Is Ravenpaw a Resurrection of Ravenwing? by Ashwillow

Ashwillow shares a theory about the former ThunderClan cat, Ravenpaw.

Art by Kotenokgaff

Alright, before you blow up the comments, I’m not proposing this theory simply because they have similar physical appearances and share the same prefix, though that is a contributing factor to this theory and will be mentioned. The main part of this theory is actually that Ravenwing was given a second chance as Ravenpaw to keep a secret.

Okay, to start off simple, we are going to be comparing their physical appearances according to the Warriors Wiki.
Ravenpaw: Small, sleek, skinny, jet-black with a tiny white dash on his chest, green eyes, and a long, thin white-tipped tail.
Ravenwing: Small, thick-furred black tom with dark, sky-blue eyes.

Since we have seen Ravenpaw more than Ravenwing in the series, it only makes sense that more details regarding his appearance is made known to the readers. Anyways, as you can tell, both cats are small and black, and share the “Raven” prefix. However, Ravenwing lacks the white markings Ravenpaw has, as well as having a different eye color. This could be one reason why the theory might not work. While they don’t look exactly the same, they are similar, and Cinderpelt and Cinderheart do not look exactly alike either according to the Warriors Wiki, and as we all know Cinerpelt was resurrected as Cinderheart. ( I am aware the Wiki counts every little detail mentioned, even if it doesn’t stay consistent in the rest of the series but still )

Now let’s go over their personalities, which are not similar at all. Could there be a reason behind this?
Ravenpaw: At first, Ravenpaw was jumpy, scared, and unsure of himself. (Though as he grows older we can see he grows out of this)
Ravenwing: This cat is confident as well as calm. He didn’t hesitate to ask Mapleshade questions and to tell on her. (However, we had no idea what he was like when he was a kit/apprentice)

Pretty different, right? Here’s the reasoning why Ravenpaw’s personality was so different even if he was Ravenwing in his past life: When Ravenwing was killed, his death could have shattered his trust and his calm personality, that’s why he was so jittery when he was brought back as Ravenpaw.

Okay, now we’re going to go over similar instances in their lives:
-Ravenpaw and Ravenwing both witnessed something they were not supposed to see, know, or reveal.
-Ravenwing figured out that Mapleshade had kits with a cat from another Clan. He was killed because he told her he knew her secret to her face, and also told his leader.
-Ravenpaw also witnessed something he wasn’t meant to, and didn’t tell anyone until later.

Ravenpaw was so nervous around Tigerclaw, because he was in the same predicament as his past life: knowing something he shouldn’t have known. This time, Ravenpaw kept the secret until the right time.

Conclusion: Ravenpaw is Ravenwing and was given a second chance by StarClan to keep a secret until the right time.
What do you guys think of this theory?

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  • This is a very interesting theory! I like the thought of Ravenwing redeeming himself, but the secrets they kept were very different…..

  • Interesting 🙂 I don’t know how likely it really is, but I really like the idea! 😀
    Nice article!

  • Nice article! It would be really cool if it were confirmed true. Just one thought… maybe Ravenwing told on Mapleshade because he didn’t know what else to do?

  • That’s a very interesting theory, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you. Cinderpelt was reincarnated right as Cinderheart was born and Cinderpelt died. It was quite a while later when Ravenpaw was born, meanwhile it was a few seconds with Cinderpelt/heart.

    • I’m taking a look back on this theory and I realized something, a little while back in 2019, and just remembered this.Though Cinderpelt was reincarnated as Cinderheart right away, Sorreltail could not control Cinderheart or the rest of kits birth, and seeing Cinderpelt wanted to be reincarnated when given the chance, nor could she control her death, like how Cinderheart couldn’t control her birth.Or maybe, Starclan needed time to decide whether of not they should reincarnate Ravenwing and give him another chance at life.

  • I like this theory! I’d kind of considered it before, but this REALLY brought it to my mind again. I forget where I read this, but I remember reading that if Ravenpaw hadn’t left ThunderClan than he would’ve been named Ravenwing. I think I read that before I knew that Ravenwing WAS an actual cat.

  • Wolves howling after Mindnight (Used to be Yowls heard after Greenleaf) (Wolfpaw/Wolfstorm/Greenpaw/Greenyowl) says:

    That’s cool

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