Five Reasons Why I Love Tallstar’s Revenge by Star that Falls Through Navy Sky

Star that Falls Through Navy Sky shares why they love Tallstar’s Revenge. Spoilers for the aforementioned book and Yellowfang’s Secret!

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Helooooooooooooo BlogClan people! I am Star that falls through navy sky and this is my first article. So here we go! For my first article I thought that I would do some reasons of why I love Tallstar’s Revenge and think that it is the best Super Edition. Although I may be sliiiiiiiiiiiightly biased because Windclan is my favourite clan. Anyway, as I can’t think of anything else to say here, let’s get on with the reasons! P.S Spoilers for Tallstar’s Revenge (obviously) and Yellowfang’s Secrect.

Number One: No Prophecies or Special Powers
Most Super Editions (especially ones based on older characters) are themed around prophecies. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can get boring after a while, like in Yellowfang’s Secret. Her power felt unnecessary and underused and has absolutely no mention at all in the Prophecies Begin arc. It is blatantly obvious that the power was only created for the Super Edition and is therefore easy to forget about. Tallstar’s Revenge breaks this pattern, being themed around family, revenge and unneeded hate. Which brings me to my second point…

Number Two: Relatable Characters
There are a lot of relatable characters in the book, including the hero himself. It is easy to feel the anger and sadness that he experiences when being bullied by Shrewclaw, ignored by Palebird and of course, Sandgorse’s death and his hunt for Sparrow afterwards. However it is not all sad ; when Tallpaw nearly beats the older apprentices on his first day of training (I think it was his first day. I’m too lazy to check.) it is clear that he is on top of the world. The depth of these characters is really enjoyable and heartwarming, therefore being another one of the reasons I adore the book so much.

Number Three: Themes and Morals
There are many good themes and morals in the book, some clearer than others. For example, Palebird’s post – natal depression after Finchkit dies. Of course, the biggest one is that revenge isn’t needed and, as Sparrow says, that we sometimes fill in the gaps by ourselves when we don’t know the whole story. There are also lessons about home and friends that Talltail learns through the duration of his journey.

Number Four: Character Flaws
The whole of this book is themed around Tallstar learning from his mistakes and becoming a better and wiser leader for it. This makes his character much more believable.

Number Five: TallxJake
Cannot describe this ship in words.

And that was my article! I hope you enjoyed it and will be compelled to read the book if you haven’t already (hold on a second – if you haven’t read the book and you’re reading this right now, then I’ve just told you some of the main plot points…oh well, I hope you like spoilers!). Tell me what was good about it and what I can improve!

Feel free to take a cookie on the way out to munch in the comments!

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