BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange: It’s Back!!!!!!!!!!

It’s that time of the year again!!! 🎄🎁

(is it just me or did November zoooooom by?) 

The BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange commences!!!!

How it all works: you fill out this smart form (see below), get contacted with the name of your partner on/around December 1st, make them a gift (which can be anything, really … a drawing, story, even a simple compliment! 🙂 ), which is due by December 24th, and then on December 31st, all the gifts will be posted on the Blog by me & Icy!

When you’re done with your gift, post it on the BlogClan Tavern anytime in December (make sure to address the comment to Icy or I) and we’ll collect it there, then delete the comment so nobody sees! Or you could send your gift to one of us on Discord/Wikia.

(Last year we had some issues with people not getting their gifts in, but don’t worry! This year whoever doesn’t have a gift by December 25th will have one made by me or Icy … so everyone will have one to look forward to on December 31st!! ❤ )


[the signup period has ended]

Last but not least ……… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🦃(Live chats open for the day so stop on by!)



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