Why I think Jessy was a annoying character(no offense) by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 shares why Jessy is not one of their favourite characters.

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Hey guys, this is Blossomfire15 here & today I will be discussing why I think Jessy was a annoying character!

So first off, we meet Jessy at The drowned Twoleg Place & we can already see she’s a different kind of kitty pet. Well no offense, but she’s really ANNOYING! (Spoilers of Bramblestar’s Storm btw)

We can see a bit of Squirrelflight in her, which we get by now that’s Bramblestar’s kind of she cat for him. But seriously, I would let out an exasperated sigh everytime she came into a scene.

1. I am a big BramblexSquirrel shipper so when there’s a sweet memorable moment between the two (or via w/ Jayfeather & Lionblaze acting like kits) of course, Jessy HAS to ruin it w/ “Oh Bramblestar, look how dazzling & perfect I am!!

2. Honestly, I feel like all the time we hear “Bramblestar felt a warm glow of admiration for whatever x-y-z- ‘perfect’ thing she did that was amazing!
Like seriously, every scene where they’re hunting w/ her or trouble comes, I expect that she’s going to do some MIRACULOUS thing that they’ll be amazed by & will be like “JESSY IS THE BEST THING EVER! SHE’S SO PERFECT! SHE CAN DO EVERYTHING!!” Have a stinkin flaw for oy’s sake!

Honestly, she’s just a Mary Sue character. She can do no wrong, she’s perfect, of course she can make the perfect catch! And she’s such a show off & a little annoying flirt! She pulls her nest to Bramblestar’s nest in HIS den without HIS permission. And she’s always like “I’ll go on the patrol!” Which I just think she says that to go & be a show off ONCE again.

I feel like she was a annoying useless character that I really hate. Sorry but that’s my opinion on her character. The only thing I liked about her was that she gave up her & Bramblestar’s ‘possible’ future for Squirrelflight to have another chance w/ him.

Honestly, I would hate to see more of her character in the future books(a little heads up for the Erin Hunters) & I’m glad she’s out of sight for now.

Well thx for reading this article & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below. Thx you.

Signing off, Blossomfire15

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  • Your right. I was so annoyed with Jessie and I wished so much she would leave. But it was nice of her to give Bramblestar and Squirrelflight another chance.

  • I don’t think Jessy was useless. She actually made Bramblestar realize where his heart really lies. I like Jessy but I don’t like her with Bramblestar. I like her as a character. Plus she was generous and compassionate when she gave up her love for him so he can use that brain of his to recognize his mistakes. This is why I dislike Brambleclaw/star. I mean I’ve disliked him ever since Midnight for some reason haha. But this just adds on to it. Bramblestar clearly wasn’t paying attention to his actions and how he was hurting Squirrelflight. It’s like he didn’t care that they were mates at all. So yes I don’t blame Jessy (she’s a great cat), but I blame Bramblestar instead.

  • I never liked her and in one part of the book she insulted Squirrelflight!!! I was so glad she left, she was making Squirrelflight feel like Sandstorm in Firestar’s quest when Spottedleaf kept checking up on Firestar. I really loved how Brablestar finally found a way to forgive Squirrelflight. Anyway I just hate Jessy.

  • Yea I really hate jessy but I was glad when she told Bramblestar that he should be squirrelflight’s mate cuz I ship bramblexsquirrel they r my fav! 😄

  • She was okay. I don’t hate her. She made Bramblestar realize that he’s always going to love Squirrelflight no matter how angry he was at her.

  • I LOVE Jessy.
    She helped Bramblestar to realize he belonged with Squirrelflight. That is NOT being useless!
    She was NOT a Mary-Sue, and she was NOT annoying.

  • I haven’t read Bramblestar’s Storm in a while, but I’ll just give out my opinion. As a character, I like Jessy’s quick wit and boldness, but she is indeed at least partly Mary Sue. For hardcore Bramble X Squirrel people, I can see why they don’t like Jessy; she’s constantly flirting with Bramblestar right after he broke up with Squirrelflight, and Bramblestar doesn’t mind flirting back, even going to the point where he admits his love for Jessy. I’m a Bramble X Squirrel person, and it’s understandable for Squirrelflight to have an attitude towards Jessy. For StarClan’s sake, Bramblestar used to be Squirrelflight’s MATE! Anyways, Jessy isn’t really a bad cat, but I believe Squirrelflight is the right mate for Bramblestar.

  • exCUSE me but
    1: being good at everything is not jessy’s fault
    2: bramblestar liking jessy is not her fault
    3: jessy is not useless she helped bramblexsquirrel get together
    4: jessyfrost is a great name!
    PS the only bad thing jessy did is leave