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My Top 5 Favorite Cats and Why by Craterpaw

Craterpaw lists their top five favourite characters. Are any of them yours?

Art by NightmareSparckle

Hiiiiiiii! Crater here with my first article! I thought I’d do something easy and that can actually be published 😛 SPOILERS FOR ALL ARCS (minorly for aVoS)

He was a very nice cat, and very interesting to read about. I like his relationship with Clear Sky/Skystar even though I hate him sooooo much. He had a very interesting life, and was awesome. He also created the clan I’d be in 😛

Feathertail was a very nice character. Daughter to Graystripe and Silverstream, then when it wasn’t super used to to forbidden relationships. I liked Feather x Crow and I wish Crowfeather would’ve stayed with Feathertail, but she risked her life for the Tribe and Crowfeather.

Squirrelflight was a very fun character to read about (especially looking back on it and thinking she was Squirrelpaw, daughter of the great leader Firestar, who walked around with a crown 😛) She was loyal, smart, and loving, and came up with good ideas in her life. I am very excited for Squirrelflight’s Hope; I want to get back in her POV and learn more about her!

I really like Hollyleaf. She was nice, loyal, but will do what is right in the end. It was sad for her to be expected to be the Three and be all powerful, but she had that hard life and She came back and protected Ivypool from the evil Hawkfrost 🙁 I HATE YOU HAWKFROST!!!!

Honerable Mentions
Mistyfoot/star – Mistyfoot/star was dedicated and extremely loyal to her clan. Her father, foster mother, then real mother died, followed by her brother. She had became deputy of pity from Leopardstar, but I’m not sure if she would’ve done. That for any cat. She was a great leader and a high candidate for the position anyway. She knew what was right. She’s still living and has been alive since the main arcs. She would still gladly give that life up for her clan.

Mothflight – Moth Flight was a nice and caring medicine cat. She gave up her kits for her clan, and tried helping everyone she could by learning as much as she could. She journeyed past any clan or mountain cat. She found Micah and lost him. She had already experienced the death of her siblings. She had been in grief, but returned to her clan.
Silverstream – Silverstream was a very nice cat. You don’t really think about it, but she kinda had a rough early days. She started really coming into the real world, and knew her siblings and mother had died. She was still a great warrior, and Gray x Silver is awesome
Brambleclaw – he was nice and I liked reading about him and all the drama between him and Squirrelflight and he came back in the end, but I mostly like him in TNP
Leafpool – she was very interesting to read about, and was a smart and kind cat. She was a very good Medicine cat and I liked her

aaaaaaaaaaaand 1.
Gray Wing is my absolute favorite character of all time! He was nice caring, loyal, brave, and smart. If I had to chose one cat from Warriors who I had a crush on, it would be him. I didn’t understand Warriors when I read DoTC (I read it first), but I loved him and thought all he went through was too much. He followed his heart and died right when he was happy 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

That’s it! I hope you liked it! I’ll be coming out with another article more detailed on why Gray Wing is more of my favorite character and why his death was so sad. Bye!!! 😀

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