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Code of the Clans Characters by RabbitClaw

RabbitClaw shares some characters from Code of the Clans.

Official cover art by Wayne McLoughlin

Has anyone else noticed this before? This is my first article, so bear with me!

Anyway, in the story for Code One in Code of the Clans, it is mentioned that the clan elders still avoided the hollow (fourtrees) because they remembered the great battle that had happened there first seperating the clans. Because of this, I got curious and checked the Path of Stars allegiances list. It turns out that almost all of the senior warriors of the Code One story (the beginning of the warrior code) are mentioned in Path of Stars. Dust Muzzle, who was a kit during Path of Stars, is now shown as Duststar, leader of WindClan. Holly, from Tall Shadows camp is now Hollystar of ShadowClan, and Birch of Clear Sky’s camp is now Birchstar of SkyClan. I couldn’t find any mention of the other two leaders (Emberstar and Whitestar). There is also Thistletail, supposedly a good friend of Emberstar, who sounds suspiciously like Thistle, a kit in Path of Stars.

The one thing I’ve found to condradict my theory is that Emberstar is said to be the oldest leader (between him, Birchstar and Whitestar) which is weird as Emberstar doesn’t show up in Path of Stars. Maybe he was a rouge who joined the clans later? Or he is younger but has been leader for a longer time?

Anyway, on to Code Three…
Splashheart, the main character of the story, talks about how he had been mentored by Reedshine, a dark orange she-cat. This is likey the same dark orange Reedshine that took Appledusk as a mate during the whole Mapleshade debacle! Darkstar is the RiverClan leader in both books as well. Now, Vicky wrote on her Facebook that she thinks that Reedshine died of her wounds after the sunning rocks battle in Code Three, so this story is likely written a year or so after Mapleshade Vengence (she had time to leave the nursery and finish mentoring a cat which I’m figuring takes about a year?). Eeltail is also mentioned.

This is all I could find so far, feel free to mention more if any are found! Thanks for reading!

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  • Oh whoops I just spoiled stuff for myself 😛 I had no idea that Dust Muzzle, Holly, and Birch became leaders of their Clans! 😮 Or at least I never connected the dots and realized that’s who they were (that they were cats I actually knew ). I’m only on “The Blazing Star” of DotC (and I’ve also read “Moth Flight’s Vision).

  • Nice article!! I didn’t notice any of this until I read Code of the Clans for the second time and asked myself: Wait………………isn’t there a Holly in DotC?
    I enjoy piecing things together about the history of the Clans.

  • Oh wow, I did NOT notice this… that is SO INTERESTING! Wow!
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