Millie, the most talked about character in Warrior Cats! by Sheeptail

Sheeptail takes a look at why people love or hate Millie. How do you feel about her?

Art by fernsong22 (tumblr)

Nowadays I feel like you can not go onto BlogClan without hearing about Millie she is in EVERY most hated character AND most loved characters I bet 49% of people love Millie and 49% hate Millie and like 2% don’t care this is how I feel like it would play out if you put a Millie lover a Millie hater and two people who don’t care/mind Millie.
Neutral 1: You want to go get coffee?
Neutral 2: Yeah sure.
I’m the neutral person so I have gathered all the info on both sides and this is why Millie is hated/loved by most of the fanbase.

Reason 1: She is a replacement of Silverstream
The reason Graystripe mated with Mille in the first place is because she looked like Silverstream, this is true he did take her as a mate because she looked liked Silverstream he wouldn’t have liked her just because of her pelt colour. We do not know if the Erin’s meant her as a replacement or not a lot of people think she is but I have no comments.
Reason 2: She is ‘a bad mother’
Now there are two sides to this opinion Millie is a bad mum or she is a good mum (which I will get to in a minute.) The people who don’t like Millie say that she is a bad mother because she only paid attention to Briarlight and rejected Bumblestriple and Blossomfall, Blossomfall took this harder and trained in the dark forest because of it.

Now that I have covered the reasons why people hate Millie this is why people love Millie

Reason 1: She is a Good Mother
The other end of the spectrum is that Millie is a good mother because she still loved Briarlight after the injury and looked after her even though she could never hunt or fight or walk.
Reason 2: She is a good cat and character
She did adapt to Clan life and learned the warrior code and the boundaries and was there for Graystripe when he needed her most.

Well, that wraps it up! Thanks for reading and tell me what you think of Millie and who was the better mate for her!
Sheeptail out!

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  • Oh yes, I’m 100% neutral. Give me coffee over Millie related fighting any day. I do like to read other people’s opinions, though. Nice article. Maybe you should do one on *dun dun dun* Ashfur or *gasp* Mapleshade.

  • Nice article! I like Millie, I think after I read the mangas I really felt a connection to her IDK why 🙂

  • Nice article 😺! I don’t like Millie, though I don’t consider her as one of my most hated characters 😉. I think she’s a bad mother because she only care about Briarlight as she’s paralyzed. Her other kits, especially Blossomfall, really felt that they’re left out. In some parts in the books, even Briarlight was annoyed by her mother, as Millie made the other she-cat felt useless.

  • I like Millie, but I’m mostly neutral on this topic. It could go either way. Millie could be a bad mother, or maybe a good one, it just depends on your point of view. Now, it is true that Graystripe willl choose Silverstream in Starclan, Millie knows this and is going to try to get to know Silverstream when they’re in Starclan. This is one reason why I like Millie, because she’s not jealous of Graystripe’s other mate to the point of denial or murder.

  • I don’t like Millie. At all.
    Well, I should be clear. I didn’t ALWAYS not like Millie. I liked her in the manga and in PoT.
    But in OotS, NO.
    She totally rejected Graystripe and Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, even leading to Blossomfall joining the Dark Forest!
    I like Silverstream WAY more.
    KananXHera forever ❤️

  • I don’t like her, but not mainly for those reasons. I mean I was a little frustrated when I heard graystripe for the chest replaced Silverstream after saying he would like never love again or something. I don’t like her because she just didn’t really stay super consistent. She can talk to dogs, but she does it twice in the whole series. She just disappears between OOTS and AVOS. And yeah I also don’t think she was the best mom but that doesn’t matter as much.

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