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Willow that Travels in TARDIS draws parallels between Warriors and the hit musical, Wicked.

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Wicked Warriors

Hey, it’s Willow that Travels in TARDIS back with another article! This article contains major spoilers for Wicked the Musical, and major spoilers for the seven Warrior cat series!

Wicked and Warrior Cats are two very different things. Wicked is a Tony Winning musical about the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) and Glinda the Good, and their friendship. Meanwhile, Warriors is a book about cats who live and battle in the wild. How could these two possibly be connected? Well, that’s easy!

Both of these stories value friendships. In Wicked, Glinda and Elphaba hate each other. But as time goes by, the two witches learn that their loathing was for nothing, and they grow to be best friends. In Warriors, Graystripe and Firestar are friends until Firestar’s unfortunate death, through times of change and hardship. In both stories, they deal with issues that separate the characters, in between and at the end.

The Parallels
Firestar and Elphaba are both the newcomers. In Wicked, Elphaba is coming to Shiz University, where she is majorly judged. In Warriors, Firestar comes to ThunderClan, and being a former kittypet he doesn’t quickly learn his clanmate’s trust. The two both take quite a while to earn the trust of those who belong to their new homes.

Glinda, in Wicked, starts off popular at the School, knowing everybody around her. Graystripe in Warriors is the same way; he knows everybody and everyone knows him. While Graystripe and Firestar quickly hit it off, Glinda and Elphaba do not get along at all in the beginning. In fact, there is an entire song about their loathing of each other.

Both protagonists have some wise figure guiding them- Firestar has Bluestar and Elphaba has Dr. Dillamond. While it can be argued that Elphaba’s wise figure was in fact her father- the Wizard, I chose Dr. Dillamond because Elphaba, at this point in the story, has not met the Wizard, and when she does she is disappointed to find out that he’s a con man. In the end, something terrible happens to both of these wise figures but it helps the protagonist get to where they are at the ending.

As you can see, Wicked and Warriors have more in common than you’d believe. Wicked is a great musical, which I highly suggest listening to/and or seeing live!

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