signs, it could simply be an accident, or can Starclan somehow ensure that only the clans see it, and therefore we can assume that Starclan has powers over time and space.

Yup…we’re going all Sci-fi now

It’s all very confusing, and obviously not everything adds up, but I think a book perhaps showing Starclan’s perspective would be very interesting. However, there is still more to discuss but I’ll leave it to you now. Are there any questions you have? Or perhaps you can answer some of mine? What do you think…let me know in the comments!

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  • This reminded me of when Tigerstar became the leader of Shadowclan. At that gathering when Firestar began speaking, lightning drowned out what he was saying. I personally don’t think that that was a coincidence. If it was, it would be ultra-rare. This is interesting, and I do agree that it would be amazing if there were a book on Starclan’s perspective.