Analyzing Warrior Cat Villians by Spottedspirit

Spottedspirit takes a look at some of the popular cats who weren’t in their right state of mind.

Art by ninetail-fox

So, we all know that some cats in warriors aren’t exactly sane. In fact, there are quite a few who are the exact opposite. To name a few we have: Ashfur, Tigerstar, Scourge, and Brokenstar. Some might even consider putting characters like Needletail or Longtail on that list.
Let’s look at the backstories of some of the most popular crazies in chronological order.
Minor Spoilers for all Arcs

One Eye: He pushed his way into the center of the Clans and was planning on staying there as long as possible. He had a daughter, Star Flower, so we know he was sane enough to raise a semi-sane daughter. But why did he want to rule the Clans? Nobody really knows, maybe because the rouges were there first, not the Clans? I’m not entirely sure. What he did accomplish, was he killed Tom, he was a major distraction during the plague, and he tortured the Clan that he took over. He sounds like Darktail, to be honest.

Slash: He didn’t play a major role in the storyline. He didn’t accomplish anything. He was lazy. He was cruel. But most of all, why was he in the story? Just to kidnap Star Flower’s kittens? Does nobody know? He only was a villain for, like, two books and yes, he killed some cats but so did a lot of other better villains. He’s another Darktail, honestly.

Mapleshade: The notorious female villain who killed, like, three cats. She was doing a kind of Hollyleaf murder, avenging people she cared about out of anger. She shaped the story because she caused Cloudberry to join ThunderClan and Cloudberry is the one who noticed Goosefeather’s powers. Goosefeather might not have become the Goosefeather we know and loved *cough, cough* he’s Jayfeather’s clone *cough, cough*

Sparrow: He’s not really a villain but I felt he needed to be on here. He was responsible for Sandgorse’s death. Enough said.

Thistleclaw: Wow, we’re here already? First off, Thistleclaw wasn’t evil. He was just a stupid, idiotic, moron who felt like the only way to protect his clan was to kill all the others. Sounds like Tigerstar. He was Tigerstar’s mentor so that makes sense. Either way, he was considered the villain of Bluestar’s Prophecy and Spottedleaf’s Heart. (Which I don’t know why. He killed a Dark Forest cat, so he was kinda helping Dovewing and Lionblaze and Jayfeather.)

Brokenstar: He was abused as a kit, and he found friendship in Yellowfang. The other kits told him he was a moron for hanging out with, and I quote, “old she-cats”. Brokenstar took this bullying as an excuse to call his mother a sorry flea-bag. He might have not been raised well but you know who wasn’t raised well, either? Crookedstar! He turned out all good and dandy! Brokenstar trained kits at age 3 moons old, and found giddiness in watching them die in battle. Good that you found a passion, but please, for the love of StarClan, find another one!

Tigerclaw/star: He was, um, kinda creepy. He killed many, many cats. He is said to be the father of Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and my fave, Hawkfrost. And, he is the major villain in the whole first series, second series, and fourth series. he trained innocent cats to become evil and he basically was a jerk. He also wanted revenge, a fatal flaw. His breaking point was when he put too much trust into Scourge, though he honestly deserved to be killed savagely. He set the dog pack on ThunderClan, which honestly wasn’t a bad idea on his part, except he got Swiftpaw killed. That was sad, and made me cry so, yeah, I think that it was a bad idea

Darkstripe: A basic summary on what he does? He preys on young cats. He was rude and mean to Fernpaw, giving her the Ravenpaw treatment. This was unfair. Fernpaw was better off with another mentor. He also tried to kill Sorrelkit when she was caught eavesdropping on him and Blackstar. He was loyal to the wrong guy, that was his problem.

Scourge: He was a psychopath, killing millions of cat or training them for murder. On the happy side, he killed Tigerstar. Why was he evil? He was bullied, like Brokenstar. You see, kids? Bullying is not cool! And, I actually don’t have much to say about this guy except that he made a good storyline and should have a novella. He does have a manga though, so maybe….
I honestly don’t have a lot to say about him.

Mudclaw: He wanted power and he was determined to take it. If some cats died? That was all right and dandy with him. He was trying to help Hawkfrost become leader by becoming leader of WindClan and then making Hawky deputy. Kind of a complicated plan, wouldn’t you say? Yeah. I don’t think of him very evil. He believed he was following the warrior code, right? Eh, I still hate him. He tried to kill Onestar, which I didn’t necessarily hate him for but it was his decision to kill his Clanmates in order to become deputy. I feel like it was sort of unfair for Tallstar to change deputies, especially since Onestar wasn’t really a good leader.

Hawkfrost: He is my favorite, as recently mentioned, but I am gonna rat him out. He was a traitor, a liar, and a terrible brother. But, give him credit, he wanted to make his dad proud. I can say, that I for one, have been it the position that I wanted to make my parents proud. And Hawkfrost was in the position. But, he took it to the extreme. He was all like “Daddy! Daddy! For the talent show, I’ll be murdering the president!” Yeah, not cool. But as much as that is, he preyed on young cats and used their weaknesses against them. This in it’s self is not good. I feel sympathy for him in the New Prophecy and sorta in Fading Echoes but not past that.

So he’s the corrupted wise guy. Yeah, that sounds a lot weirder than it is. But it’s true. He’s pretending to be wise but he actually is just bluffing and making extemely lucky guesses. I still find him as a good character and I believe he should have been the cat taking care of Hollyleaf in the tunnels. Not that I don’t ship FallenxHolly. I like his character, the way it helps push the storyline forward but it takes some of the thrill away from the Dark Forest rising in Omen of The Stars.

I’m not going to go too deep with this guy, but I want to say that he was a good villain. He had emotions, he was personable and he was good at making the plot go somewhere. His motives, however, are questionable. Sort of like Hawkfrost’s. Bad parenting always ends well, doesn’t it? He tried to kill a pregnant queen which is stupidly evil in the first place. I like him in Crowfeather’s Trial, though. I don’t know why but he just seems like a relatable character. Please, don’t express negative thoughts about Breezepelt in the comments.

Once again, bad parenting. Jeesh, cats, can’t you be good parents for once in your fictional lives!?! Just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, though, why do you think that he hated the Clans? Smoke told him that’s what you do. She told them the same thing that Quince told Scourge. “That Clans are evil!”, they said. It always leads to bad choices. Now, lets not kid ourselves, this guy is bad, but I would like to hear his story! He makes good arguements in the stories and I think he had a small crush on Violetshine, honestly. He killed a lot of cats though, making it almost impossible to like him. He tore apart Darktail, but I think that could have been stopped by Rowanstar.

Thank you for reading! It means a lot to me for you to read this and give positive feedback! Feel free to say your opinions in the comments!

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