Ashfur: StarClan or Dark Forest? by Ravenshade

Ravenshade debates whether Ashfur should’ve gone to the Dark Forest or not.

Artwork by Fox Desert

Hi guys! I’m Ravenshade here with a little blog about my opinions on Ashfur. Now, many people have debated on whether he should’ve gone to StarClan or the Dark Forest. I believe he belongs in StarClan.
At first, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. Ashfur in StarClan? No way! But then as I thought about it, I realized he belonged there more than some cats who were put there.
OK, let’s see what Ashfur did wrong: he attempted to help Hawkfrost kill Firestar before threatening to kill Squirrelflight’s kits much later. Which he didn’t end up actually doing after finding out they’re actually Leafpool’s.He then threatens to tell all the Clans the secret of the three, but dies first. He is seen glaring at Jayfeather in StarClan.
Of course these things were bad, but he didn’t succeed, and the guides point out that he may have even not told the Clans if given the chance, and that he’d been killed while contemplating.
Now I will point out what some other cats did that were bad. These cats ALSO went to StarClan. As I do this: remember that Ashfur did what he did out of heartbreak.
Mudclaw: Mudclaw tried to kill Onestar because he thought it was unfair that Tallstar chose him to lead over Mudclaw. He didn’t respect Tallstar’s choice, and attempted to REALLY murder a Clanmate at the expense of other Clanmates, putting the whole Clan in danger. StarClan themselves supposedly killed him. Yet somehow he ended up in StarClan. Some may point out that he was trying to follow the Warrior code, saying that Onestar’s leadership didn’t follow it, due to the lack of a ceremony. However, the code states that leader’s word is law, and there’s nothing to say that a “proper” ceremony is needed for a cat to become deputy. The only rules are that a deputy must be replaced by another before moonhigh, and must have trained at least one apprentice. Therefore, there was no need for Mudclaw to kill cats like that. He was simply too ambitious.

Blackstar: Despite the fact that he died a good leader, he did some questionable things, including killing Stonefur. He redeemed himself, though, so I actually agree with him being in StarClan. This is an example, though, of a cat who did things as bad as Ashfur and got into StarClan as well.

Skystar: Yes, yes, he was the first leader of SkyClan, so y’all must be confused. But he did many things that were terrible. He started creating borders, which killed many cats and broke friendships. He then rejected his Clan and tried to kill his old friends and one point. However, he apologizes and redeems himself. But this is the thing that gets me: He caused the death of SkyClan’s first medicine cat for a greedy reason. To be honest, I’m not too sure he could’ve gone to the Dark Forest, but StarClan should’ve lectured him or something. I really don’t know. But killing your own medicine cat is a big no-no in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s all I have. I think that Ashfur should’ve gone to StarClan after all. Who knows? Maybe he redeemed himself during the Great Battle! If I had to guess, though, I’d say he had psychological trauma from all the stuff that happened in his lifetime. After all, his mother died cruelly, and Tigerstar was at fault. Perhaps he even was a bit put off by Brambleclaw after that. Of course, he also fought the BloodClan battle, made the Great Journey, and fought badgers as well. Perhaps he just simply wanted a mate to help him cope with all that. Perhaps that was simply his last touch with sanity…

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