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My Personal Feelings on Swiftpaw by Rainstar25

Rainstar25 shares their opinion on Swiftpaw.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Warning: Extremely unpopular opinion ahead!

I don’t like Swiftpaw. Before you burn me at the stake, let me explain why I dislike the cat who suffered a brutal death.

In “A Dangerous Path”, the 5th book of the first arc, there was a problem with dogs loose in the forest. This was also the time Bluestar’s depression were at its peak; she lost her faith in StarClan and her trust in her Clanmates with the exception of Fireheart, her deputy. After Cloudpaw made fun of StarClan, Bluestar decides to make him a warrior; his warrior ceremony was not like the other ceremonies due to the fact that the other apprentices, Brightpaw, Swiftpaw, Ashpaw Fernpaw and others, didn’t become warriors along with Cloudtail that day.

Swiftpaw, tired of waiting to become a full-fledged warrior, urges the other apprentices to go on a journey with him to find what was in the forest because, at the time, they didn’t know what was inside the forest leaving the rabbit carcasses (I don’t have the book with me so I’m only going by memory so correct me if I’m wrong) to prove they have what it takes to become warriors. Of course, the apprentices turned down such a dangerous plan, but Brightpaw agreed to go with him.

The next day, Fireheart, Graystripe, and Sandstorm, find Swiftpaw’s mauled body and Brightpaw severely injured, but alive.

He died fighting the dogs, protecting Brightpaw as best as he could; I admire that about him. However, it was his poor decision that got him killed. I see a lot of people blame Bluestar for Swiftpaw’s death and I don’t understand why. She didn’t tell him to sneak out the safety of ThunderClan camp and go after whatever was inside the forest.

She didn’t make him a warrior, so what? Swiftpaw chose to sneak outside camp, underestimated the dangers, and got himself killed and Brightpaw injured.

Swiftpaw’s death was tragic and brutal, but it could’ve been avoided if his desire to be a warrior hadn’t cloud his judgement. I’m just glad the apprentices didn’t go with him that day.

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  • I don’t really agree here. I think disliking him is valid, but the criticism that he was immature or stupid isn’t.

    For most cats, their sole purpose in life is becoming and being a warrior. Swiftpaw was 18 moons old when he died. Theoretically, he could have become a warrior AND trained an apprentice to warriorhood during that time period. He was a grown man stuck in high school, and nobody properly explained to any of the apprentices what was happening with Bluestar’s mental health.

    Cats are frequently made warriors for moments of bravery. Bluestar’s rejection of his moment of bravery and the favoritism with Cloudpaw/tail pushed both him AND Brightpaw to make that choice. Bluestar wasn’t at fault per say, because she was unwell, but her actions DID push them into that situation.

    They were desperate and hopeful that maybe, FINALLY they’d be enough for her.

    Plus, iirc, he didn’t FORCE Brightpaw to go with him. Brightheart even says she wanted to go in Secrets of The Clans because she ALSO thought it’d finally convince Bluestar. She also says that nobody knew what was at Snakerocks, they went in blind and desperate. It was a tragedy, and it can’t be blamed on any one character.

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