My 5 least favorite warrior cats by Rivershadow

Rivershadow lists some of their least favourite characters. Are any of them ticking you off?

Art by raumkatzen

Hello guys river shadow here! I’ve been on blog clan for a few days now and it has very quickly become a part of my life and so have all the lovely people on here!So without further ado lets begin SPOILERS!

Ok i’m not a big dovewing fan i just find her so whiney and she never really paid that much attention to ivypool HER OWN SISTER! and (spoiler alert) in dovewing’s silence ivypool was telling the leaders that the dark forest had convinced them and they joined because of reasons leaving dovewing wondering if she was the reason.

i must say i absolutely hate rainflower i mean she changed storm kit’s name to crooked kit and never apologised and it was quiet obvious how she was ashamed of him being her kit AND SHE LOVED OAK KIT MORE!

3.Ash fur
OK Ashfur was a nice guy when the first series came on he was friends with cloud tail but then when squirrel flight came along and dated him he was a REAL JERK he was just being nasty to squirrel flight i mean yeah he was nice to lion blaze when he was his mentor but i think he didn’t trust him and HE THREATENED TO KILL CHILDREN!
i don’t really like daisy i mean i did feel sorry for her sometimes but to be honest all she really cared about was here kits like (SPOILER) when the badgers came to thunderclan all she ever cared about was her kits and when she tried to steal cloudtail from poor brightheart

OK for me its kind of a love-hate relationship i mean she took pretended thrushpelt was her kits dad and she gave them to riverclan so she could be deputy yeah it was from thistleclaw but still she also made rusty fight longtail and lets not forget you’re not allowed to fight within clans as soon as he got there and then she went and turned her back on starclan

Guys these are all my opinion and i’m sorry if i offended someone bye!

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    • Who cares about starclan, like they seem to be stupid useless jerks anyway, right? Squirreflight is a jerk, ash fur I wish had killed her! I hate her.

  • Nice article! I think that Daisy is like Millie, just nothing bad has happened to her kits. Both of them have good and bad traits.
    I am neutral on Dovewing. She mostly just annoys me.
    I also like Bluestar and am writing an article on her.

  • I think the problem with Daisy is she didn’t really add anything to the plot. The writers broke their own rules when they added her to story. In the first series of warriors and Firestar’s quest it is clearly stated that cats must learn to hunt and fight. Daisy decides she doesn’t want to and Firestar just gives her a free pass. I think it would have been better for Daisy to return to the horse place. None of her kits added to the story except for Berrynose. They don’t help with the issue of incest. The story would have worked better if Daisy stayed at the horse place, and Berrynose chose to return to Thunderclan when he was old enough to be apprenticed. Just because she is a queen doesn’t mean she has to be hysterical or helpless. Goldenflower and Brindleface were permanent queens and they fought bravely when Thunderclan was attacked in the first series. Part of taking care of kits is protecting them from danger.

    Daisy is an example of a female character who is overly helpless and cries for no reason.