Why Breezepelt is a brat by Katamatics

Katamatics shows reasons why Breezepelt isn’t very likeable through his actions. Spoilers for OOTS!

Artwork by Vialir

This article is meant to show why I believe Breezepelt is not misunderstood like so many think he is. *SPOILERS*

Breezepelt is a cat seen throughout Warriors as mean or even downright evil, I’ve read only the main series about Crowfeather and Breezepelt and nothing else. As I was reading I have felt a slight pang of pity for Breezepelt but never have I thought that anything he did was in any way okay.

One of the main reasons Breezepelt acted up was Crowfeather’s relation with him. Breezepaw was a snappy bossy cat from the start, it was mentioned that he even told the older more experienced apprentices what to do, but Heatherpaw also said that he was good fun if you caught him at a good time.

Many say that he was disowned or even abused by Crowfeather, but at the daylight gathering, after he gets freed from the collapsed badger set Crowfeather is trying to help carry him but Nightcloud refuses his help. This shows that Crowfeather really did care for his son.
When Onestar later on forces Breezepaw to go on a mission with Crowfeather both cats didn’t seem to happy about it, on the trip Breezepaw continues to be a brat towards Purdy and the other apprentices, he also simply ignores and doesn’t listen to Crowfeather. After Breezepaw catches a huge rabbit, Crowfeather simply ignores him, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Breezepaw by the way.
Time goes on and Breezepaw helps save some kits in the flooding tunnels, even I have to admit this is good of him.

After Hollyleaf reveals to the clans that Leafpool and Crowfeather are her and her Brothers parents and not Brambleclaw and Squirrelflights. Crowfeather then says that he has one mate and one kit, this shows that he does love Breezepelt and Nightcloud.

Afterward, he simply tries to kill Poppyfrost and Jayfeather. Because why not and revenge.

He then trains in the dark forest and swears revenge on all the cats that betrayed him all the cats in the dark forest were tricked into coming in hoping to be stronger for there clan, but Breezepelt just wanted to hurt or maybe even kill his enemies, including the 3 (Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf) as well as Crowfeather.
When he finds Lionblaze at the great battle he tries to kill him, teasing him over Hollyleaf being dead, Crowfeather later stops him. Breezepelt thinks this means he hates him when he legit says “I never hated you…”
This shows that Breezepelt only wanted to cause death and destruction. Yes, Crowfeather sometimes ignored him but that is far from neglect.

Breezepelt is a brat, he is rude, selfless and dangerous, sometimes I must agree that his father ignoring him was part of it but at the same time the hate for his Thunderclan kin is all pure from his heart. Crowfeather never hated Breezepelt, it was Nightcloud that encouraged it and Crowfeather did nothing to stop it.

This is about people thinking it is Crowfeathers fault that dear Breezy is ruthless, not that Breezepelt THINKS that his father disowns or hates him, and us the reader should know that. (I except and encourage others opinions)

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  • I think you’re so right! And it’s not really Crowfeather’s fault, either. He never really neglected Breezepelt. And he was a whiskers length from killing Lionblaze. I think he is more evil than Ashfur (p.s. not hating on Ashfur, just stating facts).
    (p.p.s. no offense to the Erin’s!)

  • Yeah! I totally understand about Nightcloud’s suffering and even resentment, l mean, After having his heart shattered again after losing Leafpool back to her medicine- cat life and beloved ThunderClan ( Crow- pool FOREVER!!!!!) , Crowfeather felt the need to prove himself loyal to his clan, Windclan. Especially under Onestars new leadership, and pride, and desperation to show strength to the other clans ( not to hate on him or anything) he took Nightcloud, a older she- cat warrior as his mate. I really wish in one of the books it showed what Crowfeather’s “ love confession “ to her looked like. Did he just go up to her after spending a lot of time with her for the past few moons, and ask her to be his mate?? Was it killing him inside, thinking of his first love, Feathertail, the cat who died saving him , and then, That he had just felt the all – to- familiar pain from what happened when Leafpool and him fell in love with each other? Anyway, l don’t particularly like Nightcloud, but l feel sorry for her. It was really hard what she was going through, full filling her dream of having kits, but she was older , so it was hard, and probably scary. Also, didn’t lose the other two kits of her litter when they were newborns? If she did, she had immense grief, and while pregnancy, there was never any support, understanding or LOVE from Crowfeather. Even so, l think he did care about her, and she forgave him, and the two senior warriors, surprisingly, become friends after the great battle for a little while. But Breezepelt!? He is cold, sour, annoying, and literally KNEW about what all the dark forest cats were planning! I know his dad neglected him but, Breezepelt welcomed the Place Of No Star’s savargey ! And l was shocked about what he could do to Poppyfrost, and threatening to kill a medicine cat!? Not to mention Jayfeather was his half brother!!!

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