What Would’ve Happened If Jayfeather/Jay’s Wing Stayed in the Past with Half Moon/Stoneteller? By Flamepaw

Flamepaw wonders what would’ve happened if Jayfeather had stayed in the past.

Art by violetkittykat

Hello. My name is Flameclaw/paw, and I’m relatively new to Blogclan. This is my first article here. Let’s start.

What Would’ve Happened If Jayfeather/Jay’s Wing Stayed in the Past with Half Moon/Stoneteller?
Well, for starters, Thunderclan would’ve been left without a medicine cat, forcing Leafpool early back into the role as a Medicine cat. Alderheart wouldn’t be the exact same cat he is today, and Leafpool would’ve been traumatized, as well as Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf when she came back(or if she found out when she was spying on them. Jayfeather was a main prophecy interpreter and many prophecies would be non-existent. Lionblaze might not have been able to fight his best against the dark forest, and Ivypool might not have spied on the Dark Forest for them. Dovewing didn’t want her to go originally, and Lionblaze would’ve been too worried to think about that. After all, it was originally Jayfeather’s idea. Furthermore, Lionblaze might have been too distraught to fight the Dark Forest. Hollyleaf might not have come back, Then Ivypool would have died, which would be a huge blow to Dovewing, and her parents, Whitewing and Birchfall. The whole battle with the Dark Forest might have gone downhill destroying clan life as we know it. No more border patrols, hunting patrols, training apprentices, you name it. A few survivors might gather up and leave, but it wouldn’t be a real clan. Also, Violetdawn and Twigbranch would have never been found, Skyclan would have never been found, it would have eventually been destroyed, so there would be absolutly no more clans in the UNIVERSE. EVER. AGAIN. And thats just looking at the effects it would have on the present. Now, let’s look at the effects it would have on the past. First off, Half Moon would not have become Stoneteller, which would change everything. She was the only cat there destined for it. So there would have been no sun trail. Thunder wouldn’t exist, as well as Owl eyes/Owlstar, Pebbleheart, and Sparrowfur. The clans as we know it wouldn’t exist. The only cats in the series would be Jake and Firestar (he actually would still be RUSTY!). Everything the series it would be Nothing! No warriors, no clans, no hunting patrols, no leaders, no medicine cats, Nothing!
I think we should all thank Jayfeather/Jay’s wing for staying. Otherwise, we would be reading about a bunch of cats in a cave, which wouldn’t be too interesting.

Thanks for reading!

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