Why I think Jessy was a annoying character(no offense) by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 shares why Jessy is not one of their favourite characters.

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Hey guys, this is Blossomfire15 here & today I will be discussing why I think Jessy was a annoying character!

So first off, we meet Jessy at The drowned Twoleg Place & we can already see she’s a different kind of kitty pet. Well no offense, but she’s really ANNOYING! (Spoilers of Bramblestar’s Storm btw)

We can see a bit of Squirrelflight in her, which we get by now that’s Bramblestar’s kind of she cat for him. But seriously, I would let out an exasperated sigh everytime she came into a scene.

1. I am a big BramblexSquirrel shipper so when there’s a sweet memorable moment between the two (or via w/ Jayfeather & Lionblaze acting like kits) of course, Jessy HAS to ruin it w/ “Oh Bramblestar, look how dazzling & perfect I am!!

2. Honestly, I feel like all the time we hear “Bramblestar felt a warm glow of admiration for whatever x-y-z- ‘perfect’ thing she did that was amazing!
Like seriously, every scene where they’re hunting w/ her or trouble comes, I expect that she’s going to do some MIRACULOUS thing that they’ll be amazed by & will be like “JESSY IS THE BEST THING EVER! SHE’S SO PERFECT! SHE CAN DO EVERYTHING!!” Have a stinkin flaw for oy’s sake!

Honestly, she’s just a Mary Sue character. She can do no wrong, she’s perfect, of course she can make the perfect catch! And she’s such a show off & a little annoying flirt! She pulls her nest to Bramblestar’s nest in HIS den without HIS permission. And she’s always like “I’ll go on the patrol!” Which I just think she says that to go & be a show off ONCE again.

I feel like she was a annoying useless character that I really hate. Sorry but that’s my opinion on her character. The only thing I liked about her was that she gave up her & Bramblestar’s ‘possible’ future for Squirrelflight to have another chance w/ him.

Honestly, I would hate to see more of her character in the future books(a little heads up for the Erin Hunters) & I’m glad she’s out of sight for now.

Well thx for reading this article & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below. Thx you.

Signing off, Blossomfire15

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  • I have to agree with you. I don’t think she’s a mary sue, but the Erins definitely overdid her abilities AND Bramblestar’s feelings for her. Yeah, the only thing I like is how she gave up her possible relationship with Bramblestar.

    I mean really, this kittypet she-cat somehow knows how to do perfect moves and catches instantly? And for some weird reason Bramblestar’s crushing on this stranger when he and Squirrelflight are literally so developed? Couldn’t he see how he was breaking Squirrelflight’s heart? :/

  • I understand that this your opinion, but I disagree with the ‘perfect’ aspect that you’ve described Jessy with. In my opinion, there isn’t a single character in Warriors that is perfect. They all have flaws. So calling her a mary-sue isn’t exactly the best way to describe her. Yes, she is like Squirrelflight. And? There’s a lot of cats with that type of personality. I feel like your hatred towards her is more of because you ship Bramblestar and Squirrelflight together. (I don’t ship either couples, honestly.) Not everyone expected her to do something amazing and not every cat worshipped her. Jessy has flaws too. Being stubborn can be both a good trait and bad trait. She and Squirrelflight share this trait.

    And I don’t get how exactly she was useless as well, because she also helped hunt for the Clan during the storm. Sure, every other cat was doing the best to their ability to pitch in but Jessy doesn’t count? If I remember correctly, I’m sure the prey she helped catch was put to good use. In another scene she also helped fight the rogues with the ThunderClan patrol and ShadowClan. And later on, I remember her saving Bramblestar’s life. (I may be incorrect on that fact, I haven’t read the book in a couple of months.) I don’t get how you can call Jessy useless, because I’m sure if it was Squirrelflight in her place then you wouldn’t be calling her useless.

    Personally, I think your hatred for Jessy is mainly coming from your love of BrambleXSquirrel. But I understand that this is your opinion, and I’m not going to change your mind. It just kinda bugged me how you called Jessy a mary-sue and then useless. (Tbh, like both Jessy and Squirrelflight.)

    • I agree that no warrior is a mary-sue. I consider Jessy sorta like Squirrelflight, but not really. Also, you have the right to dislike a cat because they get in the way of a ship. I feel like Jessy was more of an overdone, annoying version of Squirrelflight. Jessy’s similar personality to Squirrelflight was really what got me – come on Erins, couldn’t you have at least given her her own personality?

      Jessy wasn’t useless, I agree, but the fact that this KITTYPET jumped in and had the super abilities of super climbing, super hunting, and super fighting without ANY hitches is kinda… odd? Annoying?

      • I never said no one had the right to dislike a character because they get in the way of a ship. You over-exaggerated what I’d said. I had said and I quote: “I feel like your hatred towards her is more of because you ship Bramblestar and Squirrelflight together.” I never said that no one has the right to dislike a character because of a ship. And not ALL kittypets have to stick to their stereotyping. We don’t know everything about Jessy, so we can’t make too many assumptions.

        And once again, I haven’t read Bramblestar’s Storm in a few months. I could be wrong about something. But you still claimed that I said something I had never said, and that angered me quite a bit.

        • Well, kittypets are living in a Twoleg den and eating kittypet food. They might hunt in their backyard or attack a cat that’s trespassing (if the kittypet is territorial), but they would have nowhere near the amount of hunting or fighting skill and trained warrior would have. Having been a kittypet her entire life, it seems a little odd to me that Jessy would be such an excellent hunter/fighter without much teaching. Apprentices need several moons of training before reaching their full potential as a warrior. And for some reason Jessy’s skill level is that of a warrior when she’s just joined Clan life. But, like you, I haven’t read Bramblestar’s Storm in a while, so I could be wrong about something 😛

    • I wasn’t exactly talking about the prey but I did not understand why she was always put on a pedal stool or was miracously perfect at everything.

      I respect your opinion though & apreciate you taking your time to read my article.❤️😊

  • I don’t dislike Jessy because I don’t think that she tried to make Bramblestar love her. That was just Bramblestar being an idiot and completely out of character. I mean, I LOVE BrambleCLAW, but I really dislike Bramblestar

  • I like Jessy. She pretty much gave up her place in the clan just so Bramblestar could be with Squirrelflight. She was a nice cat! I think that Jessy is a bit like me.
    Good Article!

    • I agree with you, Moondapple! 🙂
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    I completely agree, I found her to be extremely annoying and mary-sueish too. I always get angry when I think about her.

    • Jessy never tried to take Bramblestar from Squirrelflight! She literally left the Clan so he could be with Squirrelflight!
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I thought the book was implying Jessy to be a possible SkyClan descendant, hence her jumping and hunting skills. Been a while since I’ve read Bramblestar’s Storm, but didn’t he think about this possibility as well at some point?. I would be surprised if she did not appear in future books dealing with SkyClan (haven’t read the latest series, so not sure if she has made an appearance).

      • Disliking Jessy is actually a very popular opinion. I’ve seen more hate articles about her on the internet than almost any other Warrior cat.
        Which is really too bad, because I quite like her.
        You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

      • No, she didn’t. Bramblestar and Jessy were never mates, so how could Jessy have stolen Bramblestar from Squirrelflight?
        You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

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