My 5 least favorite warrior cats by Rivershadow

Rivershadow lists some of their least favourite characters. Are any of them ticking you off?

Art by raumkatzen

Hello guys river shadow here! I’ve been on blog clan for a few days now and it has very quickly become a part of my life and so have all the lovely people on here!So without further ado lets begin SPOILERS!

Ok i’m not a big dovewing fan i just find her so whiney and she never really paid that much attention to ivypool HER OWN SISTER! and (spoiler alert) in dovewing’s silence ivypool was telling the leaders that the dark forest had convinced them and they joined because of reasons leaving dovewing wondering if she was the reason.

i must say i absolutely hate rainflower i mean she changed storm kit’s name to crooked kit and never apologised and it was quiet obvious how she was ashamed of him being her kit AND SHE LOVED OAK KIT MORE!

3.Ash fur
OK Ashfur was a nice guy when the first series came on he was friends with cloud tail but then when squirrel flight came along and dated him he was a REAL JERK he was just being nasty to squirrel flight i mean yeah he was nice to lion blaze when he was his mentor but i think he didn’t trust him and HE THREATENED TO KILL CHILDREN!
i don’t really like daisy i mean i did feel sorry for her sometimes but to be honest all she really cared about was here kits like (SPOILER) when the badgers came to thunderclan all she ever cared about was her kits and when she tried to steal cloudtail from poor brightheart

OK for me its kind of a love-hate relationship i mean she took pretended thrushpelt was her kits dad and she gave them to riverclan so she could be deputy yeah it was from thistleclaw but still she also made rusty fight longtail and lets not forget you’re not allowed to fight within clans as soon as he got there and then she went and turned her back on starclan

Guys these are all my opinion and i’m sorry if i offended someone bye!

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  • Okay I agree on Dovewing. When she FINALLY figured out she was one of the reasons Ivypool visited the Dark Forest I was so annoyed. Wow, took you long enough Dovewing. And I don’t necessarily hate her it’s just she does things that really annoy me. Plus, I love Ivypool so 😛 However, for Bluestar. The reason she went crazy at the end was because of dementia. So it’s not really her fault. Also she was really devoted to her Clan. I agree, giving up her kits like that wasn’t her best idea but in her opinion, it was for her Clan. She knew Thistleclaw would just bring bloodshed and violence. I’m kinda alright with Daisy but I do agree she can be a bit over the top when it comes to her kits…but I get where she’s coming from. I mean, she wasn’t Clanborn so it must’ve been hard. Great article overall!! 😛 It’s nice someone finally mentioned that part in Dovewing’s Silence!! It always gets me so mad XD

  • I agree with all of these except Bluestar.
    I don’t hate Ashfur and Daisy that much, but Dovewing and Rainflower definitely make my top ten. Bluestar was honestly a good character, Thrushpelt OFFERED to pretend to be their father. Also, she never actually said he was, she just let the clan believe it. Besides, she just went a bit crazy in her old age, she thought the whole clan would betray her, but she was just confused, and that doesn’t make her a bad character.

  • I do agree with you on Ashfur and Rainflower, but I disagree with the other three. Dovewing did pay attention to Ivypool, and Ivypool brushed off her attempts. And Dovewing’s life doesn’t have to revolve around Ivypool’s, just saying. Daisy has a right to care about her kits, she’s a mother. Her kits were in mortal danger during the badger attack, how could she not care about only them in the moment? And Bluestar didn’t force Rusty to fight Longtail. Longtail attacked Rusty and Rusty proved his place in the Clan by fighting him.

    Although I slightly disagree about Rainflower and Ashfur, though. Rainflower still cared for Crookedstar, it’s just that she had too much pride to admit it, to show love or to act proud of him. I remember Shellheart saying that in Crookedstar’s Promise. And Ashfur, he was never mates or ‘dated’ with Squirrelflight, they were only ever friends. And I don’t think Ashfur was a very nice mentor to Lionblaze, especially when the scene where they fought (to be fair, there were two scenes where they fought) each other without holding back. Either way, good article.

  • I disagree with Dovewing. She did very much care about Ivypaw/Ivypool. Most of the arguements they had were started by Ivypool, not Dovewing. Dovepaw protested against Ivypaw spying in the Dark Forest. And what if she blames herself for all the cats who joined the Dark Forest? She has every right to blame herself for it.

    As for Daisy, she was a mother. A mother. She has every right to put her kits’ needs over her other Clanmates’ needs. And she didn’t care only for her kits. She cared for all of the kits in the nursery, as well as the queens.

    And Bluestar. She didn’t tell her Clanmates that Thrushpelt was her kits’ father, they just assumed he was and he rolled with it. And Rusty wasn’t a Clan cat at the time so the rule doesn’t apply to him. Also, she wanted to see whether he was cut out to be a ThunderClan warrior.

  • I can respect you not liking Bluestar, but on the terms of Longtail attacking Rusty and her letting it happen, she didn’t. If she had interfered, then Rusty would not have lost his collar, therefore the “Omen” for Rusty to become a warrior would be nullified and it would come off in a different way. Also, it took about 3 books until Bluestar lost her faith, not as soon as Rusty came to the clan. Either way good article, and I respect your decision to not like Bluestar.

  • Daisy – Ok first off, Daisy never stole Cloudtail away from Brightheart! Ok I mean maybe. But she actually made it clear to Brightheart and that she was glad her and Cloudtail were together. Daisy did love Cloudtail but she apologized and made up with Brightheart. Also, um wouldn’t you be scared for your kits too and protect them? Currently she is one of the best queens and she cares fiercely for all of the other queens and their kits. The fiercest/bravest warrior is a queen as a matter of fact. Also during the Dark Forest Battle, there is an actual quote in there that says something like “Daisy slammed a Dark Forest warrior to the ground.” Daisy has come a long way. Sure she was a scared kittypet but I mean I would be too not growing up in a Clan where there’s hunger and battles.

    Dovewing – Dovewing cared a lot about Ivypool actually. She didn’t want her powers in the first place but she couldn’t tell her sister about it. Ivypool then got mad and joined the Dark Forest (I am not hating on Ivypool at all!). You can’t control what happens, but you can control your actions (how you react) to what happens. Actually you should thank Dovewing and her powers. If she didn’t have them, Ivypool would not have gotten jealous and ended up in the Dark Forest which means there wouldn’t have been a spy for the Clans which then means….the Clans might have lost the Great Battle 😮 So yeah

    Rainflower – actually I think she loved Crookedstar more than Oakheart before his accident….but yes favoring is definitely a bad trait for a mother though.

    Ashfur – I don’t hate him but I agree with you that he was a jerk

    Bluestar – Um I don’t entirely agree with you but I don’t hate or love Bluestar tbh. She’s just……sorta there. 😛

  • I agree with you on Rainflower and Ashfur. I disagree on Bluestar, as I like her character, but I don’t really have much of an opinion on Daisy and Dovewing. I might explain more later on my opinions, but I’m tired.

    • I’m going to explain my opinions a bit further now. Not trying to be rude here at all, just elaborating on why I think what I do.

      5. Dovewing – I am neutral on Dovewing. I prefer her sister, Ivypool, to her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I honestly don’t think her whininess is that bad, because I would be upset if I had special powers and they were suddenly taken from me. Yes, her issues with Tigerheart/Bumblestripe got annoying at times, but it wasn’t THAT bad in my opinion.
      4. Rainflower – Yes, I definitely agree. Rainflower is horrible. I don’t care if it was technically Stormkit/Crookedkit’s fault, you still don’t treat your kit like that. She wouldn’t look at his face, made him sleep in his own nest, and renamed him.
      3. Ashfur – I agree with you. Ashfur is one of my least favorite characters. He acted like he was entitled to Squirrelflight, and when she rejected him, he plotted to kill her father (who was also the Clan leader) and her three “kits.” If he really loved her, he would’ve respected her decision to be with Brambleclaw.
      2. Daisy – She’s alright. I must admit, she annoyed me at times, but at least she loved and cared about her kits.
      1. Bluestar – She gave her kits away because she thought she was doing the right thing. She was thinking about the whole of ThunderClan. It was a really selfless decision, and I’m sure it was very hard for her. She allowed the fight between Rusty and Longtail happen because she knew Rusty needed to prove himself, and it wasn’t a very serious fight. I’m sure she would’ve stepped in if one was about to kill the other or something like that. I don’t hold the turning her back on StarClan thing against her that much, because she was driven insane by shock and grief. She had a mental illness, but in the end she overcame it and saw that she had been wrong.

      Great article! 🙂

  • Nice article! 🙂 I agree with these, except Bluestar. I think she did the right thing more often than not.

  • I do hate Rainflower too but some of these I don’t agree with, no offense. I do like Dovewing(I have a article coming out about why so I kinda don’t need to explain it)
    & Daisy I’m neutral with. But I disliked when you said “All she cared about was her kits” Well of course she would because she is a fierce mother that loved her kits like the world just like every other mother.

    I feel like your dislike for her comes because she was spending time with Cloudtail. And at least she’s not Rainflower.

    Anyways, I do respect your opinion & did enjoy your article.