Top 10 Favorite Warriors MAPs by Rosewing

Rosewing shares some amazing MAPs (multi-animator projects) done by the Warriors community!

Image from Collective Evolution

The Warriors fandom has created many amazing fanworks, and some come in the form of Multi-Animator Projects (MAPs). After looking back over all of my personal favorites, I decided it would be cool to share them with other fans. And so, I present my top 10 favorite Warriors MAPs:

Number 10: You’ll be in my heart!
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There’s something about seeing queens and their kits that always warms my heart, and this MAP pretty much set it on fire. It features a lot of different cats, from Yellowfang to Speckletail to Daisy. Heck, even Nightcloud is in there!

Number 9: King & Lionheart
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This MAP covers the life of Squirrelflight, all the way up to before AVoS. Now, Squirrelflight has always been one of my favorite characters, and I love how the art and animation do her more than justice. The song used is warm and light, yet breathtaking at the same time. Just like Squirrelfight.

Number 8: My Way
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Do you like having your heart broken? Do you like Needletail? Whether you said yes or no, you should watch this MAP! The song starts out slow, and gradually intensifies in a way that gave me chills. And that’s without mentioning some of the amazing art that featured in this!

Number 7: KING
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Brackenfur, despite being in the background, is another one of my favorite characters. He’s sweet, brave, and an all around good guy. So even though this is a PMV, I’m including this on the list. With a beautiful song, and Brackenfur with a flower-crown, even I couldn’t help tearing up.

Number 6: Cherry Pepsi
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The LGBT+ ships get the spotlight in this MAP. Though there aren’t many lyrics in the song, the message gets across. Love is great! RavenBarley, AshHawk, TallJake, and IvyBlossom are just some of the ships that show up here.

Number 5: Dixie Boy
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Another PMV. But can you blame me? Though short, this animation covers the jealous and vengeful Mapleshade wonderfully. And at the end, you have to admit: Appledusk had it coming.

Number 4: I’m Not Ready
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With beautiful art, this MAP covers the story of Swiftpaw while driving the audience to tears. The imagery is heartwarming at first, but slowly dives into Swiftpaw’s building anger over not getting his warrior name. Eventually, it leads to what we all know happens in the end.

Number 3: I See Fire
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The story of Firestar’s life has never been so good. This MAP captures the audience with great imagery and the voice of Ed Sheeran, and will almost certainly have you wanting to watch it again and again.

Number 2: UNRAVEL
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UNRAVEL has some of the best art and animation I’ve ever seen in a Warriors MAP. Add that on top of a wonderful color scheme and the story of Needletail, and you’ve got a MAP worthy of being #2 on this list!

Number 1: Roxanne
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We all know how Ashfur and Brambleclaw fought for Squirrelflight’s love in The New Prophecy, and now we get to see it all over again in this MAP. But if you think it’ll be boring, you’re dead wrong. Wonderful art and animation, with an intense song to match, will more than likely have your eyes and ears glued to the screen.

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