A Theory About Darktail by Moondapple

Moondapple shares a theory about Darktail. Spoilers for AVOS!

Art by CaptainScourge2017

Ok guys this is my first article! I’m so excited to explore Blogclan and have fun. Ok anyways, this article is about a theory about Darktail I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve never seen this theory brought up ever before, so maybe this will be a new thing for you to think about.

My theory is that Darktail and his Kin are actually Bloodclan Cats.

This sounds a bit far-fetched, but this is how my theory comes together:
Smoke and Darktail are living together after the Onestar rejection thing. One day, they hear about Scourge and Bloodclan, going to attack the clans. They join Bloodclan to get revenge on Windclan and the other clans. In the Bloodclan Battle, Smoke attacks Onewhisker, but is killed by him and other Windclan warriors. After Scourge’s death, Darktail retreats with the rest of Bloodclan. In case you don’t know, two Bloodclan cats names Snake and Ice ( Barley’s brothers) became the leaders of Bloodclan after Scourge. As Darktail grew older he got stronger and allied himself with a few cats. One day, they decided they were tired of Snake and Ice’s leadership, Darktail, the leader of the alliance, makes a plan with the others to kill both of them. They succeed with their plan, and Darktail takes over Bloodclan. Now Bloodclan being Darktail’s, he renames his group “The Kin” and follow the clans on the journey to the Lake Territory. They spy on the clans for a while before the whole thing happens

If this theory is true, I think it would be super cool. Even though modern day clan cats might not know what Bloodclan is, some older cats might, like Mistystar and Graystripe, even though that isn’t relevant. And if your wondering why the Kin doesn’t my wear dog teeth collars, it would probably be because Darktail ordered his cats to take the collars off. Also as we know, Darktail and his Kin also took over Skyclan, so it would be another thing for Bloodclan to discover there’s a fifth clan that’s isolated from the others and doesn’t have that many cats.

So that’s my theory! Keep in mind that my theory is not confirmed, so don’t go around telling people that Darktail and his Kin are actually Bloodclan.

And that’s really it for this article! I hope you enjoyed reading it and leave your thoughts in the comments below!
See ya later,

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