An Interview with my Older Sister, Dovepool (a once Warriors reader) by Otterpaw

Otterpaw shares an interview with their older sister about Warriors.

Art by Renakit

Hey guys! Today, I forced convinced my older sister, Dovepool, to do an interview! She’s on the allegiances for BlogClan, but not active. She used to love Warriors, and she was the one who forced convinced me to read it! Let’s get on with the interview.

QUESTION 1: What got you into Warrriors?

Dovepool: Why are you interviewing me.
Me: Just answer the question.
Dovepool: Don’t you already know the answer.
Me: Just pretend I don’t.
Dovepool: Fine. My friends were reading it, and I started to read it too.
Me: Was that hard?

QUESTION 2: What’s Your Favorite Clan, Cat, and Ship?

Dovepool: That’s easy. Favorite Clan – RiverClan.
Me: Me too!
Dovepool: It’s because we’re sisters and we swim. And it’s a lot of people’s favorite. Not surprising. Anyways, favorite cat – Leafpool, duh.
Me: Of course.
(She loves Leafpool)
Me: I like Squirrelflight, which is funny because they’re sisters.
Dovepool: You knew that already. You like Squirrelflight because I like Leafpool. So I could be Leafpool and you can be Squirrelflight.
Me: That’s not the reason. And favorite ship?
Dovepool: Leafpool and Crowfeather, obviously! You should know that. But I also like Cloudtail and Brightheart.

QUESTION 3: What is your Least Favorite Ship and Cat?

Dovepool: Hm. I haven’t read the books since 6th grade, but I remember not liking Ashfur.
Me: THANK YOU! He’s the worst! I hate him.
Dovepool: You’re being over-dramatic. Hate is a strong word. (inside joke) Following on that statement, I really don’t like Ashfur and Squirrelflight together. And Crowfeather and Nightcloud.
Me: You basically have the same opinions as me.
Dovepool: You got the opinions from me. Let’s remember who got you to read the series.
Me: Do you ever regret it?
Dovepool: Yes.

QUESTION 4: Do You Ever Think About Warriors Now?

Dovepool: Gosh, how many questions are left? I have summer homework to do.
Me: I don’t know. I already finished my summer homework.
Dovepool: We get it, you finished it in basically 1 week. You’re so cool! *she says mockingly*
Me: Whatever. Do you ever think about Warriors now?
Dovepool: No.
Me: Why?
Dovepool: That was when I was in 5th grade and 6th grade. That was a long time ago. The last book I read was, uh, that book about SkyClan.
Me: Hawkwing’s Journey?
Dovepool: No, the other one. Oh! SkyClan’s Destiny or something. So no, of course not. I’m not interested.

LAST QUESTION: What made you Quit Warriors?
Dovepool: Honestly, I was getting bored. Being honest, it was getting repetitive. Something bad happens, prophecy, prophecy cat saves the day just for something made to happen. Forbidden relationships are overrated and getting older, it wasn’t interesting anymore.
Me: Wow. Anything else?
Dovepool: Plus, I was just getting into Percy Jackson and I loved it, and to me, I found the book as a better book for me, with so much adventure, humor, and myths. I didn’t like Warriors anymore. And I’m actually glad it went that way, because Warriors was just a starting point for me. It got me to read Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, and other books that were good for me.
Me: Thanks for doing the interview!
Dovepool: …
Me: That’s where you say ‘thanks for having me!’
Dovepool: I rather be doing anything else. I have summer homework.
Me: Okay, whatever.

Well, I considered that it would be interesting to see what my sister said. She used to love Warriors, so I was interesting to find out about why she left and stuff.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my sister and her thoughts about Warrriors. Sorry if it’s really long. She had a lot to say. Have a good day! Ottie out.

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