Top five favorite Warrior Cats by Pastelpaw

Pastelpaw shares their top five favourite warriors from the series.

Art by Draikinator

Wow. My fist atical! Today I will be showing y’all my 5 favorite warrior cats. This is something nobody on Blogclan ever does. So let’s get started.
#5 is Needletail
I’ll be honest with yall, I used to HATE Needletail but, one day I woke up and l liked her! I even have a stuffed cat named after her. I love that she is a rebellious character. I really like how she was always there for Violetshine. This doesn’t mean I agree with some of her choices. Her death wa very sad. If your looking for some good Needletail content I would recommend the MAPS My was and Unravel.
#4 is Twanypelt
Ahh a good sassy loyal ShadowClan warrior. I love Twanypelt she is awesome and loyal. Twanypelt represents what a true ShadowClan warrior is. I love her because, she is a loyal warrior with a sassy personality. If you need something about Twanypelt to watch then you should watch Tawnypaw Leaves by Moonkitti.
#3 is Feathertail
My little sweetheart, I love you so much. Feathertail is one of my role models because, she is so kind and she sacrificed her self for cats she didn’t know well. Feathertail is kind to Crowpaw even though he was rude. I was so sad at her death. I never have an AU where Feathertail lives.
#2 is Jayfeather
I like Jayfeather because, I can relate to him. I’m real life I have poor vision and I hate it when people treat me like a baby because, my vision sucks. I also get annoyed easily. Like Needletail I used to HATE Jayfeather. He can be really sarcastic and funny.
And now for number #1….
AHH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I can relate to Ivypool because, I get jealous of my sister and I fell like everyone likes her nor than me. I love how Ivypool is brave and she risked her life every night. When ever I’m scared I always think of her. I personally ship Ivypool and Fernsong. If Ivypool dies I’m gonna cry like I never cried before. Kate, please let Ivypool lve a long happy life.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed!

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  • I can also relate to Ivypool, that’s why I love her so much ❤️, and not Dovewing. Like you said, I got jealous because my parents would acted if they loved my sister more than me, and that hurt me a lot.

  • I LOVE Ivypool and Needletail, really like Tawnypelt and Jayfeather (though he’s a bit overrated) and I’m meh with Feathertail. I personally love Leafpool a lot more. Ivypool is so brave and she’s the best! I love her and her daughter, Bristlefrost. I can’t say I relate to her (in a sister-wise way) because I don’t have a sister, but I do relate to her jealousy and her wanting to prove herself. I would say she’s my 6th favourite character and Needletail would be 7th. Like you said, if Ivypool dies, I’ll cry and then I’ll smack someone. (Even though I love Ivypool I also love Dovewing which ik, is a very unpopular opinion :p)

  • Great article, I loved it! My favs:

    1. Bristlefrost & Squirrelflight- sadly..I can’t pick, I love these two so muchhh!
    2. Rootspring- if he dies in ALITM I will die.
    3. Leafpool- kind and caring
    4. Hollyleaf- I love her, I relate to her
    5. Sandstorm- cause she was the first character I loved and still love her to this day
    6. Ivypool
    7. Needletail
    8. Dovewing- don’t hate me, I just love her
    9. Gray Wing & Tree
    10. Violetshine & Snowtuft

  • Needletail: I haven’t read the series where Needletail is mainly mentioned because I don’t read the books in order. But I read the first book, and she’s pretty cool I guess.

    Tawnypelt: Tawnypelt is brave and awesome! I’m glad she shared how she felt when she wanted to join ShadowClan. She was awful brave about it too. Tawnypelt is an awesome, well developed character.

    Feathertail: I don’t really like her. I guess she’s okay. She’s not a Mary Sue to me, she’s nuetral.

    Jayfeather: JAYFEATHER IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS MY FAV CHARCTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ivypool: I suppose she’s okay. She was brave during the Great Battle, and I understand how she felt about Dovewing. But completely ignoring your sister is not okay. Ivypool wouldn’t even let Dovewing tell her that she didn’t think she was better than her. Ivypool is pretty cool (Hey! I rhymed!) but she needs to be nicer to Dovewing.

    Great article! I loved it! I’m sorry if I sounded rude, but this is just my opinion! <3