Top 4 Leaders I Would Like To Live Under by Creekdapple

Creekdapple shares a few leaders they wouldn’t mind living under. Do any of them appeal to you?

Art by toboe5tails

Throughout the history of the Clans, there have been many leaders, some good, some bad. Everyone has their preferences, and these are the four that I would most like to live under. (I would have done top 5, but I just couldn’t think of anyone else)

#4: Pinestar. He did betray his Clan by becoming a kittypet, (which I will defend his reasoning until the end of the Earth) but before that, I think he was a pretty good leader. He was a peaceful cat, and wouldn’t go into battle unless he felt he had no other choice. I also like how he interacted with his Clanmates, being friendly and involved and generally just “one of the warriors”. He was not afraid of luxury as long as everyone got to enjoy it, as some Clan cats seem to be.

#3: Firestar. Though I don’t much care for his character, which is sort of underdeveloped and generic, I think he made a good leader. He was generous and friendly to his Clan, and always sought peaceful solutions with the other Clans. Many times, he managed to help bring the four Clans to work together, (which was definitely helped by precedents from the Great Journey) though he was sometimes seen as too interventionist.

#2: Mistystar. Mistystar was always reasonable and diplomatic, seeking peaceful solutions to interClan disputes. (And this is getting to be a theme here…) She’s also clearly proud of RiverClan and is, from what I can tell, pretty involved with her Clanmates. I love her interaction with the apprentices in ‘The Rushpaw Splash’ story from Battles of the Clans, (I don’t know if anyone knows that) which I think perfectly illustrates her close relationship with the rest of her Clan.

And finally, my #1 favorite leader is: Riverstar. He is also one of my favorite characters. I haven’t seen much of his leadership in action, but I know he’s calm and wise, and he is described to be generous with his own Clan but highly unconcerned with the others. He’s pretty impartial and seems to make decisions with little bias, which I think is a good quality in a leader, but one thing he is passionate about is making sure everyone is safe and prosperous.

Oh, and my least favorite Clan leader? Skystar. I could rant on about him, but for now I’ll just say that he was indirectly responsible for probably the most deaths of anyone in the series, (by establishing arbitrary boundaries and giving the Clans something to spill unnecessary blood over) he was a jerk to practically all his kin, and even after he “reformed” he still tried to act like he knew what was best all the time, even when he was being illogical and even after he himself admitted he needed someone to tell him what to do.

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  • I would love to live under Mistystar, Shadowstar, Tallstar, and Bluestar.

    The single part of your article that I gotta disagree with is Pinestar. He was horrible. He abandoned his mate, a literal NEW mother and his TODDLER KITS for a KITTYPET life? And then his two daughters DIE and his son becomes EVIL, clearly he affected them horribly.

    • Cool 👍. I like him to!🐱

      I agree he affected his kit’s horribly.

      That’s okay now I know that you really like

  • I would totally love to live under Firestar, Riverstar, Mistystar.
    But I don’t like Pinestar.
    He wasn’t there when his son needed him, and abandoned his new mate, Leopardfoot, to live the life of a kittypet. He was a bad leader in his opinion.
    Great Article though!

  • I mean, I don’t fully agree with Pinestar as a good leader, but, as you mentioned, he was a decent leader before he became a kittypet.
    Also, I have to agree with Skystar being the absolute worst. When he was first introduced in Dawn of the Clans, I thought he would be pretty cool, but later on he’s just terrible. (I mean, SkyClan did die out later on, but you can’t exactly blame Skystar). Tigerstar and Brokenstar were also horrible leaders as well.

  • I agree with all of these but Pinestar (look at Sky or Moondapple’s comments for my reasoning). I would like to live under Tallstar, Doestar, Bluestar, or Shadowstar. Or Gray Wing. Okay, I know he wasn’t really a leader, but if he was, I would like to live under him.

  • I would live under Gray Wing, Riverstar, Tallstar, Halfmoon(Stoneteller), or Crookedstar…..I agree with all of those except Skystar.I honestly don’t believe he was that bad of a cat though he was mean until after the First Battle. he had to live in the shadow of his amazing brother Gray Wing( don’t get me wrong I LOVE Gray Wing) and Clear Sky lost so much.

  • I LOVE Skystar, I thought he was a really interesting character and very invested in his Clan

  • Leaders I would live under:
    Leafstar- A great leader of SkyClan
    Tallstar- Possibly the best leader out there
    Bluestar- …
    Leaders I hate:
    Raggedstar- Spoiled Brokenkit/paw/tail too much and made him deputy just because he was his kit, and made Foxheart deputy just to make Yellowfang jealous.
    Leopardstar- Joined modern TigerClan, refused to leave the forest when StarClan wanted them too, and claimed the lake belonged to only RiverClan during the drought in The Fourth Apprentice and was a terrible leader.
    Firestar- The most overrated leader ever. He was too biased and refused to appoint another deputy when Graystripe was captured by the Twolegs, and let Leafpool become a medicine cat again just because she was his daughter, and was an unfair leader.
    Onestar- Nearly declared war on RiverClan just because of a few missing kits they didn’t even have proof were stolen. And his name is stupid. “Onestar”=1/5 star rating.