The Three Best and Worst Ships by Ghostwhisper

Ghostwhisper lists their top three best and worst ships from the fandom. Are any of them on your list?

Art by Wings-of-North

Everyone LOVES shipping. It’s probably one of the most fun things to do in the Warriors universe! However, a few ships sort of stuck out to me as odd 😛 To judge each ship, I’m going to be using a point basis. Two for chemistry, one for how long it lasts, and two for how they treat each other, or their affection towards each other. also, if you like some of the ships I put in the “worst” category, that’s great! I think it’s awesome you can see something I can’t ^-^

3rd Best Ship: Tallstar and Jake. Okay, I absolutely ADORE this one. I loved how at first, they didn’t really like each other, and I think Tallstar might’ve found him sort of annoying. (forgive me if I’m wrong, I’m currently lending out Tallstar’s Revenge) But after Jake pretty much saved his life, they grew closer and closer and that was so cute to watch! This one gets a 1 for chemistry, -1 point because I wish we had seen more of their adventures together, because that would’ve solidified it even more, if that makes sense. It gets a 1 for how long it lasts, because I read that Tallstar leaves StarClan to visit Jake occasionally, and he treated Firestar like his own son. it gets a 1.5 for how they treat eachother, -.5 because Talltail would sometimes ignore Jake’s advice. That gives it a total of 3.5/5!

3rd Worst Ship: Dovewing and Bumblestripe. Not this one! I’ll admit, I really shipped this when I first read OOTS. But just the way Dovewing treated Bumblestripe made me kinda annoyed. as Rosepetal once said, does it make her feel happy to crush Bumblestripe’s, well, crush on her? Yeah, even though they were mates for a while. Also, Bumblestripe was also kind of at fault because he was sorta creepy, saying stuff like “our kits would be beautiful!” 0 for chemistry, they really didn’t have any. It gets a 1 for how long it lasts. They were mates for about 6-7 moons I believe? It gets a 0 for how they treat each other, for reasons stated above. It gets a 1/5.

2nd Best Ship: Hawkwing and Pebbleshine. Aww, I loved this one! Hawkwing’s character development was great to watch. As his character progressed, so did his relationship with Pebbleshine, the cat he saved from a fire instead of his own brother. You could tell they really loved each other, and how dedicated he was to her memory after she was lost was beautiful. I just love this ship. 2 for chemistry, 1 for how long it lasts, because Pebble was abducted before long, and 2 for affection. That gives it 4/5!

2nd Worst Ship: Squirrelflight and Ashfur. I love Squirrelflight, and I liked Ashfur before the whole “you rejected me 20 cat years ago so now I’m gonna kill your entire family” thing. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Squirrel was using Ashfur as a jealousy tool against Brambleclaw. That’s… already a pretty bad basis for a relationship. Then, when Squirrelflight moved on, Ashfur decided, “Nope, nope. You know what would be fair? Me killing her and her children because I liked her when we were young warriors! Perfect!” Ashfur should’ve taken rejection like Thrushpelt. We need more Thrushpelts in the world. 0 for chemistry, 0 for how long it lasts, but a 0.5 for how they treat eachother. In the beginning of their relationship, they treated each other decently. 0.5/5.

1st Best Ship: Firestar and Sandstorm! Oh, StarClan, where do I start with this one? In TPB, Sandpaw was adorably wary of him, but she warmed up to him as time went by. When they were adult cats, it was so clear that they loved each other. I can’t think of any other pair who was so perfect for eachother! Sorry, Spottedleaf, this takes the cake. 2 for chemistry, 1 for how long it lasts and 2 for how they treat each other. 5/5, my favorite ship!

1st Worst Ship: Ashfur and Scourge. Oh, StarClan, where do I start with this one? They… didn’t even meet. The closest thing to an interaction they had was when Ashpaw killed his deputy with his fellow apprentices. I looked into this one a bit more, and I found out that some people shipped it because of “revengeshipping”, but I found enough serious ones to put it on this list. 0/5, they never met.

Hope you enjoyed this list! Again, if you like some of these, that’s great! Ghost out, my hands hurt from typing too much now.

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  • Stick x Jayfeather ( good) spottedleaf x firestar ( good ) sandstorm x firestar ( maybe good ) scourge x Ashfur ( good ) leaf pool x Crowfeather stargazer x Onestar ( idk why I did it but I think it’s kinda cool )

  • I guess I’m okay with SandstormxFireheart but I really ship SpottedleafxFireheart but no hard feelings!

  • Tallstar x Jake: I didn’t read his book yet, so I’ll have ot wait and see!
    Dovewing x Bumblestripe: I don’t ship Dovewing with anybody. She messes eveything up! Bumblestripe was pushy, she was mean, and Tigerheart is annoying.
    Hawkwing x Pebbleshine: I don’t really care about it, honestly.
    Squirrelflight x Ashfur: It’s a toxic ship, but it was meant to be written like that so I don’t really complain about it.
    Firestar x Sandstorm: Yes!!! This ship is great. In my opinion, they are not made for each other. But-let’s just get this staight-that makes it 1000x better.
    Ashfur x Scourge: I don’t care for it, and it doesn’t make sense. I like AshHawk better. >:3