The first battle of The Dark Forrest, part 2, The lost clan and WindClan by Littlepaw

Littlepaw wonders again about the Dark Forest and how things could’ve been.

Artist unknown (Source: Warriors Cats Dark Forest Wiki)

Some might remember my post in September, so I need to make part 2. So those who remember that post will know what this is about. As always, Littlefang is here this time again without Shrewstar. I haven’t had any death threats so I think I still can write blogs, HAHAHA? No? OK no bad jokes. Lets get in to the theory of the Dark Forrest once more.

If Crookedstar, Brokenstar, and Thistleclaw would have been evil and leaders of the clans, then what about WindClan? Tallstar was not manipulated by the Dark Forrest at any point. Even though he wanted revenge for the death of his father, the story would still set in motion. Tallstar could not be an evil doer. So who would? Every cat was loyal and brave. Shrewclaw did tease Tallstar though. If Tallstar wanted revenge and fell to darkness surly Shrewclaw would tease Tallstar too much that Tallstar would not become a good leader. But Heatherstar would not choose Tallstar as deputy then. So would WindClan be apart from the theory? Perhaps Reedfeather was supposed to fill this part. He wanted his kits from RiverClan and keep them. Could it be that he was fooled by the Dark Forrest? If RiverClan took back the kits as they did, Reedfeather could of wanted revenge but maybe if he was manipulated, he found out the Dark Forrest’s plot and left. Reedfeather’s death is by unknown reasons. Perhaps by between books that he might of been killed by the Dark Forrest. Reedfeather might be the missing point. He was well respected and might of saw through the lies. We know nothing about Reedfeather’s past. So if WindClan was the last clan standing, all the other clans could just take over it easily, making WindClan prisoners to the Dark Forrest.

SkyClan had a StarClan, what about a Dark Forrest? Did they leave with SkyClan or were they erased from memory? Redstar and the others were not faded in Firestar’s Quest. So maybe they left with them because we see no one from SkyClan in the Dark Forrest. Sadly this is unknown and lack of information has lead to me having to stop. If the Dark Forrest of SkyClan went, we saw nothing about it. So maybe they stayed and wanted to be forgotten.

See you all later, More on my fanfic too.

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