Which Breed Is That Warrior? By Crystalkit

Crystalkit theorizes what breeds some popular cats from the series are!

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Hi there, Crystalkit is back! Here’s my article about the breeds of the characters in Warriors. Asterstorm has written that before, but I want to write more. 😛 I know a lot of things about cat breeds, and my fursona is a Norwegian Forest Cat. In this article, most of them are my favorite cats. Hope you can like it😃
SQUIRRELFLIGHT. This is one of my favorite character!!! In Firestar’s Quest, she is named after her bushy tail that looks like a squirrel. Bushy means that she has long fur. So, we now know she is a long-furred dark ginger she-cat. I think she fits Norwegian Forest Cat, and her color is Red Blotched Tabby and White. By the powers of StarClan, I give you your cat breed. Squirrelfight, you’re a Norwegian Forest Cat!

IVYPOOL. I really like Ivypool. Let’s just say she is an American Shorthair, because of her silver-and-white tabby coat. Yep that is a famous breed, and her color is Silver Blotched Tabby and White!

BLUESTAR. I agree with you, Asterstorm, because in Bluestar’s Prophecy, Bluekit finds her fur is fluffy, not sleek like Moonflower’s. But Russia Blue has very short fur, so Bluestar is not a Russia Blue. I don’t really know about Bluestar’s breed, maybe she is a British Shorthair, but they have orange eyes. Uhhh I don’t know. 😛

GRAYSTRIPE. In Into The Wild, little Rusty (Firestar) mentions that Graypaw has a broad face. So, I think he is a flat-face cat like Yellowfang, who is an Exotic. But we all know he is long-furred, that means he is a gray Persian.

FEATHERTAIL. Just like her mother, Silverstream, Feathertail is easy to know her breed, American Shorthair.

HEATHERTAIL. I really don’t know why I like her. Well, I wrote a fanfic about her. She’s a WindClan cat, and most of them are Egyptian Mau (I know you said that, Asterstorm). But Heathertail isn’t. Actually, Egyptian Mau are spotted tabbys. Wait, she fits British Shorthair. (They are not just blue, they have tabby-colors!)

LEOPARDSTAR. I do NOT like Leopardstar, but she is also very easy to know her breed. The former RiverClan leader has unusual golden spots, remember? That means Leopardstar is a Bengal, like Cheetahspark.

BREEZEPELT. Well, I don’t like Breezepelt either. Sorry Breezepelt- lovers😛 We know Nightcloud and her son are black with amber eyes, so it’s very easy to see that they are Bombay.
There’s many other characters to write, but I’m too lazy to write them.😛 This article is shorter than my last one, but I’m proud of it haha. Hope you can like it!😃 Say I love it!

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