Analysing Minor Characters 4 : Robinwing by Maplepaw

Maplepaw talks about another minor character, Robinwing! Spoilers for Code of the Clans!

Official cover art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hey BlogClan !

I’m back with my fourth article talking about a minor character !
Yay ! The first two of these (which are the only ones that have come out while writing this ) worked out pretty well, so I’ve decided to perceive with this idea !

And today, the character we are looking at is from the code of the clans, literally a treasure trove of forgotten cats.
And our cat is Robinwing !

He is a SkyClan warrior before they left the forest, and was responsible for the creation of the eighth code, that deputies become leader after the previous leader dies.
He is a short furred, light brown tom with green eyes.

So first up, why is he worth taking about ?
Well, I loved him for a few reasons. One is the way he cares about his clan. It comes above all else for Robinwing, and we know this by the fact he ignores his leaders last command, to cross the river and attack RiverClan, because he fears for his clans life.
Now you may be thinking, isn’t this an easy decision, life above vengeance.
But from what I interpreted, it really wasn’t.
Many cats of SkyClan were incredibly happy to follow their dead leaders last command, and from this you can tell he had been an amazing leader, much loved by his clan. They were willing to do anything for him.
And, on top of that, he ignored his new leaders commands to save his clan.
It is even stated that this was a really hard decision as the deputy seems very torn by this.
So we know that he really cares about his clan, and goes onto save them. You all know the drill from warriors fan fiction. The hero becomes the new leader, finally fufilling his life long ambition, or another cat is chosen, leaving the main character feeling jealous.
But nope, not here.
Robinwing is probably the least ambitious cat I have ever seen in warriors. He has the perfect opportunity to claim leadership, say it was all his idea to save the cats. Instead, he turns to the deputy Maplewhisker and basically says that she is going to be leader whether she likes it or not. He is more keen for her to be leader then Maplewhisker is !
Now in the end, he saves the cat who lead the charge, even after all the struggles he has caused.

Now I’d say Robinwing is more well known then some other cats I’ve written about, but still, I feel like he deserves some remembrance.
Next up, I’m going to try and find the best, most obscure cat ever And write an article on them !

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