Unpopular Opinions: Hated and Liked Characters by Otterpaw

Otterpaw shares their opinions on several characters from the series.

Art by Vialir

There are many cats that people like that I don’t exactly like and that people hate that I like. Let’s start with the cat that people would rage at me for: Feathertail.

Okay. I don’t… really… like… Feathertail. *winces at boos* Hear me out. To me, she’s too perfect. She was all heroic when killing Sharptooth and so perfect with Crowpaw. She’s a Mary Sue without anyone really noticing. I feel like she isn’t very well developed, and she’s one of those goody-goody characters who always saves the day. CrowfeatherXFeathertail felt like a short ‘OMG SHE’S PRETTY’ ship, that wasn’t exactly that well developed. The ship is more of a high school crush, the one that people thinks is so cute and romantic in high school but will never really get anywhere out of it.

I think Feathertail is a bit too perfect for my taste. Feathertail’s okay, definitely not one of my favorite, but she has a place on my ‘not really liked’ list and not on my ‘STARCLAN I HATE THEM’ list.

Another unpopular opinion – I like Millie. She isn’t bad. Millie was just being protective of Briarlight, her injured child, and pushed the healthy and fine kids out of the way. Think about it – Briarlight has been through a lot. As a kit, she almost died because of the snake that Honeyfern died to save her for, and when she was crushed by a tree. Millie was scared for her kit and wanted her to feel loved. Maybe a bit too loved, but Millie was just looking out for Briarlight. Blossomfall and Bumblestripe should understand that. Millie was being a good mother and trying to help her daughter feel accepted, even though she has an injury. At least Millie didn’t push her away and gave her a new name like Badbackpaw. *cough* Rainflower *cough* And by the way, no, I do not hate Silverstream. I like her too, equally as much as Millie (okay, maybe I like Millie a bit more).

When Graystripe and Millie arrive to StarClan, I like to think they will all live happily together. Millie, in my opinion, is a good character.

She’s one of my favorite characters. I also like Leafpool and Crowfeather together. People might think that Leafpool is annoying and unrealistic (i don’t know because I actually like her) but I disagree. When she had to give up her kits so that she could stay in the clan to stay as a medicine cat, I could feel her pain. When she decided that Crowfeather and she had to go back to ThunderClan to save her clan, it was completely realistic that she realized that she had done wrong and had to come back to make things right again. She was smart to realize that she had to try to stick to the Warrior Code.

So yeah, Leafpool is one of my favorite characters. To me, she is a very smart and realistic cat, who would try to fix any of her previous mistakes. She tries her best to make everything correct again, and the good trait for a character is a character who will try to make things right.

I think this is enough words. 😛 Maybe I can write a part two about my unpopular opinions, but I think this is enough for now. And if you were too lazy to read this, recap: I think Feathertail is too perfect, I think Millie is just a bit overprotective and not bad, and I like Leafpool is very realistic and a good character who tries her best to make things right again.

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  • I feel like the character that is the most Gary Stu-ish is Tigerheart. *Hears pitchforks and torches* L…let me explain. Firstly, Snowbird and Scorchfur practically worship his dirt, he gets no rebuttal for literally cutting off Rowanstar’s every sentence, Dovewing still thinks he’s ‘responsible’ after he almost left her and their unborn kits to die in Twolegplace (aka the place full of other cats, dogs, Twolegs, monsters, rats…), and he literally comes back to life to hear that he will restore Shadowclan, and nobody has any qualms about him leaving them for his forbidden half-clan mate. Why not revive any of those cats who died prematurely? Why not revive Blossomkit? Marigoldkit? Mintkit? Badgerkit/paw/fang the four-month-old warrior? None of it makes sense!! Naw, dangle Tawnystar in front of our faces then give us ANOTHER Tigerstar. Good plan.

  • I think that what Millie did is on the border of unforgivable.
    Briarlight disliked it when Millie came up to her.
    If Millie really wanted Briarlight to fit in then she would’ve done things more as “Sharing Tongues with the Whole Family” and less as “Millie and Briarlight Time”.

  • I completely agree with Leafpool! I loved her relationship with Crowfeather too. It broke my heart when she decided to come back too the clan, but I totally respect her decision! I love Leafpool.

    I love Feathertail sacrificing herself for Stormfur and the others. I also feel like (pls don’t come at me) the Feathertail and Crowfeather thing was supposed to be kind of like a high school crush, and that’s what made the relationship so unique.

    I also like Millie! But Idk what to say about her

  • I like Leafpool. She isn’t my fav but…
    And I agree with you on Feathertail, I don’t really dislike her I just don’t think she is all everyone says about her.

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