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Mediators & TreeXVioletshine by Ivystone

Ivystone shares their opinion on mediators and Tree and Violetshine’s relationship, before The Raging Storm. Obvious spoilers for AVOS!

Art by Silverzoul

(Note: This was before The Raging Storm was released!)

Okay, you all may hate me after this, but I actually like the idea of a mediator. Sure, cats can solve their own problems but not all of them. What if they have an issue that they can’t solve on their own (like mental issues, relationship issues or under plenty of stress) and they need help with it? I personally feel like mediators can be like therapists in a way, since medicine cats aren’t meant to listen to a cats social/mental problems, they’re meant to heal. Same goes with leaders. And although people say that the role was just an excuse for Tree to stay in SkyClan and such and such, I feel like it was needed for the Clans. The Clans have fixed point of views on pretty much everything, and since Tree wasn’t born as a Clan cat and doesn’t share those fixated opinions, that’s what makes this role stand out. Yes, not all of the Clan cats have this view, but not all of them are willing to speak out like Tree was.

This role can possibly help with Clan disputes, such as border issues, prey theft, etc. Although Tree may be in SkyClan, I don’t think it means that he’ll always agree with his Clan. I’d like to believe he speaks from the heart on the problem, and although some may not like that, he quite usually has a point.

One thing I’d like to see for training though is that the mediator spends time in other Clan. This seems like a wise thing for training, especially since the role is meant for mediating problems. Either way, I still like the inclusion of mediators because honestly I don’t think being a medicine cat or a warrior would’ve suited Tree very well. And yes, he does need to learn how to hunt for the Clan as well but I think that Violetshine should be able to help him on that front.

Another thing is his relationship with Violetshine. Now, let’s get something obvious out of the way first. Tree wouldn’t’ve stayed with SkyClan or even considered going with the patrol to SkyClan if it wasn’t for Violetshine. And it’s been made clear that Violetshine cares if he leaves or stays, as we can see in her POV chapters in River of Fire. It’s also been made clear that they both do care for each other as well.

Here’s a whole bunch of evidence directly from the book to prove my point: (I put each one into its own separate paragraph so it’s not too long)

“Violetshine couldn’t account for the sudden clenching she felt in her chest. ‘Why should I feel so tense and agitated when Leafstar suggests that Tree might have to leave the camp? I hardly know him.’ But she knew that she did care, even if it might be smarter not to.” – River of Fire Chapter Two

“’He’ll probably decide to move on,’ she told herself, trying to ignore the hollow feeling in her chest. ‘Just one more cat who leaves me behind, whether he means to or not.’” – River of Fire Chapter Two

““She half turned toward where she had left the ferns, then turned back. “Tree,” she mewed, “I want to ask you something about your visions.” “Ask away,” Tree responded amiably. “Do you ever see Needletail these days?” Violetshine waited eagerly for his response. Tree had helped the cats of ShadowClan see and speak to their Clanmates who had died because of Darktail, and Violetshine had at last been able to let go of her guilt over Needletail’s death. Needletail didn’t blame her, had never blamed her, and that was a weight off Violetshine’s mind, but she still missed her friend. Tree’s ability to see dead cats made her feel that she still had some connection to Needletail. Tree thought for a moment, then shook his head. “No, I haven’t seen her for a while. Perhaps she’s in StarClan.” As she said good-bye to Tree and began dragging the bundle of fern fronds over to the warriors’ den, Violetshine wondered if that was true. ‘I hope it is; I like the idea of Needletail watching over me. Maybe Pebbleshine is watching too.’” – River of Fire Chapter Two

“Somehow Violetshine couldn’t raise her head to look at him. She didn’t reply to his question, even though she knew the answer. When she thought about how unsettled life was in SkyClan, and how uneasy some cats seemed, she was suddenly nervous about the idea of Tree leaving SkyClan. ‘Suppose I get back to camp and he’s gone?’” – River of Fire Chapter Two

“Her final words held a challenge, or even a taunt, making Violetshine uneasy for a completely different reason. ‘Maybe Tree will just say, “No thanks,” and then leave. I really don’t want that to happen.’ She couldn’t imagine not seeing Tree anymore. But if he became a loner again, how could he fit into her life?” – River of Fire Chapter Five

“’And maybe Sandynose thinks it was my fault somehow, because Twigpaw’s my sister,’ Violetshine thought. ‘But I miss Twigpaw too.’ She tried not to dwell on how it felt to be abandoned by kin, but as she brushed her pelt against Tree’s, she felt a hollow ache in her chest. ‘If even my littermate doesn’t belong with me, then why would Tree?’” – River of Fire Chapter Five

“As he set off, flattening himself to the ground and setting his paws down as lightly as if he was creeping up on a mouse, Violetshine turned to Tree. “You’d better stay back,” she told him. “We don’t know what we’re getting into here.” “Certainly not!” Tree hissed. “I’m not going to run and leave you to fight by yourselves.”” – River of Fire Chapter Five

“Then she felt a tail stroke gently along her flank, and turned to see Tree. He stood close to her, nuzzling her shoulder. “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m not sure how I feel,” Violetshine murmured. “I don’t really trust Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker. It was so terrible when Darktail was in control of ShadowClan, and it was Sleekwhisker who helped him kill Needletail.” Tree rasped his tongue over her ear. “I know she meant a lot to you.” “She was my best friend—my only friend. Sleekwhisker and Darktail tried to drown her in the lake, while Roach and Raven held me back so I couldn’t help her.” Violetshine shivered. “I still dream about it.” “You never told me that before,” Tree mewed. “It must have been terrible. I can see I’ll have to stay and keep an eye on you.” ‘Oh, yes!’ Violetshine thought, warmed by his promise. “Tree,” she asked after a moment, “did you . . . did you see any ghost cats walking with Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker?” “Yes,” Tree replied. “I saw a dark brown tom with a tuft of fur on his head.” “That must be Spikefur. They said he had died.” “I sense they tried to help him when he was alive,” Tree went on. “I think they might be good cats. . . .” Violetshine didn’t know whether to be relieved by that, or horrified. She wanted to think that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker were good cats, but if that was true, then Leafstar had just driven them out undeservedly, while their kin watched. They would struggle to survive with no Clan, no cat to help them.” – River of Fire Chapter Five

“A pang of fear shook Violetshine like a gust of icy wind. ‘She mustn’t send Tree away. . . ‘ “Tree, why don’t you come hunting with me?” she suggested desperately. “While you try to figure it all out, you might as well learn some warrior skills, right?” Tree blinked, hesitating, then reluctantly mewed, “Okay.”” – River of Fire Chapter Five

“You Clan cats are so afraid of StarClan,” he meowed, not bothering with a greeting. “If StarClan wants you to do stuff, why can’t they be clearer about it?” “Any medicine cat would ask the same question,” Violetshine commented wryly. Twigpaw turned to Tree. “What are you doing here?” she demanded. “Oh, I was bored,” Tree replied. “I just thought I would follow Violetshine. I’ve been missing you, too.” – River of Fire Chapter Ten

“She knew it wasn’t because of the odd sighting of Sleekwhisker, but she couldn’t think of any other reason. ‘What’s the matter with me?’ she asked herself. Then, as she approached the fern barrier that surrounded the camp, Violetshine suddenly began to understand. ‘Tree! I hope he’s okay!’” – River of Fire Chapter Fourteen

“Hawkwing broke into Violetshine’s thoughts. “How are you coping with life as a warrior?” he asked her. “I know you must be missing Twigpaw.” Violetshine nodded. “Being a warrior is great,” she replied. “But I wish Twigpaw had stayed with us. I was so happy when I thought we would be warriors together, in the same Clan.” “I miss her too,” Hawkwing agreed. “But I think it was the right decision for her. She’ll be happy in ThunderClan.” “I hope so,” Violetshine murmured. “I hope she’ll be okay.” “Me too,” Hawkwing meowed fervently. Glancing at Violetshine with warmth in his eyes, he added, “You’re really finding your place in the Clan, aren’t you?” “I think so,” Violetshine responded. “It’s great to—” “And I think you’re finding your place with a certain other cat, too.” Hot embarrassment flooded over Violetshine. “I don’t know what you mean,” she mumbled, all the while sure that she did know what her father meant. “I’ve seen you and Tree spending time together,” Hawkwing continued, amusement in his voice. “I’m glad you’ve found each other. Tree is a bit weird, but I think he has a good heart. He would probably make a good father.” Violetshine felt even more embarrassed and confused, though at the same time she was pleased that her father approved of Tree. ‘But I don’t want to talk about having kits with him! It’s way too soon for that!’” – River of Fire Chapter Fourteen

“That makes sense to me,” Leafstar meowed in response to Bramblestar’s suggestion. “I’m happy for Tree to become a SkyClan cat under those conditions. Tree, I can’t make you a warrior, but I welcome you to our Clan. Would you like a warrior name?” “No, I’ll stick with Tree, thanks,” the yellow tom replied. “It’s nice and simple, like me.” “Tree! Tree!” Not every cat in the clearing was acclaiming Tree and his new position, but enough of them joined in to make it clear he would be accepted among the Clans. Twigpaw spotted Violetshine jumping up and down, waving her tail as she yowled, her eyes alight with enthusiasm.” – River of Fire Chapter Fifteen

“As the cats settled down and the last of the hostility faded, Twigpaw spotted her sister sitting close beside Tree. Violetshine’s eyes were wide with admiration as she gazed at the yellow tom. ‘Oh,’ Twigpaw thought. ‘So it’s like that, is it?’” – River of Fire Chapter Fifteen

As you can see from this rather large chunk of quotes from River of Fire, we can tell that both Violetshine and Tree deeply care about one another. I would add more quotes, but then I’d pretty much be giving you the entire book. From what we can see is that Tree is willing to do things he wouldn’t normally do for cats he cares about (i.e Violetshine) and that Violetshine tries her best to stick up for Tree, even though she knows she shouldn’t care so much. People say that TreeXVioletshine seems forced, but I don’t think so. It seems to be getting developed more as the book goes on, and I think that they’ll have more development in The Raging Storm. And for StarClan’s sake, their first interaction was Tree flirting with Violetshine! I think it was made clear that Tree has obviously grown to like Violetshine since Darkest Night, and the same goes for Violetshine as well. And if you still don’t agree, then try to look from a different perspective. And if that doesn’t work, compare this relationship to the development of AlderheartXVelvet. There’s your answer. To put it simply, this relationship is the most developed out of the ones I’ve seen in AVOS, and most likely the healthiest one. I’d love to go on about that last reason, but that’s for another article that’ll be most likely as long. (Plus it’d be written after The Raging Storm came out and after I’ve read it, so…) Anyways, this was Ivystone and I eagerly await to see the debates on this article.

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  • I still stand by my opinion, but I will admit that their relationship could’ve been built up a little better. But if this article doesn’t change your mind, here’s this post on the WCRP forums that explains it better than I did: http://wcrpforums.com/post/2439606 It explains Violetshine’s “flip” in emotions and their feelings for each other better than I did, especially since it was posted after TRS’s release. (If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t click on it!)

  • Great article! Sorry, I can’t debate because I agree with everything 😛 Especially about how underdeveloped Alder x Velvet is. Their ship annoys me a lot.

  • Nice article! I agree with you on the point that a mediator will be useful for all the Clans, and I do want to see it become a permanent role. I’m still somewhat on the fence about VioletshinexTree… it’s been a while since I read River of Fire, so my opinions on the ship are a lot less strong than they have been for a while. I still think it feels kind of strange to try to mesh two such different characters together, and I don’t like how Tree was flirting with her at their very first meeting… but I’m trying to keep an open mind so far. I think it has the potential to grow well, and they both definitely seem to care about each other a lot.

  • I think that this ship could actually hurt the clans. This is because

    Violetshine is Tree’s mate, this means that Tree could be more biased toward Skyclan because Violetshine’s in it. Even though he might still be impartial, I feel like that Tree could slip in some hidden benefits for Skyclan or Violetshine. I also think that AlderheartxVelvet is so underdeveloped, it feels sort of rushed and hasty just so Jayfeather can give Alderheart a lecture on why medicine cats can’t have mates. Anyways, great article!!!

    • I don’t think that’s what will happen, as Tree is dedicated to do his job right.
      Spoilers for The Raging Storm:
      Tree has shown no actual bias towards SkyClan, as he’s trying to mend the territory issues between ShadowClan and SkyClan, he’s trying to get both sides to understand each other’s point of view. Meaning, Tree understands both sides of the problem and wants to help them find middle ground. So far Tree hasn’t shown any bias towards SkyClan, and even then he’s dedicated to all the Clans, as he decides to stay behind when SkyClan heads back for the gorge. He’s dedicated to Violetshine, but he won’t take away her happiness by having her stay with him. Once they came back, it was clear that Tree wouldn’t be biased towards SkyClan as a mediator. So therefore, Tree might be living in SkyClan with his mate, but his duty is to mediate between all the Clans without any bias towards one in particular.

    • I disagree entirely. Why would Tree have a bias just because he loves a cat? He isn’t like that, and he cares probably equally about the survival of all the Clans.

  • I never really minded TreexVioletshine as a couple, but I also didn’t mind if they had just stayed friends either. 🙂 I do agree a lot with this article though, and I love Tree (He’s probably my third favorite character 😛 ), so I don’t have anything against their relationship (I actually also kind of liked Tree and Needletail as well, but more as friends).

    About the “most healthy AVOS relationship” thing, do you mean the most healthy one that just started in this series, or the most healthy of ones that also are focused on in this series but started in OotS, like TigerxDove? Just because I would say that TigerxDove and TreexViolet are both some of the healthiest ones here (I just like TigerxDove a little more 😛 ), but that’s my opinion.

    I also agree that TreexViolet is better than AlderxVelvet, but I think people still hate on AlderxVelvet a little too much since it was barely even there! Alderheart liked Velvet, and Velvet liked him, but ultimately, their loyalties were in different places (ThunderClan medicine cat – kittypet), so they never really were more than friends, and in the end, they split up. It’s just like a lot of people act like they were mates and say that they were really underdeveloped, but that’s the thing – they were never developed enough to become mates, and they never did. 😛

    • I meant it’s one of the more healthy ones in started in AVoS. (I love both TreexViolet and TigerxDove as well!) Yeah, I don’t loathe AlderxVelvet entirely and I know they weren’t mates, I simply think that the few chapters they had together were quite rushed at some point. Honestly, I just headcanon them as good friends. (To be honest I think a lot of the haters of the AlderxVelvet ship either shipped AlderxNeedle or AlderxPuddle prior to RoF, or they just hate forbidden romance in general.)

  • Hey it’s me back to express my opinions on this topic I just can’t make my mind up about !

    (I’m going to use the medi thing again to talk about meditators )
    I think that medis would be useful, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get it perfect. There’s always going to be problems.
    So let’s say they have to help deal with inter clan relationships.
    Medis would almost always be biased to their clan, which is why it would be much better for them to visit other clans. I think that the only way managing inter clan relationships would work would be if there were five medis in all the clans, and they rotated, not belonging to a single clan for more than a few moons at a time.
    Also, I think that a no kit rule would work well here. I’m massively against it for med cats but in this sense it would not work for a medi to have kits. They would favour their mates clan, and if having sort out and arguement would most likely takes their mates side. I say they’d have to step down if they took and apprentice and a new medi would have to be found

  • This is PERFECT! There isn’t a word in this article that I disagree with. TreeXViolet is SOOOO cute. Originally, I was vaguely hoping forVioletXRabbit, ut then Tree came along, and I screeched with joy at how perfect they were.

  • I think that mediator are a good idea to get the warriors to talk things out and not fight things out, but if they don’t fight, then are they still warriors?

  • I honestly adore Tree and Violetshine together I think they balence each other and they’re just so adorable together. I’m not a fan of AlderxVelvet though ik nothing happens but that ship was completely unnecessary

  • I luv everything in this. TreexVioletshine4eva!!! Also Violetshine is my tied first place favourite (along with Hollyleaf and Sandstorm) so I think it’s great that she found a cat who truly cares about her more than anyone else. And contrary to popular belief, I think that Tree isn’t that weird (but then again I am me and I have been dubbed weirdest in my rl friend group sooooo ye). But that’s just my opinion and I respect others opinions (except if u say that Ashfur is good or anything like that, cuz I loathe Ashfur with all my heart and soul).

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