Graystripe in the First Series-More Than Firestar’s Friend part 1 by Hawthornclaw

Hawthornclaw takes a look at Graystripe and how he was more than just Firestar’s friend.

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Graystripe. When I think of Graystripe, I think of many things. But I’m sure that some people hear Graystripe and think, “Firestar’s friend”, “Code breaker”, or, “The cat who didn’t deserve to be deputy.”. GRAYSTRIPE IS MORE THAN THIS! He’s kind, funny, and always follows his heart. He is like a role model to anyone who needs to know if they should follow their heart or listen to everyone else. This is why this article is about him. I will go from Into the Wild to Forest of Secrets, explaining why Graystripe is important. Let’s start with into the wild.
“You fight well for tame kitty”-Graypaw, Into the Wild
Graypaw is the first forest cat to meet Rusty. He tells him about the clans, which gets Rusty interested, and then he joins the clans. Yes, I know Bluestar invites him and Smudge tells little bit, but Graypaw tells the most. For the rest of the book, Graypaw is Firepaw’s partner in crime, helping him with every mission, and defeating Brokenstar with him. At the end, this makes Graypaw a warrior, with the warrior name of Graystripe. Now, onto Fire and Ice.
“You saved my life. Thank you”-Fireheart
“I would give my life for you.”-Graystripe
At the beginning of this book, Graystripe helps Fireheart bring WindClan back home. On the way back to ThunderClan from WindClan, they get into a fight with RiverClan, in which Graystripe accidentally pushes Whiteclaw in the river, which he regrets for the rest of the book. A tiny bit later, Graystripe and Fireheart are given Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw as apprentices. One day while training, Graystripe falls in the river and is saved by Silverstream, and is with her for the rest of the book. Graystripe and Fireheart fight later on, and Bluestar is like, “What the heck? I though you were best friends.” But later something happens most people forget because they are to busy thinking about Graystripe’s forbidden love. Firestar is attacked by Clawface. Graystripe sees this, coming back from a meeting with Silverstream, and kills Clawface, saving his friend. Fireheart doesn’t kill Silverstream later, and they are friends again. Forest of Secrets now!
“Oh Fireheart, I’ve been torn in two”-Graystripe, Forest of Secrets
In this one, Graystripe is with Silverstream for the whole book, and goes with his kits when she dies. This also shows his kindness.
I hope you lied my article! I will write part 2 soon!

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