Meditator ? Really ? by Maplepaw

Maplepaw questions the inclusion of mediators. Spoilers for AVOS!

Art by BIizWolf

Watch out !
This article contains spoilers for River of Fire ! Like big spoilers ! Like even the title sort of has spoilers. But I mean it’s nothing plot breaking but still !
Read at your own risk !

So we have meditators now and they are meant to help solve problems in a clan, which can be interpreted in many different ways.
So the first way that it could be interpreted is that they can help out cats who are arguing between themselves, so like, one cat takes a piece of prey the other cat wanted and they argue over it. So then the meditator would come in and sort it out, at least that what it seems to be.
But a danger with this is that cats could become too reliant on the meditator to solve their problems. It reminds me a lot of my experiences at school, we kept going back to a teacher for every argument we had with this one girl and it didn’t seem to help because how ever hard you try to explain the problem to the teacher, they never seemed to understand . In the end we had to sort it ourselves.
This could easily happen with meditators, and I always think that sorting out your own problems is more effective than asking someone else. The clan cats need to learn to sort out problems without help, as one day, something will happen on a patrol and they won’t know how to sort it because they have been too reliant on the meditator.
This could be a disaster for the clan, and that brings us on to our second interpretation of what a mediator is.

A meditator could be a cat who is meant to help fix problems between clans, in which case the reason why this won’t work is simple. Cats dont listen to cats from other clans !
No cat will listen to a meditator if they think their clan is in the right ! Just use medicine cats trying to make peace as an example of this . They literally always fail to keep the peace, it rarely works

So the last interpretation is that they will help make descions for the future of the clan. I think this is most likely, as Tree helped decide whether Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker could stay. But in this case, I think that it takes away from the role of medicine cat and leader, giving them less control of how to run the clan. The leader would have the final word anyway, so they could completely go against what the meditator says. It just wouldn’t work, any normal cat could give leaders advice, and that is also the job of the deputy to help make decisions.

Now onto the big question

Is this job good for Tree ?


Meditators would not work enough to warrant not having to hunt, so Tree still needs to learn to hunt. And as we learnt Tree doesn’t want to hunt. So maybe a meditator could help find herbs as well, you know, like a sort of therapy for cats. But no, Tree doesn’t like medicine cat stuff. So what was the compromise ? He can help cats with arguements. But the whole reason he needed to find a role was the fact he wasn’t doing anything to help the clan, and as I have shown above, meditators are virtually useless !
Why has Leafstar done this ? Does she not have faith in her deputy ?

My theory is that Leafstar is now struggling to trust cats, and after all she has been through I am completely behind that, she has the motives ! So Leafstar doesn’t trust that cats won’t die, or betray her, or become kittypetts, so basically she has gone into a Bluestar like state, not trusting anyone. So, to prevent her from being alone in decision making, she has added an extra layer of help, a meditator.

Now on from that point, what do I think a meditator could do to help the clan ?

Well medicine cats, however much we like to think that they act as therapists, they usually just cure illness and don’t deal with the how to keep healthy in the first place or mental health side of things. So I think that Tree could teach cats the importance of balancing out their day, and giving them some time to relax. He could also help mentors timetable training, so their apprentices don’t tire out. Also Tree could be an approachable figure who cats would come to with their problems, but not arguments, instead it would be mental health issues, or problems they have with their schedule. He could then report this to the deputy who could change the cats who patrol, to prevent stress from increasing chances of illness. Meditator training would involve spending time in other clans learning how cats act, without knowing their personalities, so if a cat seems to get more angry after patrols, you wouldn’t immediately think they were grumpy, the apprentice would be able to link the grumpiness with large amounts of patrols. Meditators would be masters at body language, and could tell if a cat was feeling down and cheer them up. Basically they would be a kind friend to all cats, as well as helping them heal mentally.
It would be interesting to explore this, as it would be nice to see how the life of a warrior affects mental health.

So those are my thoughts on meditators, and how they might work, so tell me what you think ! But just remember this was written before the sixth book in Vision of Shadows came out, so all of this could be wrong !

Thanks for reading !

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  • I honestly think that Tree becoming a mediator is just an excuse for him to sit on his lazy butt and do nothing. Cats can solve their own problems, just like math.

  • I completely agree. And Tree literally put no effort into trying to become a Clan cat (I don’t even think he wanted to become one), but they still made a completely new role for him? I’d say more, but I’m tired 😛

  • Nice article 😸! Tree have to be more contributing. He can be a mediator, but still he has to go hunting to serve the clan he’s living in. For the current situation, his effortless life is totally unequal to the other clan cats. I actually like his personality, but after he had fulfilled the prophecy, he needs to leave because he’s doing nearly nothing to the clan. And I think he’ll be happy with that too 😉.

  • Great article!!! Those are pretty much my exact thoughts. Cats should solve their own problems, the job of a warrior is not to be lazy. I do think that it is too early to judge whether the role of meditator was a good idea or not, and I am very interested to see how it works out.

  • My question: what on earth does Violetshine see in him?

    He just aggravates me honestly.

  • Great Article!
    I really don’t like the idea of meditators. It’s like so unnatural?! They shouldn’t have made meditators, and like you said, cats should figure out their own problems, like they can’t go to the same cat. They would be annoying!

  • Tbh I actually like the idea of a mediator. Sure, cats can solve their own problems but not all of them. What if they have an issue that they can’t solve on their own (like mental issues, relationship issues or under plenty of stress) and they need help with it? I personally feel like mediators can be like therapists in a way, since medicine cats aren’t meant to listen to a cats social/mental problems, they’re meant to heal. Same goes with leaders. And although people say that the role was just an excuse for Tree to stay in SkyClan and such and such, I feel like it was needed for the Clans. The Clans have fixed point of views on pretty much everything, and since Tree wasn’t born as a Clan cat and doesn’t share those fixated opinions, that’s what makes this role stand out. Yes, not all of the Clan cats have this view, but not all of them are willing to speak out like Tree was. This role can possibly help with Clan disputes, such as border issues, prey theft, etc. Although Tree may be in SkyClan, I don’t think it means that he’ll always agree with his Clan. I’d like to believe he speaks from the heart on the problem, and although some may not like that, he quite usually has a point. I agree with what you said about what the mediator role would be meant for, though. Spending time in other Clans seems like a wise thing for training, especially since the role is meant for mediating problems. Either way, I still like the inclusion of mediators because honestly I don’t think being a medicine cat or a warrior would’ve suited Tree very well. And yes, he does need to learn how to hunt for the Clan as well but I think that Violetshine should be able to help him on that front.

    • This is a really intresring comment !
      I think my main reason for not liking the meditator idea is because of my head canon of med cats helping with mental problems, which I actually slip into so many of my personal fanfics that I know view it as almost canon 😛
      I believe that it would be great to see them helping with mental issues, but as we have not yet seen many confirmed mentally ill cats, sadly I don’t hold high hopes for this. The only cats I can think of of the top of my head are Bluestar and maybe Alderheart but correct me if I’m wrong my memory sucks sometimes. I’d actually love to see what the Erin’s do with this, and I’m glad you like my travelling between clans idea, I recon it would help them be more neutral. Also….. someone needs to come up with a short way of writing meditator because I’m lazy and need something like med cat to make my life easier.
      Anyway…. sorry for that little side track.
      I really like your ideas, some of my views in this article and a tiny little bit old, so I dont 100 % agree. I think that they medis (there we go nice and short) would be a great position, but I worry for how it is pulled off. Hopefully they won’t suddenly be able to fix everything between clan cats, but I just don’t think Tree suits this role. I feel like his lack of understanding for clan life would be a big of a hinderance to his work

      • Yeah, seeing Mediators helping out with mental issues is a nice thought. But even if it doesn’t happen in the next book, there’s still hope. And I doubt that the medis (this is so much easier to type) will be able to solve everything, as some cats in the Clans are very ignorant at times. I think Tree might begin to understand Clan life as he starts his trial, since all five leaders decided that Tree has a one moon (I think) trial to prove that he can keep his role and do it efficiently. And maybe Tree will understand it more through Violetshine, who knows? I can’t wait for The Raging Storm to be released everywhere so we can see how it will work out, since that’s when his trial will begin.

        • Yeah I agree, it’s going to great to see how they play it out. But I’m really hoping they don’t just end up helping cats with like petty arguements over fresh kill and stuff. Maybe they’ll help cats like Twigpaw who is stuck between two clans. Maybe they won’t even have a clan, and are basically shared between clans. I think there’s so much that can be done with them, but I am worried what way the authors take it.
          Hopefully the clans do remain ignorant, because otherwise it would be like medis (Omsc I hope this catches on to save my typing time ) are a magical answer to everything. It could make for an interesting conflict, hopefully RiverClan will be like one of the first clans to get a medi for them self, but then all the other clans are like ‘but i thought this was just skyclan being special ‘
          BAM RiverClan PoV
          Then one side kills a medi that tries to stop a battle and then BAM all out war
          And then BAM idek where I’m going with this anymore 😛
          But yeah there’s cool stuff they could do with this, but also really bad or boring stuff. I think with such a new idea, we do just need to wait for Raging Storm to see how it plays out. WindClan seems to be very grumpy (especially in Crowfeather’s trial ) so they could definitely do with someone to help out the massive prejudice against dark forest cats and just generally people they don’t like 😛
          Maybe their will be a fight over the fact that the clan should are becoming too close ? That would be interesting !

  • I just find it useless because how are cats supposed to have dreams to become that?
    Like kits play medicine Cat or leader because that’s their dream. You can’t really dream to be lazy and solve problems.
    I think it’s fine if just Tree does it, and the role is gotten rid of after he dies.
    😛 Sorry Tree.
    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Tree doesn’t like to hunt.
    Soooooo how did he survive? EXPLAIN YO LAZY SELF TREE

  • I have to agree with Marrowfrost on the idea of the Mediators. Leaders are meant to lead, Deputies are meant to be there to organize patrols and take a lot of the load of stress off of the Leader’s, Medicine Cats are meant to heal. Mediators will be the ones to solve all of the personal problems in the clan, and I’m going to assume that every Mediator will have an apprentice to take over when they pass.